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Fox News Apologizes for Dishonest Reporting on Obamacare

Fox News apologized on Monday for publishing a graphic which seriously misled viewers on Obamacare.

Fox News didn’t lie, but it created a graphic which made it appear that the White House was lagging far behind in its Obamacare enrollment goal for March. Here’s the graphic as originally published:


And here’s the corrected graphic:

corrected graphic

On Tuesday, host Bill Hemmer aired what he said was “what that graphic should have looked like.” The corrected graphic made it clear that the Obama administration was quickly approaching its March goal, something which no Fox pundit had ever predicted.

This is certainly not the first time Fox News has made what some believe were intentional mishaps in its news reporting. The network has become known for referring to Republicans as Democrats when GOP lawmakers are in the midst of some tawdry scandal.

In 2009, after Republican Gov. Mark Sanford admitted to an extramarital affair, the conservative network ran a graphic of the embattled South Carolina governor with a “D” behind his name. The network used the exact same parlor trick when reporting on GOP Congressman Mark Foley, after it was revealed that Foley been behaving inappropriately with young pages.

In so far as Obamacare goes, the graphic could very well have been an attempt by Fox to hide how badly the pundits who’d been reporting on Obamacare for Fox had missed the mark in their predictions.

As reported, Marc A. Thiessen was just one of a long line of pundits to appear on Fox and publicly doubt that enrollment could reach anywhere near 6.9 million by the end of March.

“While the administration won’t reveal sign-up rates, London’s Daily Mail reported that total sign-ups in the first week were just 51,000 people. If accurate, that would mean they have just 6,949,000 more to go to break even,” Thiessen scoffed.

And the Obama administration reached its goal of 6.9 million, as predicted by the White House.


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