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Investigation Into Spray Painted Racial Slur on Biracial Teen’s Home Takes Turn


Anthony Phillips (Courtesy: Boston Globe)

An investigation into who spray painted racial slurs on the home of a biracial teen in a small Massachusetts town has taken a curious turn.

Initially after the vandalism was reported, authorities suspected that the vandals may have been teammates of the high school football player who resided in the home, but now that those players have been cleared, the investigation may be turning toward the family.

In the small town of Lunenburg, having  a home spray painted with the “N” word is a rare occurrence and residents are desperate to learn who was responsible for painting the slurs. On Tuesday investigators conducted a search of the home of Anthony J. Phillips, the father of 13 year old Isaac Phillips, who said he was harassed by teammates.

Because they were initially implicated in the incident, the football team members were forced to forfeit games while the investigation was ongoing. The team’s coach and players expressed how happy they are to be able to put this period behind them.

“We would have never done this,” said football team member Danny Szabady, 18.  “We always knew it wasn’t us.’’

The team’s coach, Steve Boone, told the Boston Globe that he’s relieved: “I am very happy that the team was cleared of the allegations.’’

The parents of Isaac Phillips were vocal after reporting the graffiti, but have reportedly stopped taking phone calls from reporters.

“You all can camp out here all night,” Anthony Phillips said after police ended their search. “I have no comment.”



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