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Former Spelman prof Says Nelly is Lying and Can’t Blame the School for His Sister’s Passing

wpoepoppsIt appears that there are those who are openly questioning the recent remarks by the rapper Nelly about what happened years ago during a protest against his Tip Drill video, which took place at Spelman College.  A Bone Marrow donor drive concert was canceled after controversy swelled about a video during which Nelly ran a credit card through a woman’s backside.  During a recent interview with Marc Lamont Hill, Nelly complained about the incident and seemed to even imply that his sister’s passing was caused by the women at Spelman College.

Spelmanites aren’t taking this one sitting down.  A former Spelman professor, Dr. Jelani Cobb, took issue with Nelly’s remarks, making these statements on Facebook:

“Disappointed but not entirely surprised to see that eight years later Nelly is still lying about what happened at Spelman college when he planned a bone marrow drive. I was a professor there at the time and I taught several of the students who were involved in the protests over his Tip Drill video. The young women there did *not* cancel or prevent his bone marrow drive from happening. He chose to cancel the event after learning of the criticism of his video and the images of women within it. Many of the same students who were protesting his music were willing to participate in the drive and in exchange wanted him to participate in a discussion about why his video was problematic. The students also organized a bone marrow drive of their own after he pulled out. I personally know the pain of losing a sibling and empathize but that doesn’t give Nelly permission to lie about the past or place responsibility for his sister’s death at the front gates of Spelman College”

Dr. Boyce Watkins, who is an outspoken critic of what he calls “commercialized and ignorant hip-hop,” says that Dr. Cobb is right.

“Nelly appears to be rewriting history and lying on the women at Spelman, who committed one of the most courageous acts in hip-hop history,” says Dr. Watkins, author of “Commercialized Hip-Hop: The Gospel of Self-Destruction.”  “If anyone is to blame for what happened to Nelly’s sister, it’s him.   He and other artists need to take responsibility for their consistent disrespect of women.”

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