Dr. Boyce: Four Reasons why Rick Ross needs to leave Trayvon’s Name out of his mouth

rossby Dr. Boyce Watkins

I think I speak for a lot of normal black people when I say that I sometimes grow tired of the rapper Rick Ross. 

Ross has always been a creative, yet relatively useless public figure in the past, but his recent disrespect for the legacy of Trayvon Martin might be the straw that breaks the fat man’s back.  Rick’s use of Trayvon’s name in the song “Mastermind” could be subject to interpretation, and he’s being very careful to try to brush it over.  But when you put these lyrics into context by analyzing the entirety of what Ross represents, you realize that, for this particular artist, using the name “Trayvon Martin” in any song isn’t usually going to do anything for anyone but himself.

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  1. I totally agree Clifton Richardson my brother

  2. Remember Shonda Rhimes is just as bad as Rick Ross while everyone is holding their breath waiting for the next episode of Scandal and Greys Anatomy

  3. Ross spoke exclusively to Vibe to clarify his lyrics. He told them that “it’s so important that today, on the two-year anniversary of the death of Trayvon Martin, we never forget that tragedy. I’m never going to let the world forget that name”
    Nicki Minaj also put Malcolm X image on her new single “lookin @ss *****#” Just like Ross she used the wrong image to describe a metaphor. I still Think Ross can do some good..Look at Ice Cube… he had a song called ” A Bit#$ is a Bi–ch” Lets embrace em, they can still change black people.

  4. Dr Watkins

    I feel your frustration with rapper Rick Ross and you spoke a lot of truths with regards to his general behaviour and its impact on young Black men.
    Although what you say is true we do have to be careful though sir not to vent our frustrations with one another in public.

    You are an esteemed scholar and academic, and as you have a lot of influence and access to many people in the entertainment industry I’m sure it would be more prudent if you chose to communicate your concerns directly with Rick Ross in order to avoid any type of back-lash from a manipulating media who delight in twisting truth and using it to cause mischieve by playing the divide & conquer game with us once again….we’ve seen this too many times!

    As I’m sure you know Rick Ross went through a simular experience over a year ago with the Gangster Disciples/Larry Hoover so it seems as though its a matter of course for Mr Roberts II to get himself into controversy, and as you pointed out he may be acting this way for commercial reasons as well as for notoriety.

    You appear to be a good man Dr Watkins and I think you are doing the right thing in consistantly highlighting the negative aspects of some of our brothers & sisters behaviour in all capacities in order to deal effectively with such issues and bring positive solutions to the table for our people to feed on and implement into their lives.

    Keep up the good work Doctor!