What? Jennifer Hudson Buys Her Fiance an Engagement Ring

wepwepsowpoMaybe this is what happens in those relationships where the woman is the major bread-winner.  Jennifer Hudson recently bought an engagement ring for her fiance, David Otunga.  The public started to notice the new jewelry when Hudson got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and he showed up wearing something that people didn’t recognize. Was it a wedding band or something else?

Jennifer confessed to Angie Martinez at Hot 97 that the ring was indeed an engagement ring.  She says that her future husband wanted to let women know that he is definitely off the market.

“David is a little different. He wanted to have an engagement ring too. So, for his birthday or something, I got him a ring for his birthday gift. David is the more sentimental one. Like he remembers every date, down to the time.

“Valentine’s Day, you can’t even get through the house because he’s got all types of decorations, so he wanted to have his own ring. [He was like] ‘Everyone knows you’re taken but no one knows I’m taken,’ and so that’s where his ring came from.”

David is a professional wrestler.  He has stated in the past, during an interview with the Chicago Tribune, that Jennifer’s shadow can be so large that he wants to step out of it and establish his own identity in the world.   He seems to be a little resentful of the idea that she is the one that everyone cares about and he is just her arm candy.

“I want to stand alone. I’m pretty successful in my own right. (Jennifer Hudson) still comes up, but what can I do? It’s one of those things they kept bringing up no matter how many times I said, ‘Please don’t mention (Hudson)’.

“People want to know more about me. They want to know who I am. It’s cool to finally have that attention. … That’s something I tried to do from the beginning — to be my own person. I wanted to do different things and try to establish myself. It’s great to get recognised for that.”

So the question for David might be this:  If you already feel emasculated that you’re in Jennifer’s shadow, do you think that letting her put a ring on your finger is going to help?  We’re just asking.

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  1. When you’ve got millions of dollars and your fiance has just a few hundred, use the money to make him happy. He can never buy her the kind of ring that reflects her financial stature – only his – and he shouldn’t even try.

    So, he marries a woman wherein money is never going to be a concern. Good for him and their children! But Jennifer did really good, too! She’s got a Harvard lawyer for a husband and father of her children.

    Hur-rup and get married, y’all! Jay Z and Beyoncé had enough sense to do it right from the get go!

  2. Wasn’t this guy on, I Love New York on VH-1? She didn’t choose him, she chose the white dude. But wasn’t he in the running? I could be mistaken. But now he has a real woman and she likes buying her man jewelry. That’s no problem.

  3. Jennifer, bought that engagement ring to keep David in that baby’s life ( on a good note) Jennifer does not want to marry David, she has out grown him, and he knows it. Jennifer still in the mind set of what her sisters husband did to her mom and nephew, she fragile, So back off David get in ur lane, Give her the space she needs.

  4. This is why it’s important for men and women to play their god given positions because you got mess like this happenings. Turnout feeling less than amanda which is normal because he is suppose to be the head of household

  5. The lesson here is, never become involved with someone below your station.

  6. This article is so messy!! Who wrote this non sense ?! Nowhere did David say he felt emasculated why are you twisting his words! Her money, her man, her damn perrogative!! Write something worth writing next time K!