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Controversial Radio Show Host Faces Up to 30 Years in Prison, Says it’s a Vendetta

 wepowposwThaddeus Matthews is known in Memphis for producing controversy.  But now the man is in the fight of his life as he is trying to address allegations of sharing child p@rnography, which can land you in prison for a number of years.

Matthews spoke on his show about the indictment, stating that it merely an attempt by local politicians to bring him down. 

He also said, “It’s not about a child but an attempt to silence me.”

He was indicted after he was accused of sharing an image of a young woman performing an inappropriate act against an older male.  The images were allegedly shared on Facebook.

He even says that it was the media who informed him of his indictment.  No one ever reached out to him.

“No one contacted me or contacted my attorney,” he said on the air.

Matthews says that the picture was sent to him by a woman who allegedly wanted him to find out where it came from.  He says that’s why he posted it.  He says that he didn’t call the police because he thought they knew what was going on.

According to WMC-TV, Matthews believes that the reason the indictment has been pushed on him is because he is outspoken.

“It’s all about being a black man you can’t control. It’s all about silencing the Negro, Thaddeus Matthews,” He said. 

Two young ladies also got into trouble for posting the photo.   They are being charged with aggravated s*xual exploitation of a minor.

“Will I be quiet? Nope. Will I stand down on issues in the community? Nope.”

If he is convicted, Matthews faces two to 30 years in prison.

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