Seriously? Man Tattoos a McDonald’s receipt on his arm

tattoo (1)By Liku Zelleke

If there are any two symbols that were to represent the carefree attitude of today’s youth they would be McDonald’s and tattoos. Despite many critics of its menu and the effect it has on health, the Golden Arches remain the most popular eatery on the planet, and when it comes to expressing individualism, nothing says it more than a tattoo.

Now, Stian Ytterdahl, an 18-year-old from Norway, has combined the two to make a unique statement all his own.

Ytterdahl said that when his friends decided to punish him for “being too active with the ladies” they made him choose between having a tattoo of a Barbie doll on his backside and a McDonald’s receipt on his arm.

via Financial Juneteenth | Man Tattoos a McDonald’s receipt on his arm.

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