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Victim in Racial Bullying Case Seeking $5 Million From University

A San Jose State student at the center of a racial bullying case is demanding damages from the university, claiming that his adviser was aware of an “explos¡ve” situation in the dorm room but did san josenothing to address it.

Donald Williams Jr., who is black, is asking for $5 million dollars from the university and threaten¡ng a lawsuit if the university rejects his request.

Williams was a freshman when he says he was incessantly bullied by his white roommates. A task force assembled by President Mo Qayoumi has also critiqued the way the school handled the racial bullying incident, according to Inside Bay Area.

If you recall, Williams alleges he was called “three-fifths” by his roommates and the “N” word was scrawled on the dry erase board inside the suite he shared with his suite mates. The roommates also allegedly tackled Williams to the floor, fastened a bicycle lock around his neck, then told Williams that they’d lost the key.

Williams’ allegations triggered nationwide outrage and his suite mates, Logan Beaschler, 18, of Bakersfield; Joseph Bomgardner, 19, of Clovis; Colin Warren, 18, face misdemeanor hate crime charges.

Although it was revealed early on that the school knew about an incident concerning a Confederate flag, and counseled a student who put up the flag, Williams’ attorney claims that his adviser knew of other incidents as well, but did nothing about it.

“The president of San Jose State has said the university has failed this young man and it has,” Carl E. Douglas, Williams’ attorney,  said in an interview on Thursday. “Our hope is this claim sparks a conversation about racial bullying that is occurring not just at San Jose State but at UCLA, at the University of Michigan and other institutions of higher learning.”




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