Jada Pinkett Smith Steps Out Without Wedding Ring

Jada Pinkett Smith hasn’t been seen with her husband Will Smith in at least two months and now it looks as if she’sjada-pinkett-smith-no-ring-will-smith-tall stopped wearing her wedding ring.

Rumors about Pinkett Smith’s rumored separation from her husband have been swirling since 2011, but Jada didn’t help things by stepping out on the town without her wedding ring on Monday night.

Your Black World reported on speculation last week that Will Smith and wife Jada were separated and leading separate lives.

According to reports, Will Smith is in New Orleans filming a movie and has been there since September. His ex Sheree Fletcher was also in town, although they were never spotted together.

MailOnline reports that Will Smith and wife Jada haven’t been seen together since August 23rd when they were in New York with their kids.

At the Associated Black Charities of Baltimore Girls’ Night Out Event on October 23, Pinkett seemingly alluded to her troubled marriage.

“When you are going through a storm with your spouse … stop thinking about what you ‘believe’ a husband or wife should be,” she said.

She continued: “I thought success would make me happy … It does NOT.”

Jada has also batted down rumors that she and husband Will have an open marriage.

‘Will and I can both do whatever we want because we trust each other to do so. This does not mean we have an open relationship. It means we have a grown one,’ she said.

It hasn’t gone unnoticed that the power couple also put their $42 million dollar home on the market and recently sold their Hawaiian getaway as well.





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  1. where are these official reports of their split?

  2. Not sure why this is noteworthy.

  3. Will and Jada both lack the maturity to sustain a marriage and /or to rear reasonably sane children. It is amazing that either of them have lasted as long. Will bought into the Hollywood “stepnfetchit” syndrome. He is a black good ole boy. Now, it has made him rich but has given him little else. Jada is totally clueless as to what life is really about. Her children are totally wild and undisciplined. Will be interesting to see what progresses.


  5. Yawn !!!! is there anything else to write about thats constructive instead of all this drama crap.

  6. The official notice of their break up was reported about a week and a half ago. They are human beings people, just like us. They have their own realities and needs. Let them do what they need to do. Peace to both of them.

  7. @hum – I know exactly what you mean. I am a woman and I know for a fact that we can be problematic. I have wasted many years on different men. They have caused many headaches and sleepless nights. Not worth it. Now, it is all about me, taking care of my needs. I no longer waste time trying to figure men out (especially my other half) It is a waste of time.

    @Topic – Jada is having her ring cleaned.

  8. As a male it me took about 34 years to understand women. I use think they were some type goddesses there were so sweet nurturing e.t.c i thought they were perfect to me now after 34 years of dealing with them i realize they arent perfect and just as imperfect as iam. When it hits you at that point women will start to givegive you a sick stomach. I think we probably all reach this start as we age its sad but its fact of life. When i think about all the time i wasted on relationships it makes me sad i should of just been looking out for myself.