Jahi McMath’s Mother Says Hospital Refers to Daughter as “The Body”

Jahi McMath, 13, was admitted to Children’s Hospital of Oakland and by now, you already know what happened next. The teenager inexplicably fell into a coma and was later declared brain de@d during a court hearing. But what we didn’t know up until now was what happened in those critical moments after the teen returned from surgery shortly before she fell into a coma.

Source: MailOnline
Source: MailOnline

In an interview with MailOnline, the teen’s mother relives those painful moments so that the world understands what her daughter went through. She also speaks of how cruel the hospital has been throughout this entire process, from beginning to end.

Nailah Winkfield, mother of McMath, says her “pretty, sweet daughter” was basically the victim of a botched surgery that should’ve been routine. Then she detailed the painful last moments of her daughter’s life.

‘My daughter started to ble*d and that will scar me forever because it happened in front of my face, in front of my mother’s face, in front of my husband’s face,’ she said, while still at the hospital.

‘She was very scared. She knew something was wrong. To see your daughter like that is just heartbreaking,” she concluded.

The mother, who has been by her daughter’s side since she fell into a coma, hasn’t given up hope yet.

‘But I still have hope. In fact I have more than hope. I am positive my daughter is going to wake up. I don’t have a doubt. I talk to her about it all the time.’

She was comforted by her husband, Marvin, as she told of how the hospital has been needling the family, being needlessly cruel in the face of a tragedy they themselves probably created.

‘They don’t even refer to her by name. They refer to her as the deceased, or the body, or the de@d and my daughter is not de@d.

Mrs. Winkfield finds it shocking that the hospital staff and doctors haven’t been able to show sympathy and respect during this very painful time.

‘They are awful, they have no compassion,” she finished.

They are still trying to move McMath to a new medical facility.

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  1. everybody just needs to stop with the negative comments and let us all pray for a Miracle,, God is in the Miracle workin Business Let us all get on one accord = unity = God moving thru our faith. JUST LET US ALL PRAY 3 X’S A DAY UNTIL WE HEAR FROM GOD THRU HIS SON JESUS, AMEN I am praying

  2. I cannot imagine being a mother knowing your baby was in fear before the operation and now has been declared earthly dead! I’m standing in agreement with her family that the Lord Jesus Christ will raise her up for a testimony in these last days. “Talitha cumi” arise and be made whole in Jesus name. Its time to take Jesus Christ at His word for he Surely hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes WE ARE HEALED!

  3. betty speak for yourself gospel music got me through some tuft times back in 2011 the Lord heal me and my created goes by the name of Jesus a lot of people need to stop betty read our black history when blacks disassociate ourselves from the white masters because they were feeding us lies about the word of God he separate ourselves from white churches back in the slavery days they didn’t want us to read because of this but that change we found the truth through scriptures so its not about religion its about serving the real Lord Jesus Christ who bought us out of slavery. AMEN

    • I don’t argue with people with regards to who or what they want to worship. That is their choice. There is a big difference between spirituality and religion. And if you are a Christian, I at least hope you know Jesus was Black. If you don’t believe that something given to your ancestors (or whipped into your ancestors) by their slave masters professing to be Godly and that would not serve their agenda of making and maintaining slaves, physical and mental, you need to think again. You might want to check out Reverend Ray Hagins. Good luck to you.

  4. We all need to be better informed about surgical procurdes and the risk involved. I know a good surgeon who says that ANY surgery has major risks and this type of problem occurs more then the public is aware of.

  5. Praying for this Baby and her family! Will pray for this care team who took an oath to up hold without cruelty for all human beings ! Pray that what they are trying to cover up be exposed and all connected Receive justice due to them! Pray for them to humble there hearts for once! For this case might be the case they got caught up in, didn’t get away !!! African Americans should stand and demand a call for action in cases such as these!!! We are to divided !!! March for life ,for this cause and to all remember God has the last say so!!!!! Amen…..

  6. My prayers r with u and ur family. God will give u strength. Have faith and hold on! Music helps soothe you.

  7. The Creator goes by many names. Don’t underestimate the power of music. Look at the negative results of rap; there’s your proof. Listen to meditation music and it will calm your mind. Even listen to the waves of the ocean and it does the same thing. I am not a Christian, but this song has real power. I think of the Prime Creator of the Universe instead of Jesus (I know how this religion has duped my people in many ways) but this song delivers. “Awesome Wonder” by YOuthful Praise. My prayers are with the family.

  8. I can believe how awful the hospital staff is because I had a similar situation. When I was 9 i had a tonsillectomy and almost died from it. I was very weak because i was slowly bleeding to death, but the doctor sent me home anyway. The same day i had to be rushed back to the hospital for hemorrhaging and all the help could talk about was how I threw up blood on the floor and that i should have asked for something to throw up in. It came up suddenly! No apology from the doctor for his blunder! My parents were so glad I didn’t die they didn’t even think of suing.

  9. Hold on to your Faith.