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Marissa Alexander Released From Jail in Time For Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving Marissa Alexander can give thanks that she will be spending the holiday with her family marissa_alexanderinstead of behind bars. At around 10:30pm last night, Alexander was released from jail on bond.

Alexander’s release does not come without conditions, which were thoroughly outlined by the Duval County Clerk.

Here are some of her bond conditions, according to First Coast News:

• Subject to electronic monitoring through the CTC at all times
• Remain on home detention until completion of her case and will not be allowed to leave her residence except for court appearances, medical emergencies and to satisfy any requirements of PSP or the CTC
• Report all required court appearances and all required appointments with the PSP or its designated service provider
• Alexander cannot change her residence without prior notice and approval by the PSP or its designated service provider
• Cannot have contact with, nor communicate by any means with Rico Gray, Sr., Pernell Gray and Rico Gray, Jr.

Alexander was convicted in 2010 after firing what she says were warning sh0ts at her husband. She says she went to get her gun after her husband broke down a bathroom door where she ran to get away from him. Prosecutors alleged that the sh0t Alexander fired was in the direction of her husband and children.

Dr. Boyce Watkins from Your Black World, says that Alexander’s release should have happened a long time ago.

“Let’s not pretend that this is still not a complete tragedy,” says Dr. Watkins, who informed the nation of the case of Kelly Williams-Bolar, a woman sent to jail for sending her kids to a school outside her district.  “Marissa should never have been jailed in the first place.  This case shines a spotlight on all of the women who are mortified by abusive husbands and don’t feel they can get help from the law.”

An appeals court ordered a new trial for Alexander after determining that the judge committed an error with jury instructions.

The jury in Alexander’s trial returned with a verdict after only 13 minutes of deliberation, convicting Alexander on three counts of aggravated armed assaµlt. Her 20 year sentence triggered national outrage.


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