Rev. Run’s Daughter Vanessa Simmons Pregnant With Baby Girl

Rev. Run is about to get a grandbaby to spoil because his daughter Vanessa Simmons recently revealed that she and boyfriend Mike vanessa_simmonsWayans are expecting a baby girl.

The proud parents took to Instagram to share pics of their little baby.

“A little princess is on the way”, said Vanessa Simmons, who is currently five months pregnant. Her little bundle of joy is reportedly due on February 13.

“Our families are super excited,” said Simmons, whose father is Rev. Run of Run D.M.C. “Our baby is coming into two big families with lots of love and lots of joy. This is my family’s first grandchild, so everybody can’t wait for her arrival,” said Rev. Run, whose real name is Joseph Simmons.

Mike Wayans is the son of actor and funny man Damon Wayans.

Vanessa’s sister, Angela Simmons, commented on the Instagram pic about how excited she is to be an aunty.

Vanessa Simmons is an aspiring actress who had a role on Guiding Light as well and also works with her sister on the “Pastry” shoe brand.

In an interview for Rolling Out magazine, Angela Simmons said she and her sister learned about business from uncle Russell Simmons and their dad:

They lead by example. We sit back and watch what they do. Overall, they teach us how to make smart business decisions. I’m only 23 and I’m still learning. It’s impossible to know everything there is within the next couple of years. I just watch them. My uncle is such a stern businessman and I want to be just like that.

Vanessa added that, “Growing up around them, you take notes. We’re really still learning. The company started with four shoes and now it’s a $70 million company. If there is a big decision, I call my dad or uncle for advice.”


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  1. Why must people talk bout this young successful couple having a baby? They can support theirs, what bout all these young girls on welfare having kids us tax payers are supporting! Come on…who cares it’s out of wedlock….mind yo own dang business and find something productive with your life vs. badgering others lives….at least this young couple taking care of business n I bet the states not paying a single penny…how bout those apples….ppl get a life n stay out of folks buiz


  3. The fact remains, the child is going to be born out of wedlock. One can offer all the excuses, reasons, etc. to justify his/her actions. Your actions will be judged by God. Whatever your future decisions regarding your relationship, I hope that you rear your child to develop a strong set of morals and to be of good character. Best wishes to you and yours.

  4. This is precisely the problem with the black community and why so many of us have abandoned our religious convictions (for those who had any to begin with) and are actually admonishing those who point out the fact that another black child is going to be born outside of God’s sanctity of marriage.

    I have said this over and over again: we are our own worst enemies and full of excuses for all kinds of deleterious behaviors that are destroying our families, our children and ultimately our communities!!!

    Of course, every child is precious and is a blessing from God but that does not mean that he wants them all to be born out of wedlock. And, it is incontrovertible that some of them turn out great but many more do not and there is a huge cost to all of us when they do not!!!

    Conversely, being born in an “intact family” is not a guarantee that children will be successful, but statistics and research show that children who come from stable and healthy two parent families tend to do better overall.

    It is very important for black folks to take a long, hard look in the mirror because we have morphed into something that is morally reprehensible and that is the reason why we follow politicians like Obama, who via his direct policies and actions, has single handedly done more to dismantle traditional families and values in this country in less than five years than any in recent history.

    I say this because he has sponsored and promoted policies that are anti-Christian, anti-traditional marriage and family and is pro-homosexual, bisexual and gender identity, pro-abortion on steroids and pro-secularism and, if he could get away with it, would remove religion and its symbols from the public square!!

    He is the “Messiah of the TO NOT JUDGE ***************” where he and those who advocate liberalism and socialism get to “JUDGE” and have postulated that those of us who are traditionalist or conservative are the extreme ones and where progressivism with “individual freedom” at its very core will solve all of the problems of the western world!!! But, those who dissent must “muzzle” themselves and learn to “NOT JUDGE” THEM because that is against their “***************” agenda.

    Yeah, let’s do what some of the commenters on this site tell us to do and “NOT JUDGE” and mind our own business. If we follow that logic, can we use it across the board and just allow any and every pathology to invade and destroy our culture or what if we flip the script and decide to be even more selfish in our benevolence and not help people when they need it because we have decided to let them be what and who they want to be and live how they want to live?

    Then where would that leave the collective culture? More than likely with even more perfidy and anarchy to permeate and we would be lucky if we could even venture out of our homes without some vainglorious “cultural parasite” now left to his/her own devices to do whatever they want with no cultural or legal sanctions to inhibit them and carte blanche to impede our ability to live our lives civilly and peacefully!!!

    Oops…. I forgot. We already have that aforementioned scenario playing out daily in many cities and environments across this country. Maybe, that’s the reason why I cannot enjoy peace in my own home because some reprobate wants to “keep it real” and party outside almost every weekend into the early hours of the morning and increasingly, at night, during the week with loud music, profanity and the like in a so-called good “middle class” neighborhood.

    Or, maybe that is why we get “butt peep shows” while we are dining at a family restaurant (I have even observed a few drawers showing in church recently!!!:) or have to suffer through loud tirades of profane garbage just “out and about” because WE CANNOT ONLY “NOT JUDGE”, BUT WE’D BETTER KEEP OUR MOUTHS SHUT TO AVOID A BEAT DOWN OR WORSE!!!!

    Or, perhaps, that is why my hardworking husband and thousands of others like him cannot enjoy peace on our local metro train system because these “cultural parasites” have been allowed to proliferate and “live their way all day” with their profusion of loud music, profanity, trash and sex talk, arguments and near fights on a daily basis while innocent children are caught in these debacles!!

    Or, finally, that is why so many of us have decided to live our lives in the “life imitating art” mode as many of us seek to emulate the “cultural parasites” of reality television and give them a pass on their salacious and parasitic behavior just because they entertain us, have money or are the progeny of some equally rich or famous entertainer!!!

    The reason why we as a people and [as a country] are in such a moral quandary is because we have decided NOT TO JUDGE and to abdicate our responsibility to be good stewards of civility and not condone behaviors and actions that negatively impact the collective culture.

    Lost lambs lead to slaughtered sheep.

    • I totally agree and if people would take time out to read the bible and stop telling people what it says they would find out they are wrong.READ 1 COR 6;2 the saints are going to judge the world so we can jugde these trivial matters.

  5. Last I checked premarital sex was still against what is prescribed in the bible. Rev. Run, as a member of clergy, should uphold the teachings of the WORD..and therefore NOT be proud of his daughter.
    I remember back in the day when a preacher’s kid I know did this and he was brought up in front of the church and was admonished for what he did. I’m not saying that was the best way to handle it..but you can’t call yourself a Christian and CELEBRATE the birth of all these out of wedlock kids.

  6. Congratulations Vanessa Simmons & Mike Wayans on Your Good News, Your Bundle Of Joy. Rev. Run Congrats To You & Your Wife, The To Be Prod Grand Parents. Warmest Wishes Sent To All Of You Filled
    With “PEAce, LoVE & UNity”.

  7. I am grateful and prayerful for new life. However, why is this news?

  8. Congratulations to you and Mike. Babies are a Blessing. Your father must be thrilled and ready for his first transient to spoil

  9. Congrats and take care of that baby!!Congrats To grand parents love being a a grandma!!

  10. If you can’t even make a comment about a christian life style like being married if you have a child out of wedlock without being called a hypocrite why don’t we just get rid of the teaching of Jesus and be done with it. Everybody live like they want to a no one including ministers say anything about it.

    • I do so agree with you it is sad that we want it our way, As a REV.he should stand on the word and of course surround his daughter and grandbaby.
      Some are called .some are sent some just got up and went!!

    • Great point, Charles!! Then, we’ll see how long we last as the criminals, imbeciles, hedonists and garden variety anarchists who are always hollering the loudest about their rights and their freedom are allowed to run amok!!!

      I’ll bet someone will find their “God Voice” in a New York minute!!

  11. Tishalecious Parker

    Congrads a baby girl!! Now u and Mike will always have a little something to remind u guys of the love u share I call that a love bug…lol..

  12. OK another BLACK child born out of wedlock? I hope Rev Run and his WIFE will instill how important it is that a CHILD SHOULD be born into a structure FAMILY that is a Father and Mother under the same roof and married, if not, the collective problems in the black community will not change with our children killing each other in the streets.. most of the crime in the black community are committed by children who come a single parent household, mainly the parent is a Mother with different baby’s daddies..

    • Speak for you, your family and circle of friends. Vanessa is a grown woman that comes from a great family. There is NO way this child will not grow up in a healthy environment even if she doesn’t marry the father.

      • I will be criticized for my comments and don’t care. I am going to speak the truth.

        I am so sick of people falling all over themselves to congratulate the selfish behavior of celebrities. Our race has suffered greatly from the huge number of children raised in single family homes. Most of the gang bangers and incarcerated black males were raised by single mothers. The children tend to be less educated, have mental health and emotional issues, medical problems, raised in poverty and produce children out of wedlock as well which continues the vicious cycle.

        Wake up, this is NOT just their business, it is the business of every sensible person in the black community who is sick of this mess because less successful young girls emulate these women and don’t have the same support system in place and fail miserably, thereby becoming a burden on society.

        It is time we faced reality and made an effort to improve ourselves. We don’t need to celebrate anymore ignorant behavior.

        The only hypocrits are those who refuse to open their minds and not accept the truth. When you don’t stand for something worthwhile, you will fall for anything.

    • Statistics say marriage is important to everyone except African Americans and judging from the many comments saying marriage is unnecessary I guess the stats are true.

    • Popular does not make it RIGHT!!
      If we stand for something we can’t fall for anything!!!
      We as a community have turned over our values ,beliefs and culture to be involved and accepted by another culture that does not and will not embrace us.

  13. The main folks whining about them being married, fornicate and commit adultery on a regular basis…hypocrites!

    • You don’t know that.

    • Tee,

      Thank you for the opportunity to vehemently disagree with you and to proudly state that, at least in my case, I have been married and committed to my spouse for over (30) years and since I was (22) years old.

      I have never slept with another man prior to my marriage and have remained faithful after it. And, I am happy to say I believe in my husband and, so far, he has not given me any reason not to.

      Don’t fall into the mindset of “everyone is doing it” just because those in your inner circle or who you know at work or heard about from others display the negative attributes you describe.

      There are plenty of us out here but that does not make “good copy” for the licentious, liberal mainstream media and their “kindred spirits” who want to dismantle religion, traditional marriage and values in the culture.

      And, many of us sit silently with our hands in our laps out of fear of being demonized or seen as sanctimonious because we live by our convictions which are actually more conducive to a more sane, healthy and stable culture than those who sleep around with every Tom, ****, Harry, Jane, Betty and Tamika and sometimes with all of them at the same time.

      Have a great day!

  14. Its nobodys buisness if they are married,as long they take care of the baby

  15. Here we go criticizing,married or not that’s their business and life. Congratulations guys.

  16. nettalovinmeechie

    Proud for u go girl!!!

  17. I have watched you young ladies grow up to be mature and business women at a young age. I know that your father is proud of you, and babies are gift from “GOD”…keep yourself in his name you and the little princess will be alright. Love You…Ms. B. from Nashville