Supporters Rally For Marissa Alexander, Bail Hearing Set For Friday

A woman who is getting a new trial after being sentenced to 20 years in jail for firing a warning shøt at her husband was greeted by supporters at a Thursday court hearing.

Courtesy: The Ledger
Courtesy: The Ledger

Supporters of Marissa Alexander who were at a Duval County Courthouse on Thursday were disappointed that she was not released from jail.  A bond hearing for Alexander has been set for Friday.

Those who rallied for Alexander said she should have been immediately released from jail because she was wrongfully convicted. Bruce Zimet, Alexander’s attorney, said he had not expected charges against her to be dropped at the Thursday hearing. His only hope is that Alexander will be granted bail at Friday’s hearing.

The Sisterhood of Survivors, a group of domestic viølence victims and survivors, was responsible for the rally for Alexander outside the courtroom, according to The Ledger.

An appeals court ordered a new trial for Alexander after determining that the judge committed an error with jury instructions.

Alexander was convicted in 2010 after firing what she says were warning sh0ts at her husband. She says she went to get her gun after her husband broke down a bathroom door where she went to get away from him. Prosecutors said that the sh0t Alexander fired was in the direction of her husband and children.

Although the court agreed to grant Alexander a new trial, it also agreed that Alexander cannot use a Stand Your Ground defense in the case.

“We reject her contention that the trial court erred in declining to grant her immunity from prosecution under Florida’s Stand Your Ground law,” wrote Judge James H. Daniel, “but we remand for a new trial because the jury instructions on self-defense were erroneous.”






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  16. The law is not decided based on emotions. She is guilty because she had a way out and didn’t take it. She acted not out of fear but anger. Her actions endangered the lives of two children.

  17. I keep saying it; you should had killed that sob and it would not have been a problem……Well Angela Cory her is your last f**k up for the year….

  18. She might be granted bail on Friday, but I doubt it. Her new trial will last a few days and the outcome may still be the same. Don’t get your hopes up.

  19. Ok we all know y Zimmerman got away with murder, he’s half white and his daddy was an ex judge, now we know that his daddy had some pull there, the guy has always gotten away with ****, sry but if his ass had a Spanish last name with a father that works cleaning the bathroom trust his ass will be in prison right now, so yes it is a race thing, sad but true.

  20. Stand your ground is a bunch of ******** and only white folks can use it

  21. She tried to put a baby on the guy, he wasn’t hearing that. she went to get the pistol and shot at the guy in front of children.she is a violent cheater and should get everything she deserves.

    • Johnny, you are sad! You sound like the same kind of person her husband is.


  22. That had Ben DRUNK DRUGIE HONKEY Charlie cheen mess up azz his MONEY….WOULD HAve paid off “all the Bug a bears”…

  23. Had she killed his abusive azz she would have been better off.punk azz next time sweetie shoot to kill.

  24. That idiot Win Gray! They always (you know who THEY are): go directly to this law book and uses special glasses to read the small print when it pertains to darker skinned people. I can’t even imagine that bull crap happening to Paris Hilton or any white famous person if they would have done the exact same thing as Marissa. They would have gotten a warning from the police (not judge) and let go. I can’t see how these people sleep at night, and sit up in church on Sunday with their bible. Who are these people trying to fool?
    Now they want to use people’s tax dollar for another damn trial…so the judge and others can generate more money. This woman should be released without the side show. These damn United Snakes of America.


    • Win Grey is a stupid Azz-Hole, nothing more to say about that*******!! Lots of luck Marissa, you shouldn’t been there in the first place!

  25. Why can’t she get stand your ground whn you have a man beating her.Well hell she should have shot him thn but no you let a murder go free after being told to stand still don’t follow Trayvon Martin and he ended up dead because of some trigger happy packing community watch.God is not sleep he sees all.

  26. Justice Amerikkkan style,justice in a black robe u know that’s why they wear black cause’truth came outta Blackness and gets denied by paleness “wrote a song about it”!

  27. Bravo and there is a GOD and they need to make a movie with her life and Travon to and show African Americans that the Constitution was not design for any other race but one, like the saying goes bout the golden rule the one who has the gold makes the rules, and Moses had dark skin and the 10 laws from the Creator was place into the hands of a BLACK MAN, read yr history ladies and gentleman,


  28. This is the most egregious case of injustice I have seen in a long time. I will not go to Florida unless it is to support Marissa Alexander. She is a brave courageous Black woman. She has put up with so much! We all need to support her and let Angela
    Corey-the prosecutor-know what we think! Let’s stand our ground & stand ground for Marissa! Her young children are being raised without their mother – USA/a third world country to allow this.

  29. So what are you saying??? She gets a new trial, and no bail? This is a double standard. Why are they remanding her, yet granting her a new trial. That is junk! If she were white, bail would’ve been set! The state of Florida is sadly sad! Awful, just awful :(

  30. Oh so only certain races can use stand your ground SMDH!