Did You Know that Black Babies Were Once Used as Alligator Bait?

alligator1by Dr. Boyce Watkins

This video is shocking and hurtful to watch, but an important part of black history.  We bring these things to you because there is a reason that they aren’t taught in the school system.  Over hundreds of years of slavery, there are countless untold stories about unbelievable amounts of suffering, and the pain is not diminished by silence.

Part of the reason that people argue against reparations is because the depth of black suffering throughout slavery has been deliberately muted.   This is also the reason that the federal government refuses to apologize for these atrocities, which were sanctioned by the very same government that some of us honor till this day.  They know that legally, if they apologize, they are admitting guilt.  Admitting guilt implies liability, which naturally calls for a financial remedy.

As a Finance professor, I can tell you that, without question, African Americans deserve reparations more than any other group in the history of this country.   Not only are we culturally trαumatized by the events that took place during slavery and Jim Crow, we are economically devastated as well.  That’s why, to this day, you can walk down any street in New York City and find that none of the multi-million dollar buildings belong to us.  This is because, for hundreds of years, wealth was passed down from one white person to another, while black wealth, land and assets were consistently stripped and given to other people.  The children of those people now own the assets that were taken away from our ancestors.  It’s not a difficult argument to make. 

Keep studying black history, you’re going to find a lot of things out that your teacher never taught you.  Also, please be sure to share this with your children and anyone else who wants to know.  The Internet era is an opportunity for black people to regain the history that has been stolen from us. Watch the video all the way through, no matter how painful it might be, and then take a second to wonder if you think that we deserve reparations.

A plan is implementable if we choose to move forward….but we have to give our politicians a little “shove.”

Dr. Boyce Watkins co-stars in the Janks Morton Film “Hoodwinked,” starring Dr. Steve Perry, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu and Dr. Ivory Toldson. To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.


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    post as well as from our discussion made at this place.

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  4. As a Christian, there are so many comments here that are truly disturbing. Sometimes, we are so blinded by our own hatred that we tend to project it onto others. Christ was a perfect man, yet, your sins and mine brought on his undeserved death. There are lyrics to this song I often think about, that says, “I know I’ll never know the cost, to see my sins upon that cross.” Even when knowing the scourging that Christ endured before his death, can you honestly say that you are sin free? And do you ever do anything knowing it was wrong, but you do it anyway? Whenever you do, you just drove nails into our Savior’s hands and feet, and you pieced him in the side. Upon his head, you placed that crown of thorns. Please know, when I say you, that includes me, as well.

    I say this because I do not believe the color of ones skin automatically depicts ones actions. Jeremiah 17:9 says, “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” It doesn’t say, “The white man’s heart…” It’s all inclusive, meaning EVERY ethnicity. Therefore, any ethnic group is capable of doing the exact same things that was done to the **** and Africans. Just because we didn’t, doesn’t mean we couldn’t!

    One thing I know, especially after reading the harsh testing of Job, God was not asleep during the Holocaust or Slavery in America. I wholly believe in a sovereign God who knows all and is in control of everything. I’m also aware that God will only allows something to occur for a period of time (e.g., the Israelites slavery in Egypt, Jewish concentration camps in Germany, and Black slavery in America) before He brings it to an end. God tells us in the Bible to trust Him, to wait on Him, to be still and KNOW that He is God, and that He will fight our battles if we keep still. Please know, there has been nothing that has happened that wasn’t unrecorded in the book of the only true God who can bring about justice. But hatred by anyone toward another is not of God; even when evils are done against us God commands us to love our neighbor.

    I honestly don’t waste my time finding ways to hate the race of people who have done wrong to my ancestors. I know God is the one who will judge and condemn their actions in time. I also know that if God can forgive you and me for putting His only son on the cross, surely we can forgive whites in America for the tragic events of past towards African American people.

    Please don’t think I’m blind to the ongoing discrimination and racism that is alive and well in America, because I’m not. I have two daughters that are black and in this very country. But, again, I trust God because He is our refuge and a very present help in the times of trouble. Being saved by Christ is not synonymous with being treated justly or with respect. As a Christian, we have taken on the cross of Christ and with it, the burdens. Because of this, we are going to be well acquainted with disappointment and heartache. But, I also know the peace of Christ abides with us, so we can face any giant and bring him down like Goliath with Christ by our side.

    So, don’t allow yourselves to be consumed by what anyone else does, especially racist whites. God looks at the heart and, it is what comes from the heart that He will judge. Be careful of what you allow to ruminate in your heart. Do live the “Eye for an eye” moto…MLK Jr. said if we live like that, we will all be blind…he’s so right…blinded by racism and hatred.

  5. May I make comments (as a white person)?
    I won’t if it’s likely to offend or upset any one.

  6. This story doesn’t make add up to me.

    The slave holders were businessmen. Unless you mean to say that the profit from an alligator was worth more than the future labor of a potential slave, I don’t see this as credible.

    No doubt there is something behind the image of children and alligators, but without scholarly proof or historical verifiable records it’s hearsay.

    • make sure you do your scholarly work on the Spanish so-called explorer’s and what they had in mind for the native TANIA, CARIB, AR OAK, natives when they got to this part of the earth remember they got lost, looking for INDIA, you clown !!so you need to come back with your report on that before you fix your mouth to suggest that we need to offer you proof that these things happened, you are the primere resident evil people on the planet earth and in the universe.. and lastly you apparently need to dialogue with my people seeing that we have no reason to go to your site’ to say anything about you, because your not important to us !! in any way shape or stretch of the imagination..

      • Exactly! The Spanish conquistadores took Native American babies by their ankles and dashed their heads against rocks! They also used them to feed their dogs. They raped and abused children in their mission schools. They burned people alive at the stake. There is no way around it. These are some sick devils and you got all these black people that want to insist that this behavior is ‘human’. There were no jails or prisons in Africa or America long before whites invaded the lands and started their cycle of sick abuse.

    • Your point is valid. I would think that it would have to do a lot with the owner’s personality. You had good one’s, and you had sick sadists who got their rocks off doing sick stuff to helpless people that couldn’t defend themselves. This still goes on today. I agree that the babies were potential sales, but some people might not have cared, and found them to be more of a liability (food, clothes) than an asset, and considered them justifiable losses. It’s all so gross, and sick, but you would have to have a screw loose to do something like that to another sentient being without having any guilt, or revulsion whatsoever.

    • Steven, this is a big pill to swallow and your probably thinking to yourself that there should be some in depth scholarly research and papers written, I would a agree if this is something that scholars and historians want to speak about. I never heard of this even In college, regardless the information surfaces. It’s totally up to you whether you want to believe it or not, it doesn’t negate the information presented!

    • There was no reference, anywhere in this video, indicating that the slave owners used infant slaves at alligator. bait. It you were listening attentively, you would have heard the man state that the infants were stolen from their mothers, engaged, then subsequently fed to the alligators. Again, the man in the video stated that the slave infants were stolen from their mothers. The man in the video never stated that the slave master was the culprit.

      You should watch the video again.

    • You are a perfect reason why most Blacks are starting to not like or trust Latinos since you freely choose to have the white mans back and love being their lap dogs.Your doubt is exactly what most white men have.

  7. Rev. George Brooks

    Northpilot is absolutely right (I may not, and will not simply be on his side every time) about Boyce Watkins making a lot of noise on this site about little to almost nothing that is taking place in the black world. Watkins, and all of these blacks with these websites are simply “white folks ******s” who are giving blacks a place to blow off steam about CERTAIN subjects — while totally avoiding many other subjects. And subjects that whites and **** that are controlling these black websites do not want talked about are not up for discussion. Have you EVER, for instance, heard anything said on Your Black World about ****, which is a word that is going to most likely even be blotted out? With all of the mistreatment of Africans, for instance, now taking place in Israel is not up for comments. Nor the domination and ownership of Sumner Redstone and other **** of BET, with its degraded programming. — Rev. George Brooks

  8. StopDividingGodsCreation

    This comment is to Christians, if you aren’t a believer than I’m not expecting you to believe this. Why separate people by color when we are all descendants of Noah. The only reason for different skin colors is because at the tower of Babel God dispersed everyone to different parts of the Earth. If you want to be technical, those slaves were also “my people” they are Gods creation. Again, I’m not here to debate against a non believer. The only way to grow is to stop separating yourselves. You don’t see the **** doing all this and they had it much worse! 6 million were exterminated over the course of a few years.

    • Somebody is a Neanderthal

      whites are part neanderthal. the reason why they have white skin is because they are mutations. the bible says people with white skin have a disease called leprosy.


      did you know there were black **** killed in the concentration camps but white **** don’t want you to know this? how many millions of native americans were murdered by whites? more than 6 million. how many africans were killed during the slave trade? more than 6 million. how many africans were killed when whites went for the scramble for africa to steal the resources? more than 6 million. if you are a christian, why do you conveniently forget the commandments, ‘thou shall not kill, thou shall not steal’?

      • StopDividingGodsCreation

        Ha! I like how you word it like I killed people! Also as a creation science teacher and a pastors wife of a large multicultural ministry in Louisiana, I can assure you that your Neanderthal theory is very wrong. In fact scripture has no place for Neanderthals. Here is a link to a video that explains the origins of color well.

      • No the Bible does not teach that, you’re just repeating what someone else told you

    • @ StopDividingGodsCreation

      Your comments are interesting.

      So, if we’re all “decendants of Noah” then who does he decend from?

      If, according to the bible, Adam was the first human being then why aren’t we his decendants?

      If God is the creator of all things then why did he create Black, Brown, Red, Yellow & White people, and if thats the case then isn’t it fair to assert that God initiated the separation by creating different hues and allowing them to express their culture exclusively?

      I find it interesting that you pre-empt a respone from “non-believers” to your comments as though your comments should not be challenged, as well as label any opposition to your words as disbelief.

      So let me see….your in a forum on social media, you put your view across THEN you expect for that view not to be challenged or critiqued???

      Its obvious that even YOU do not believe your own words because conventionally anyone with any intelligence would defend them!

  9. Reparation my ass!! Go out and get a ****ing job and no drug dealing or selling your ass on the street doesn’t qualify! Spitting out kids by the dozen to make your “Mothersday” check bigger isn’t the answer but you do it like it’s your 9 to 5!!! Your Reparation should be a one way ticket back to Africa since you didn’t want to be here in the first place! Go do your “Knockout” game, drive by shootings and drug dealing over there!

    • @noreparations

      Getting high off the toe jam you dug out from the feet of Uncle Jeb again huh?!?

      Wash it down with some good moonshine while your down there in the backwoods fondlin*g piggly-wiggly at the same time!!

    • Roderick Henderson

      White people do it to, you are the most hateful people in the world. The way they are they are the product of your ancestors lazy asses. That **** we getting from the government is a return on our investment. I stopped working to go to college to work for myself. When we get jobs you honkies try your best to get us fired. You don’t care what kind of credentials we have all you want to see is us shackled and chained, but as you see look how many fools we have that will kill at will, your people ****ed up. They should’ve let us be the good natured people we are and shared with us. This is not your country go back to Ireland, or Germany, or wherever you jellyfish come from.

    • Black people are original to all continents in the world so you are in no position to tell any Black person to ‘go back’ anywhere.

    • Get off of my land, parasite. I’m tired of you living on my land that you got by murdering my people.

    • I get so tried of people like you acting like black people are the only ones that have babies out of wed lock, white woman are holding onto that title also, you talk about African Americans selling drugs on street corners, when you have meth labs in the suburbs and poor white area’s…and tell me who is bringing the drugs into the USA, its not African American’s because they don’t have the planes..so the drug problem is very much in the white man hands…stop allowing people to bring drugs into the USA…and also share the blame..

    • Could not agree with you more. As a black man I’m sick and tired of seeing all these out of wedlock pregnancies. In today’s world there is no reason for being so stupid in letting yourself get pregnant. There are clinics that furnish birth control and other contraceptive devices if you’re going to do the do. You talk about “white man this and white man that…” yet you get yourself in a fix then you depend on him to take care of you…. Those “boys” that have the audacity to call themselves “men” but go about impregnating every woman that spreads her legs and then he runs off never assuming responsibility…

  10. So thats why they act the way they do now???

  11. So the idea black babies were fed to alligators? I can see this..

    ..here’s why..

    ..if it’s true or not we don’t know actually becuz we weren’t there..but could it be possible? HELL YEAH! So today, we african americans have NO REAL IDEA the horrors against humanity known as this nation’s slave trade. WE only know what happened during this era of slavery as result of what was told but not documented as such in detail. Becuz slave owners were REAL careful to not documented in detail the actual murder of slaves as committed. Although, it’s documented massa’s new-born slave babies to slave girls– on occassion those slave babies DIED right after the slave girl gave birth or MURDERED..to save face of the first lady of the plantation(mass’s wife).. it was so important to know if the baby was black or mulatto.. becuz EVERYONE knew white male slave owners had their way raping young female african slaves as a RIGHT OF PASSAGE as their property.. and its not documented the mid-wife was given orders; if the baby was born mixed? To snuff it out(kill it) and tell the slave mother the baby died.. or tell the slave mother the baby was still-born.. this happened quite often with slave girls who gave birth to a mixed race-baby.. this is why massa gave instruction to the head female mammie slave who often gave a report and told massa when the young female slaves were in season and ready for pregnancy-right after the first period and the following month the slave girl got impregnated as result to CONTROL WHo actually impregnated a slave girl..either massas hit her first or it was set up that the stud african male slave hit her to impregnate her as full disclosure..anywa this was an attempt the slave owners to control the slave birthing process as their property.. as to the HOPE a slave girl will give birth to healthy baby..whom was evenutally trained as a beast field hand to be sold.. if the baby was not a good specimen at birth? The baby often was killed by the mid- wife per instructions of the slave owner..as result to save money-basically not feeding another slave who was thought of worthless.. for reasons as such -massa couldn’t make money off the slave babies born with physical defects or maybe by another white male over-see-er.. whom couldn’t never claim the mixed race child anyway.. so the babies were murdered..this s KNOWN FACT as acts of slavery.

    SO the idea black babies were fed to ALLIGATOR? I can see this happening.. the horrors of Slavery and Jim Crow.. we STILL not had the full impact of total disclosure..which is still yet to come.. for instance, slave owners had life insurance on their slaves.. GOT paid either way ..as result of selling a slave or the death of a slave..even if the slave owner murdered the slave himself.. he still got paid insurance money. This is a fact as documented.. there are present day insurance companies whom as result of this nation’s slave trade and came to light.. and are still in business as a fortune 500 company today..

    • I would add that many atrocities happened well beyond slavery days. My parents were born in the 1920’s and they told me many stories of atrocities, rapes, killings and molestations of Black people by whites. My grandparents who were born in the 1890’s and died in the 1990’s had similar stories. There was NO legal consequence to white people’s crimes against Blacks so they basically behaved in their normal, criminal activities. They have been doing such things since they invaded this continent. Civil rights legislation provided a consequence to their actions but now, they are turning that around. Plus, there are so many self-hating Blacks that allow themselves to be bought by whites to do destructive things to the Black community, many whites don’t have to do much themselves because these self destructive Blacks are on auto-pilot. They have been mentally and spiritually poisoned by this demon.

    • Liked your comment, learn something all the time in life when you read. Thank You for sharing this with us.

    • The event known as the Transatlantic Arab/Jewish Slave Trade is one of the most well documented events in human history. Not only do we have the recorded oral testimony of surviving African slaves, we have the written accounts in newspapers, magazines and books.

      Unlike the so-called Jewish holocaust in Germany which allegedly cost the lives of 6 million **** during a 10 year period, the number of enslaved Africans is estimated to be between 30 to 100 million during an almost 400 year period, the documentation is available to any willing to do a little research.

      America has a heavy burden of negative karma to repay. In fact, she is in the process of re-paying that karmic debt today.

      The truth is available to those looking for it and the same can be said for lies. Shalom, my friend.

  12. Continuing to call each other ‘******’,especially for profit should help the situation……SMH

  13. That’s why it’s so important to view The BlackMan(State of Emergency)on Youtube,because we have to think on one accord. Peace!

  14. Roderick Henderson

    Sad, sad,sad!! If the younger generation could only view what out people had to endure, maybe, just maybe they would start to feel a self worth and change the way they view their own people. Willie Lynch’s theory is still working today teach the black man to have himself and you will have total control.

  15. “A little shove isn’t good enough for black politicians…they need a hard kick in the Ass, a wake up call…to serve their peoples and recognize the realities of African American History.” What a pity, they sell out to a system and ignore truth. Infact they do more harm to the black community than the devil himself, selling out for a $dollar.

  16. Why is it that when atrocities befall White people no one brings up issues about others who may have suffered in the same way??
    Everybody looks solely at the horrific incident for what it is BUT when something bad happens to Black people then everyone has to talk about the ‘evil in all races’ when we address an issue that concerns our pain???

    Not only do I find such behaviour offensiv*e, disgustin*g and asinine but I also find it to be hypocritica*l, and it only proves that we today are deluded when we think and say that we are truly equal with whites or others in society and that we live in a truly multi-cultural and democratic society.

    • Your right in the since that bad things can happen to any people of any race. But, other then the ***’s what other bad thing can you compare to not just slavery, but feeding black babies to alligators or killing babies after they are born because they were mixed after the mother being raped by a white man?

      I think whenever we are confronted with bad things happening, to blacks, white, or who ever there is a since of outrage. But this article is about BLACK BABIES being fed to ALLIGATORS.

      Direct me to an article about something bad happening to anyone else and I’ll be properly outraged. However this thing, using BLACK BABIES as bait is about race. Would that white man do that to his WHITE BABY?

      YOU know what I would be surprised if those WHITE men were killing there own MIXED off-spring.

      YOU have to admit, this is unbelievable sad.

  17. ****ing alligator ********!

  18. To my brother Devon,

    It appears that you were traumatized, and it seems you are still affected by that trauma, possibly PTSD. I suggest therapy. I agree there are bad people in all races, but the subject matter here has to do with racism and ***************. The subject matter is about whites looking at blacks as non-humans. They were using babies as bait, because they believe then and some still believe that blacks are less than human. Devon don’t be fooled whites will always be more cruel to you than blacks. Also, look back into history they were more cruel to their own than blacks at times.

    Peace Brother.

    • Im not your “brotha” Im yoir sista and I dont suffer from a dayum thing except disgust @ my people who whine about white people while ignoring the fact that black people are hurting and killing other black people in this country every dayum day. Your black azz (assuming youre black) instead of addressing my mothers assault, chooses to tell me some BS about PTSD???? You dismiss my mom’s assault by TWO black men…nah nucca YOU suffer from PTSD because you apparently think my moms assault is imsignificant amd okay because two black men assaulted her….its cool when black kills black right, but if I had said that TWO WHITE MEN had done the SAME EXACT THKNG to her them I guess you would be outraged. Now people like you who ignore the truth about what black people are doing to other black people RIGHT NOW, but cry in your soup about some **** white people did 400 years ago. Well are you crying about the record number of BLACK CHILDREN who were gunned down by black people in 2013?? Are you concerned about THAT??? Are you concerned that the highest percentage of domestic violence victims are black women at the hands of black men? That black men kill black men every day in this country while black people sit passively and say and do nothing? Yeah I know what happened in the past but Im MORE concernd about whats going on today! It aint white people killing black people in Newark where my family used to live its BLack people. And it wasnt WHITE MEN who hurt my mother, it was BLACK MEN. Now you tell me why I decided to buy a house in the town we moved to when I was dayum kid, you tell me why I feel SAFER in a predominately WHITE town than I did when I lived im Newark and you tell me why my mother feels safer there. Because aimt nobody out here shooting and assauting and hurting my family or me. When I leave my house Im not scared Im gonna catch a dayum bullet. Nobody in this town is assaulting my mother or me. Seems like the only time black people go off is when white people hurt and kill us, we kick up dust and protest but when black hurt and kill us, nothing but a sigh and throw up a payer. No anger, no outrage. Because to me it seems the only time our lives are considered of any value is when its lost at the hands of whites and NO value at the hands of black people. Got it!


  19. I can’t believe Dr. Watkins, as renowned and capable a scholar as can be found, is trifling with this **** inspired ****. Really, this is what his excellent scholarship has come down to??? – a You Tube where ‘somebody told somebody who told someone else’ a tale about alligator hunter BoogeyMen, a tale obviously made up by racist terrorist **** types to scare blacks into submission, and then laugh at blacks for being so gullible?

    Where is the evidence of such an event actually occurring? Pictures of tiny corpses pulled from the stomachs of alligators? Anything? We know such a thing would not have occurred in slavery days. After the importation of slaves was outlawed in 1820, black women were kept as “breeding wenches” , to produce as many valuable slaves as possible for the cotton plantations. Under the slave codes, a slave owner was prosecuted for murder if he took the life of a slave who was “completely under his control”. (Not out of justice for slaves, of course, but for the complete economic stupidity of it.) Slaves and slave babies were simply too valuable to be used for “bait”, when a chicken would do as well. The actual facts of treating people like animal property is every bit a sickening as some alligator bait myth, and the present day dehumanization and degradation of blacks and latinos by whites is a disgrace that makes my white skin scarlet red with shame…

    The truly horrible thing was that these kind of postcards and mementos showing terrorized babies fleeing from hungry alligators was considered some kind of joke by whites! Sick, sick, sick!

    And what about ALL the current examples of REAL RACISM that infect every square inch of our justice system and the sky-high incarceration rates of our young men? The ongoing employment discrimination, the continuing examples of media bias, denigration and lack of respect?

    Where is the Boyce Watkins that stood up with solid scholarship to the “Axis of Ignorance Trio” at Faux News: O’Reilly, Hannity, and Limbaugh, and the sellouts like Juan Williams who lick their boots? Dr. Watkins actually sells his black audience short by trotting out some lame urban myth like this, as though sensationalist race-baiting is the only way to motivate people, people who deal with real racism every day. Get out of your Ivory Tower, Dr. Watson. Really, do you know any mother who would stand by helplessly while some alligator hunter grabbed their black baby for bait? Aren’t the FACTS of racist America enough?

    I challenge my black brothers and sisters to VOTE (and REGISTER ALL THEIR FRIENBDS AND FAMILY TO VOTE) so we can kick these Rethuglican *****s out of office. Really, is it all we can do to curse the “white devils”, rage in impotence, and mutter darkly about coming revenge? Let’s get organized and kick the racist A-holes out on their butts.

    As for all the brothers and sisters slamming mixed race families, EFF-OFF. I got enough problems with my white ***** neighbors…

  20. Now every day 1,200 black babies are aborted and their leftovers are filling garbage cans, after they extract the tissues they want to use for “research” and to make cosmetic.

    Black women, with the help of “our democrat best friends” have the given us the convenience of abortuaries placed in our neighborhoods in order to kill as many black babies as possible.

    EACH WEEK 7,200 BLACK BABIES ARE KILLED BY THEIR MOTHERS in America. It’s Do-it-yourself-********.

    Now they have a new approach to Black removal.
    They want to be able to sterilize underage black minors without their parents knowledge nor permission.http://www.patheos.com/blogs/publiccatholic/2013/12/new-health-benefit-sterilize-your-teen-aged-daughter-for-free-and-without-your-consent/

    Whatever whites did in the past, pales in comparison to what black people are doing to themselves today. STOP BLACK ABORTION!

    • Finally, a true Christian perspective on an obviously race baiting issue. Even if it were true, which I seriously doubt, (Not that some crazy idiot never tried it. People of all races are capable of all kinds of depravity.) The way we overcome racism is not to spew more hate, but to look at things we can change. We should stop killing unborn babies and try to learn to love and understand one another and pray for our enemies (those that (persecute and revile us) In so doing we heap burning coals upon their heads and we should never underestimate the power of God to change things.

    • This is why Black people need to understand the system of rac1sm, wh1te supr3macy. It will teach you to hate yourself and if you’re ‘weak minded’, you will engage in self destructive acts.

      “When you adapt a God who is not in your own image, when you embrace literature that teaches you to hate yourself, and love your enemy, when your oppressor and savior and your God and enslaver are one and the same, you become the principle agent in your own destruction.” – Dr. Ray Hagins

  21. Yep. I knew that. Now what? Reparations?? I don’t think so.

  22. **Jaimee Gaskins: please read about the ********s in Africa and the things many warlords have done to people who look just like them

    JL: What you’re referring to….is NO different from various European countries like the France, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, etc….fighting against one another, enslaving one another, etc.
    Heck, the Romans enslaved nearly all of Europe in an empire called Gaul.

    However, the treatment of Blacks (and other People of Color, such as Asian- & Latino/a Americans and Indigenous Peoples) by Whites…was undertaken because…Whites believed they were inhuman, didn’t hurt like them, etc., etc., etc.
    Various ideologies were created by Whites to legitimize their treatment of People of Color.

    If….if…if…Whites had simply proclaimed, “We’re enslaving these people because we need their labor and we have the power to do so,” then after slavery…all of the pseudo-scientific theories that were developed to justify slavery….WOULD NOT CONTINUE to be fiercely believed by Whites today….resulting in a variety of disparate outcomes and/or UNEQUAL treatment by all-White juries, low expectations of Black students by White teachers, racial profiling by White racist cops, etc., etc., etc.
    Without the racist theories created during slavery, racism would likely not exist today.

  23. Black history, yes of course it is. But use it to define all white people past and present as evil? Don’t do it that would confirm you as ignorant. They all weren’t evil and we know that. Can’t condemn all black me because some kill over gym shoes or kill someone that looks like them for glancing at them or the beloved “drug dealer” that contributed to destruction of urban neighbor as much as those that introduced the drugs to the inner cities. Face it horrible people have and always will come in all colors.

  24. Devon I so agree with you! We destroy each other with drugs and weapons and until we learn as a race to respect ourselves and each other, the White man will continue to destroy us. Least we forget we sold our own people in Africa to the White man and we are still doing it every time we drop a dime for a bag or shoot one of our brothers/sisters, after all, we don’t own the boats/planes that delivers this mess into our neighborhoods. Check the man that lives on the golf course in the gated community, while your little punk butt destroys your race in the dirty rat infested brick city!

  25. @ Jamiee Gaskins – how many of the ********s in Africa you speak about are orchestrated by whites pitting one Black nation against the other? I agree that Black people worldwide (including the US) need to stop being manipulated by whites but there will always be those sell outs that are willing to hurt their own people to get benefits from white people, and the benefits they get from white people are stolen in the first place.

    @Arthur Robinson – no one should ever forget their history. I don’t see anyone telling white folks to forget theirs. It is a European mindset that thinks in a linear fashion regarding past, present and future events. It is an indigenous African mindset that understands that all is connected. The past explains the present and we are today making the future. Not a hard concept.

    @ Ronald M. Ramseur – ****** was inspired by white Americans. Read “Mein Kampf”.

    @ William McBride – racism is a power structure, not an attitude. It is a world wide power structure that created and maintain wh1te dominance and wh1te supr3macy. This is why the South Africans are struggling against who?? White people. Know any Native Americans? If so, how are they doing? What was that Scramble for Africa whites did after the enslavement trade to go into Africa and murder MILLIONS of people to steal their land and resources? They did the same thing in Asia and Australia. They wiped the Tanzmanians off of the face of the Earth. Who were all of these countries trying to get independent from during the ’50’s and 60’s? White people. Why are white people on these lands anyway? Because they murdered the native peoples to steal and occupy the lands and take the resources for their own benefit. Now they’ve got the Earth so poisoned with their evil and nonsense that everyone has to pay dearly for it. Black people are millions of years old and the Earth did just fine. How come when white people come into prominence, populations are decimated, lands and resources are stolen and the Earth now is on a path of no return regarding global warming? How come white people feel that they must take everything, kill everyone and destroy it all so they can live off of it? If all whites are not bad, please show me the whites that challenge and are working to dismantle the system of racism, wh1te supr3macy that they benefit so dearly from that destroys millions of people as well as the planet. They don’t so therefore, they are responsible for its maintenance.

  26. @Jaimee Gaskins

    Its no secret that acts of ******** has and continue to take place in Africa as everybody in the known world are reminded of that fact pretty much everyday in the media, however heinous acts of the nature mentioned in the article are routinely omitted from history books and incidents like this are usually left unspoken.

    Your right, its bad when we see our own people abusing each other however its an even greater crime being committed against humanity when the truth is hidden and as a consequence the masses are ignorant of the past, hence being stuck in the present without knowing what took place in the past in order to do something about effectively changing the present and moving positively into the future.

    It is ignorant to use the present evils which pervade certain parts of the African continent to counter an horrific moment in history as though the former incident should mitigate the latter, and recognizing this some how balances out the overall perspective.

    May I also add that the people who fed our babies to the alligators were and are no different from the colonial powers and imperialists who continue to manipulate heads of governments in Africa who supply arms to militia groups and fund coups in many countries across that region.

  27. There are no words…

    Nothing surprises me anymore about the evil of some white people. And I’m white.

  28. Sorry but until my own people stop killing each other and stop selling poison (drugs) to each other we’re no better than whites who inflicted cruelty on us. My mother was robbed, sexually assaulted and beaten to a pulp NOT by white men, but by BLACK MEN. She was afraid to leave our apartment, stopped working and she almost lost her sanity and my parents marriage nearly ended because of the stress. We were forced to flee Newark and my dad bought a home in Morristown. My mother got counselling and joined a victims support group. I was was nine years old when that happened to my mom, and my brother and I were scared to death because of the state she was in. And I was afraid the same thing would happen to me. Im 25 now and while she is much better she will never be the woman she was. So lets not pretend that a large percentage of black men (amd some black women) arent a danger to our lives. I know firsthand how ruthless black can be to black.

    • Roderick Henderson

      Devon, right on man, I was robbed in Milwaukee where I use to live I left there because it is to violent now. A short-barreled shot gun put on me by young black hoodlums. they laughed at me, called me a *****-ass-*****, it was 8 of them, but I was the “*****!” It is shame for me to say, but we will never be a strong people again because those idiots before them and after are reproducing, and I know what they are being taught has nothing to do with being a gentleman and a scholar!!

  29. This is truly evil! But we still as black people fail to see the big picture! We hurt our selves by not working together, to seek justice on all levels black or white! We waste our hard earn money making them Rich,turn our back on education,our kids have no respect for their elders nor them selves. We’re making things easy for them to put us back in slavery or just kill us off! I love my people I just wish they loved each other to fight the back!

  30. This Evil Man has a debit that He will be able to repay! No Apologizes will do- A life for a Life

  31. This is the pale Beast’s paradise called Amerikka!