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Julianne Malveaux Starts a Petition to Fight Against Detroit Bankruptcy Proceedings

malveauxThe bankruptcy of the city of Detroit has been disheartening for those who’ve been hoping that the city would make a comeback.  Some are also deeply concerned that the manner through which bankruptcy proceedings are taking place will be one that leaves behind working class people, black people and pensioners in the city.

Noted economist and former Bennett College President Dr. Julianne Malveaux is fighting against the bankruptcy process, demanding that the people have a greater voice in how the city’s financial woes are confronted.  She is in agreement with Dr. Cornel West, who spoke at the New Paradigm forum in New York, stating that while Wall Street bankers have been given hundreds of billions of dollars by the federal government, “Detroit only needs $17 billion to stay in place.”

Dr. Maleaux is working to get 100,000 people to sign the petition, which is a call for Americans to lift their collective voice and speak out against the methods being used in Detroit bankruptcy proceedings to mute the voice of the public.  She has partnered with  Rainbow PUSH and the Michigan Democratic Party Black Caucus in a call for citizens to speak against the tactics being used by Michigan politicians to circumvent the participation of Detroit citizens in their own economic fate.  This is what Dr. Malveaux had to say in a recent article on her blog:

“Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has pulled a fast one on the citizens of Detroit.  When he appointed Emergency Manager Kevin Orr, he fast tracked the bankruptcy process with just ninety days elapsing between Orr’s appointment and the beginning of bankruptcy proceedings.   Had Orr moved in a more deliberate manner, the citizens of Detroit may have had some input in the process.  Instead, the people of Detroit have had neither voice nor vote in a process that circumvents democracy.”

You can sign the petition here. 


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