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SNL Does an Hilarious Skit Featuring a White Madea

madea11Have you ever peeped out how so many black holiday films are as predictable as snow in a snow storm?  SNL has noticed this too.  In a really funny spoof of Madea, Black Nativity and other black films coming out this holiday season, there is a skit featuring the first ever “Black Movie for White People.”

The skit is funny, showing not just a white madea, but other standard black family movie images, such as “black women in the kitchen snapping peas,” and a group of white women sitting around  a table saying that “all that’s gonna happen is your man is gonna leave you for a white woman.”  They also have the “gun-totting grandma,” and even re-do the famous scene in Best Man Holiday where they are performing the New Edition song “Can You Stand the Rain.”

Black films coming out of Hollywood are often criticized for giving black people a lack of access to the deep and diverse content made available for white audiences. Are black movies only being made for those of us with an IQ below 90?  Some are saying that complex and deep story-lines are not strong sellers in the black community, so many networks go back to the standard formula of comedy, urban drama, baby mama issues, dancing, singing and viοlence.  Seems like a money maker to us.

What do you think?  Is the skit harmless fun or a way of highlighting the many stereotypes we’re forced to see year after year after year?  The film is called “The black holiday movie….for the rest of us.”

Check it out.  It’s pretty hilarious.


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