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Black Crossing Guard Accused of Racism After Calling Colleague ‘King Kong’


Photo Courtesy of The Express

Can a black person be racist? It is certainly possible that a black person can internalize white supremacy in a way that would cause him or her to despise their own people, right? A black North London man’s job is now in jeopardy after being accused of hurling racist insults at a black colleague.

The black crossing guard, who is known as a “lollipop man” in London due to the shape of the crossing guard sign, says he didn’t do anything wrong and he couldn’t have been behaving as a racist since he’s black.

Jon Seymour, an award winning crossing guard, was sent home by Camden Council after comparing an employee to the enormous ape ‘King Kong.’ Seymour, who was born in Trinidad, hurled the insult while inside Camden Town Hall.

“I wanted to say something to him because he was being rude to me. I said, ‘You are angry like King Kong.’ It wasn’t racist,” Seymour explained.

He went on to question whether one black man could engage in racist behavior towards another black man.

“How can a black man be racist to another black man? It doesn’t make sense.”

Parents interviewed by The Express in London had nothing but kind words for Seymour, who is a beloved crossing guard in the area.

“He’s really good with the children and he’s really nice to the parents. I loved him…” said one parent of a school child.

Mr. Seymour is currently suspended with pay as he awaits a decision by the council.



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