Court Decides to Take 13 Year Old Who Has Been in Coma Since Tonsil Surgery Off Life Support

A judge ruled on Tuesday that a 13 year old California girl who went into the hospital for routine tonsil surgery but Jahi_McMathended up without any brain activity should be taken off life support.

Jahi McMath arrived at the Children’s Hospital of Oakland last Monday to have her tonsils and adenoids removed but due to complications, she fell into a coma.

The court case came about after the hospital filed court papers asking that the girl be taken off life support. Judge Evelio Grillo agreed with the hospital and the medical experts who agree that Jahi no longer has brain activity.

The family says they are unsure whether to appeal the verdict after Dr. Paul Graham Fisher of Stanford University testified that Jahi has no brain activity. They said that they are still “believing for a miracle.”

‘Prayers are more important than ever before,’ Omari Sealey, Jahi’s uncle, said Tuesday night.

‘Because the clock is ticking.’

Jahi’s grandmother, Sandra Jo Chatman, who is also a registered nurse,  says after surgery the teen began bleeding heavily from the mouth and nose. She says she called for assistance from the nurses but no one came until she began screaming.

“I was the last one to see Jahi,” said Chatman. “I said, ‘Somebody help my baby please!’ And they came in and starting working on her. The next thing I know, the doctor said, ‘Oh no, she doesn’t have a heart rate anymore.’”

Jahi’s family has until 5pm on December 30 to appeal the ruling.

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  2. I’m sorry, i pray that god will give the family strength to make make it through these tough times.

  3. My heart goes out to this family. In 1989 I too was on life support and the doctors told my family there was nothing else they could do for me, but my family refuse to let them take me off life support and look at God, today I am still here. I truly believe God has the last call and not man. We all need to be on falling knees and crying out to God for healing in the body of this young lady. GREATER IS COMING!!!!, LET’S TRUST GOD AND BELIEVE HIM THROUGH THIS. GOD BLESS JAHI AND HER FAMILY.

  4. Such a sad story. Usually when I read these type of stories the courts always side with keeping comatose patient on life support NOT taking them off life support. A judge shouldn’t had have a say in this. Seeing how badly the hospital handled this young girl’s care I can understand the family not trusting the hospitals medical advice to remove her from life support.

  5. My heart goes out to this family..I feel so sorry for them but I pray that the Most High give them strength. I suffer from sleep apnea like Jahi did and I will pray for healing now but not by any doctors..It seems like the hospital would be more concerned in trying to let the family know what they did wrong but instead they want her declared officially dead.This is not right and even if people do not want to say it, I will. For them, they do not have to explain, this is just another black life so we need to move on.. The Most High is the judge and decider of life and death.I just pray for peace for this family.:(

  6. She’s gone….RIP young lady! Even if she did wake up she would never be able to care for herself. She would be in a partial vegetative state.