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Local Pastors Demand That Marissa Alexander Accept Plea Deal

Florida prosecutor Angela Corey, who was at best mediocre in her prosecution of George Zimmerman, Image marissa-alexander-300x155.jpghas pulled out all the stops in her prosecution of Marissa Alexander.  If found guilty during her retrial, Alexander could face up to 60 years in prison, which would be longer than her original sentence.

This has caused local pastors in the area, who view the trial as a “distraction” away from more important issues,  to demand that Corey offer Alexander a plea deal of three years and Alexander to accept the deal if offered. Alexander was offered the three year plea deal on aggravated assaµlt charges during the first trial but refused the offer.

The pastors sent a letter to Corey asking her to extend the plea deal to Alexander.

“There is an ongoing battle in Jacksonville a lot of v¡olence and murder and the pastors want to get this under control. And this really is a distraction,” said Ken Adkins, pastor of Greater Dimensions Christian Fellowship, according to News4Jax.

Alexander claimed she was acting in self defense and standing her ground when she allegedly fired warning shøts at her husband. A judge disagreed with her defense and sentenced her to 20 years in prison. Her conviction was overturned last year but she still faces a retrial on the charges.

“We need to move beyond this so we can begin to heal this city. As community leaders who have a vested interest in this community; we believe that justice would best be served by this very fair offer and it is our prayer that Miss Alexander accepts this offer so she could receive credit for time served, complete the remainder of her sentence and continue on with her life,” said Adkins.

The State Attorney’s Office confirmed Friday evening that it had received the letter from the pastors but declined to publicly offer any plea deals.




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