Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed Engaged, Expecting a Baby

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed has confirmed unofficial reports that he is engaged and expecting a child.

Photo Credit: David Tulis / AJC Special
Photo Credit: David Tulis / AJC Special

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Reed, a rising political star, is engaged to marry developer Sarah-Elizabeth Langford.

“I could not feel more blessed that she agreed to marry me, and we look forward to building a family together in the greatest city in America,” said Reed, 44, in a statement released Monday morning. “I am honored to have our friends and family share this special moment with us and I ask that our privacy is respected as we celebrate this personal occasion.”

Kasim Reed was recently reelected as mayor of Atlanta while Langford, daughter of former State Sen. Arthur Langford, is a graduate of the University of Michigan and Howard University School of Law.

For months in Atlanta, there has been gossip that Reed and Langford were headed for the wedding chapel, but there was no confirmation by Reed, who rarely discusses his private life in the public sphere. Reed and Langford have been together for years and have made numerous appearances at public galas and events together.

The couple apparently became engaged while visiting the Bahamas, a story which was reported by local press in the Bahamas, but wasn’t confirmed by Reed until Monday.

The mayor’s representative also confirmed that the couple are expecting their first child.






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  4. How interesting that this is reported in mainstream media only days after blogger Mr. Obnoxious reports that Langford and another woman are both pregnant by Hizzoner. Nowadays, it is hard to tell whether TV is imitating life or life is imitating TV.

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    Best wishes to the couple.

  6. They are a great couple,Best Wishes!