Sports Analyst Jeff Lightsy Jr. Explains How the Broncos Got Destroyed on Sunday

broncos1The game between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks can’t be described as nothing other than a complete embarrassment.  The Denver Broncos had the best offense of all time, but didn’t look like a very good football team.  The Seahawks came to play, putting the Broncos to sleep on the very first play from scrimmage.  The public was stunned by what they saw.

Jeff Lightsy Jr. is an analyst from BOSS Sports, and has a few things to say about the game.  His interview is below:

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  1. This victory goes further than just physical play on a football field. Think, how can you assemble un-drafted free agents, late round picks, players willing to take less money to play. Players being told that they are not good enough, maybe they could be a good backup. Also, they are young and articulate.

    I remember Terrell Owens being given a chance by Pete Carroll, but he was let go probably because he was too much into I and not the WE. The first pronoun in Spirituality is WE. We all know Terrell’s history of me not we, consequently he was let go (one man’s opinion). Just listening to the players they parrot one another.

    This reminded me of a documentary I saw years ago about Pete Carroll and how he got involved with working with kids and families in South and South Central LA. He would be out late at night talking with kids, I was impressed. His players know he’s not just talk, and he believes in them, and they TRUST what he says. He started the non-profit A Better LA that is making a difference in the neighborhoods. Someone give me a better reason for the game’s outcome.

  2. This wasn’t a surprise to me.. I watched the Seahawks play the 49ers in the NFC championship game, and the defensive intensity was so high, I knew the Broncos wouldn’t be able to manage much against either the hers or the Seahawks (whichever one made it to the big game).

    Peyton needs time and a clean pocket to do his thing, and it was obvious to me that he wouldn’t have either of those in this game. He isn’t mobile so the quick pressure really disrupts his game.

    I think he would have been smarter to take a few sacks rather than force some of those passes that got intercepted and stripped, but he doesn’t seem to know how to take a sack.

    avoiding turnovers is the most important thing (especially in a Super Bowl) a QB needs to do. The momentum created by a pick 6 is extremely tough to overcome in a big game, when Peyton is going against the best defense in the league.

    Seattle had the personnel to match with the Bronco receivers on the back end, plus they had a nasty front 7. These guys are aggressive, they hit hard and tackle very well.

    I expected more than 8 points out of Denver, but I didn’t expect them to win the game.

    People bought into the pre super bowl hype surrounding Peyton Manning and Denver’s offense.

    This game also had a “frazier vs. ali” feel to it because many fans were rooting against seattle because of Richard Sherman. People wanted to see Seattle get shredded by manning, but ultimately they got the opposite and I think this is why you have so many people saying this was the “worst super bowl ever”. I actually thought it was one of the best super bowls Ive seen. The clinic Seattle put on was incredible. They totally punk’d Denver and place themselves among the all time great defenses with that performance.