Mitt Romney’s Family Adopts a Black Baby, Kieran James Romney


Reported By: Britt L

Ironic…or nah?

On Friday, former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney revealed via internet that his second youngest son Ben and his wife Andelynne have adopted a child, making the kid his 22nd grandchild.

“Our 22nd grandchild was officially adopted today: Kieran James Romney,” tweeted Romney. The photo features Adelynne Romney cradling the new bouncing baby boy and daughter, alongside what looks to be the family dog. To the public’s surprise, little Kieran James Romney is black.

Oddly enough, Kieran’s name means “little dark one” in Gaelic. Although Kieran is a common name in Ireland, it means specifically “black” or “dark”.

“Kieran” usually signifies a link to King of Ulster or Fergus, a mythological Irish figure.

Nonetheless what the babies name may translate, Ben and Adelynne have maximized the Romney family with another kid.

Hopefully, Mitt remembers to count little Kieran next time he tweets about his additional 21 grandchildren.

In July, he tweeted “Our Josh and Jen also had a new baby boy yesterday. I feel royally blessed. #22.”

Last May, Mitt’s eldest son out of his five, Tagg and his wife Jen has twin sons with a surrogate mother.

Surrogacy is frowned upon but not forbidden in the Mormon religion, a practice Romney and his family is known for.

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  9. These adoptions are like having the opposing coach train your team.The child becomes alienated and unsympathetic to its origins and people. The dominant culture is more entrenched,and the subordinate one more diminished.

  10. wanting to isolate the black world is self defeating and
    self depreciating. I cannot believe that many of you
    are stating that you are different than others, these
    comments normally get people all fired up. separatism
    and a sick psychology will never work for us. STOP the hate

  11. I value the endeavours you people put in to share blogs on this sort of kind of matters, it was without a doubt useful. Hold Publishing!

  12. Are all Blacks “1” – are all Whites “1” – are all Bi-racials
    people “1”?. Give yourselves a break and stop all the
    generalizations – it so dumb/ignorant!

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  14. And the significance of explaining the meaning of his name is????? I’m confused. What is the point???

    The Ronmeys still don’t get it. Having a black child in your family won’t get you to the White House. STOP ALREADY!!!

  15. He must intend to run for president again, and this is his ONLY way of geting the black vote.

  16. LOL. Free entertainment….

  17. For all you uneducated, uninformed, people you need to wake up and think. here is a picture website that explains what is going on in our community with it’s surplus of uneducated masses:

    check it out. if you don’t see a parallel between our community and this allegory, you are mentally handicapped beyond repair who should be sterilized and put in leggings to attend to the whites, who hate you, whims. don’t stay cowards, wake up.

  18. and one more supporting what some of them do:***h/

    the censored word is “d-e-a-t-h”

  19. the two words missing are b-e-a-t (take out the spaces) and d-e-a-t-h (take out the spaces) for those not in the know.


  21. To Leroy. Who says black people don’t take of of blacks.
    What a stupid thing to say when there are whites who don’t take care of whites — (i.e. poor white women who are on welfare and have babies by different fathers). Oh yes,they exist. You say President Obama supports putting blacks on welfare? What about the fundamentalists Mormans men with many wives and encourage them to get on welfare. We subsidize ize these lazy *******s who lay up have childfren, and dominate the stupid cows they are married to.

  22. 522937 120611Surely,Chilly spot! We stumbled on the cover and I

  23. I am certain that this “little dark one” will have a much better life with the Romneys than with the birth parents. Let it be.

    • No one here cares about what motivates Whites to all of a sudden want to adopt kids of Color, personally I think it’s about Guilt and the fact that it is self serving, I for one am not impressed in the least it doesn’t change the fact that her Father is a Racist M/F….

  24. I wonder how much they paid for the baby?

  25. I am going to risk the backlash from all. these comments
    are full of hate toward people that want to help. you
    may not like what they do, but then get involved to
    reintroduce inequality and bigggitry cause that is what you
    are talking. we keep failing our own childern then
    complain cause we think they will fail them. this trash
    will keep us all back. if you think we are going to
    create our own successful black world talking like a bunch of
    of uneducated sour people–then keep dreamin cause that
    is all you got is a fantasy dream. Please please people
    if we want equality then we practice equality.

  26. I am TOTALLY against this continued “adopt a slave child” by white people. ALWAYS…and I mean ALWAYS, this black child is raised in a completely white community. His black race permanently divides him from his other siblings, as well as all his acquaintances. When he grows up, it’s just another black in the white community …that white people MUST provide for.

    Granted, white people are much better parents to a child than the single black female (usually there ain’t no daddy). Still, black BELONG among their own breed! They are a different race (than white ), and most importantly, they have a different temperament. Blacks belong among blacks. >>PERIOD<<

    • Big Mo, so you like racism. that is what you preach. you
      do not want white peoples money? you do not want white
      people to support black business? you do not want white
      people to support the black cause? Big Mo you would not
      know equality if it smacked you upside the head!

    • Bog Mo, I could not have said it better. no matter what is said we are different with our temperament, some of them can be evil patronizing people, some of us too, but our culture is different, the way we think, the way we act. why would any black on this site believe that the Romney’s will love this child, “as they named him “the dark one”. this child is one of the 49% that wants things. Romney nor his sons will love this child as a human because he said so during his presidential campaign and his religion states that black people are the cursed race. how could he change his belief, think back when he was running against Obama, he felt Obama was an animal that did not deserve to be in the white house. that child will be around white people and damage will be done to him. sorry for the kid.

    • XXXcuse me Big ***, Mo, Larry, and Curly whatever u call yourself. WTF are u talking about whites are better at raising children than Blacks, and the fathers are usually not around
      in alot of cases the sperm donor being abscent is true but that’s in every race dumb @ss .

      Who do u think raised all these Fortune 500 CEO’s when they were younger ?Black women raised this nation if u wanna keep shyit hella real.

      Those stepford wives aka “wanna be trophy wives” had
      African American WOMEN doing low wage domestic work and raise their kids.

      I don’t know what race u are and frankly I gives a fuchk
      but White ppl or u UnK.K.Kle Toms and Tomisina’s 4get 4 some reason that in any race u have bad fathers and mothers in the white community being on meth,not raising their kids correctly.

      U see it all the time in grocery stores 4 xxxample the White child no more than 6 yrs old controlling the mother and telling her “F_ck u mom”!!! I do what I want!!! etc. I do not think 1 race is better than the other raising(just different ways of raising that child) a child it is how u as the individual was raised and instillingmorals and values that make a well developed child.

      Oh just FYI I do see more White kids on my milk carton and Nancy Grace coming up missing, something 2 think about Big Mo Larry and Curly. Oh as 4 the African American child being adopted by the Romney’s I am happy the child was taken in by ppl who I hope actually care 4 him not some crazy notion that says look look We are not racist we love u monkeys Oops We meant love u ppl….yea that’s what I meant.

      White ppl have this trend starting again like they are trying 2 be tolerent of African Americans be it faking it by Adopting a child or do the Miley Sphyillis, Citrus, or however u spell her name. Being around African Americans 4 infomation 2 pass along 2 their culture so they can look accepted on OUR Community. Please tell her Ihop pancake flat ass 2 stop twerking it’s not working!!

      Ppl like her or Romney, Madonna or Sandra Bullock or Angelina Jolie,Tom Cruise can always and will always keep their adopted “little experiment” shut off from the African American Community and that is what will happen as they are lost in the sauce.

      If a African American cpl were to adopt a White child that child would still know who Elvis is over Malcolm X or Martin Luther King Jr. becuz of the way it is in AmeriKKKa … the way please,please,please comb these childrens heads White ppl when u adopt or raise African American children u cannot use Alberto 405 2 wash and condition their hair just FYI.

      • these comments dont reflect all of back americans. u r hopelessly paranoid and bitter. these insane thoughts
        and attitudes will hold us back forever. u want to stay
        in your little gutter world and try to change the world
        around you. you are insane. I pray you find the true
        direction without your hate and *****ry. you r the new
        ***, or whatever but no better.

  27. Why? His religion teaches a WORLD WIDE LIE- BLACK SIN IS CURSED- what is going to happen when that little sister is an adult and she find out about the lie. Look up the truth – the OLDEST OF MAN AND WOMAN WERE FOUND IN AFRICA. Everyone one came from Africa.

  28. When people on earth develop and learn the concept of God’s kingdom. This world will become a better place.

  29. Paul
    Your mind is effed up!
    Seek help : (

    • @ Ambiance86

      So is your spelling

      but since you didn’t explain your comment (that speaks volumes) I won’t take it seriously

  30. somebody help me understand,why ,is it ok for obama to be
    rasied by whit people and threr is not a problem areb a
    word of complain, but all other children are doomed.
    seem to me if I like you there is no wrong you can do
    however, if I don`t like you it does not matter how much
    right you do I still don`t like you.

    • @ holly wood

      you just answered your own question.

      Is President Obama “for” black people? Or does he cater more to white people? Obama doesn’t even talk to black people and refuses to address black issues

      but I won’t make this an Obama-bashing moment because he is simply doing the job the whites in power selected him to do — and that much should be evident to all black people

      Of course I didn’t vote for either the Democrats or Republicans in the last two elections because both parties are the SAME

      and that can be seen by the legislation that Bush created during his term that the Obama administration continued on. Nothing has changed other than the nature of the dog and pony show, the good cop/bad cop play acting

      when at the end of the day regardless of who is in office, Democrat or Republican, the rich are getting richer and everyone else is getting poorer

      and no one should know that better than black people.

      • It’s an Irish name & had they not shared it’s origin no one would be the wiser. My neighbor
        adopted a child whose nick name has become Mocha Baby & it has all the love a child could ever want & it shows. The whole neighborhood loves & accepts this child & this child displays great self-esteem & appears capable of returning the affection he receives.
        This is such a cruel world that even reverse racism seems unavoidable.
        What the world needs now is love the sweetest love. Pure love doesn’t search for hidden motives based on somebody else’s prior experience.
        We need to expand our horizons & learn that based on how short life is we all need each other.

        • “it has all the love a child could ever want & it shows”…….Just 1 thing Tom U refered 2 this child as “It”
          check it 4 yourself. I included your own quote. We as a ppl human race get so caught up in race it’s sad. If u let kids play at a playground or whatever all u see if kids playing
          not black, white, asian, native american etc. but older people and grown ups cloud their mind with racist jargon which is continued from 1 generation 2 another.

          I am happy this young man is accepted in your community but I hope as he gets older a K.K.Kop does not see him as a gang member or drug dealer like most K.K.Kops look at EVERY African American male or as this young man walks home in the rain with a hoodie on carrying an ice-tea and skittles gets into an altercation with a wanna be K.K.Kop.

  31. thank god 4 the romney`s one less black child on the
    adoption list. the real problem is that most black people
    are waiting for white people to pull them up ,instead of
    learning how to live on what they have and how to invest
    get a plan man

  32. I hope this will be an eye opener for the Romney’s, if this is truly a genuine from the heart adoption, to be able to see what black parents, have to endure with all of the obstacle that exist for being black in the United States of America!!

    One Love!!

  33. Thank you dsmuffin.

  34. This is an open forum, if the cap fits then simply wear it. We have gotten to 2013, time to stop playing the race card. The children are watching, listening and learning from us. Let us teach them the right way to do things and live, and in doing so we will be cultivating a strong future generation. We arev responsible for paving the way for them, so that they will not make the mistakes that we have, in hating,killing distroying. If we (all races) have to live on this planet together, then we need to “LOVE” one another, regardless of race or colour, as we also, like to be loved, and regardles of how the other person may feel about us. We are a blessed people living in a WONDERFUL WORLD. Let us not corrupt it any more, but enjoy our blessings, live and let live.

  35. I’ve seen quite a few passionate viewpoints on this thread. Just to play devil’s advocate: Isn’t the debate regarding whites adopting black children just a little moot until black families start adopting black children? If we as black folks aren’t adopting and raising our own, then how do we complain about others doing so? Just a thought…

    • @ dsmuffin

      Black people ARE adopting black children. Several people in my family and social circle have adopted. However, the “system” makes adopting black children MORE difficult for blacks than for whites–which should be no surprise, as everything is made more difficult for black people.

      It is exceedingly easy for whites to adopt black children and exceedingly difficult to impossible for blacks to adopt white children.

      We should not be asking why blacks (like me) are so opposed to whites taking our children, we should be asking instead “why” is it so easy for whites to take our children? Like the SINGLE white male homosexual who adopted two black boys under the age of five and was raping them and posting the videos of the rape on the internet?

      or the white couple who adopted an Ethiopian girl and were just convicted last month of murdering her after they beat, starved and tortured her before killing her

      Whites taking the children of non-whites has been happening for centuries, here and abroad. Google
      “Stolen Generations” and you will see many similarities between blacks in america and the non-white aboriginal people in Australia

      and how whites first economically and educationally oppressed the aboriginal people THEN declared them “unfit parents” and took their children.

      Read the horror stories of those children who are not adults and their horrific mistreatment at the hands of their white adopted parents

      How soon we forget — even while our own current history is staring us right in our faces

      The willful amnesia of so many blacks in america as to the constant reminders of what white people really think about us YET want our children is very troubling —

      but as one wise person once said:

      “It is hard to wake someone who is pretending to be asleep.”

  36. @ Renee

    I thought your first comment was addressed to me, I apologize if I was in error.

    You’re right, this system has created an environment that makes it difficult for black people to raise our children correctly by using employment discrimination and unjust incarceration and a deliberately created inferior educational system

    and after creating those conditions the white system sits back in judgment and declares black parents “unfit.”

    The same thing was done in Australia when Europeans invaded that country and destroyed the Aboriginal people. Then, after doing so, they declared the Aboriginal parents unfit and started STEALING their children from them.

    Years later, the Aboriginal children — now adults — spoke about the horrors of their childhood with their white parents and guardians and how they were sexually abused, beaten, and treated as inferiors.

    If you want to read about this, Google, “Stolen Generations” and you will see the dangers in allowing whites to take our children from us.

    I also agree, this is a very sick society because the foundation of this society is r*cism and mistreating people based on the color of their skin.

    This black baby boy is in extreme psychological danger by growing up in that household where I doubt any other blacks would ever be welcome, and it is disturbing that so many blacks can’t see it.

    A sad, sad, sad situation!

  37. I guess that this calls for a thank you to these hypocrits who became rich from the blood of slaves.Unlocking you with the same key that they used to lock you up.

  38. The Romney’s are going to manufacture a republican Obama, seeing that the democrats were so successful.

  39. We need as a people to stop farming out our kids like pets,when others adopt our kids they lose their identities.Many blacks can afford to but don’t.Don’t know if I’m happy for this baby or sad.Love has no color, but knowing how the Romney’s see people of color, this is frightening

  40. Politicians and their pranks, you must always question the good nature of europeans because they have such a bad track record. Poor baby.

  41. the word that was blocked was T r A U m A, j@ckA$$.

  42. What j*cka$$ blocks out words like trauma and d@mN? This site treats people like fools and children. I hate it and you.


    • @ YES!!!!

      Unfortunately, we are a people who were enslaved for over 400 years and that experienced broke the normal bonds that exist between an intact people. The abnormal becomes normal and the blase and sometimes enthusiastic (little bro getting paid!) comments are proof of a people who are so psychologically dependent and attached to their oppression that they do not even RECOGNIZE when they are being attacked.

      Whites are running to adopt black children even while still practicing r*cism on black people and we are still naive enough to believe that whites must be doing this out of “love” but we really have no idea why they are doing it, and sadly, really don’t care

      All we know is this is one more black child that we don’t have to be responsible for. This mentality comes out our slave experience where we lost total control over our lives and the lives of our children and so learned to NUMB ourselves emotionally to their pain to keep from going insane ourselves.

      You can see this attitude in many black adults when it comes to our collective mistreatment under the system of white s*upremacy, how our children are being expelled and mistreated in the schools, how our black schools are closing, how we’re being pushed out of desirable inner city neighborhoods, fired from jobs, not hired for new jobs and how police and random citizens are able to murder us in the streets — and many times, black people will blame other black people for what white people are doing to them.

      That is when a people have become so internalized with self-hatred and anti-blackness that they are self-genocidal – because they have become convinced that their own lives are worthless and so why worry about other black people?

      Yes, a lot of people reading this will deny what I am saying but I say look at the evidence. Look at our response to the mistreatment of other black people. Look at our response to the suffering of our children.

      And most of all, look at our apathetic response to a known r*cist (Romney) taking one of our black baby boys into a home were this baby will surely be mistreated and turned against himself and other black people,

      and possibly develop a split personality while he tries to navigate a white world (and possibly a white home) where black is despised while being raised and not necessarily loved by his white captors to dislike other black people.

      How many times have all of us met black people like this? Black people who despised other black people? Come on now, we are surely being naive as to what kind of upbringing this black boy will have in the home of a known white r*cist.

      But again, this is all due to the slave mindset of the black population that is totally submissive to the whims and the will of their oppressors.

      You’re right, it’s a mess and even worse some of don’t even see it or care.

  44. Whether they meant it for good or for experiments, time will tell. And the boyman will stand up for his rights then. For now we should thank God and thank the family for giving the boy a home, hope and future.
    It takes a good courage to go thru the adorption processes. Whether blk or whte, there’s a process to go. This is not a kidnap (or blackboynap) case. I don’t think is right to insinuate racism here.
    How about blk mothers that born babies to sell them to the whtes to make money? What would you call that? Hardworking? Lets play it safe with this race a thing.

    • @ Frankeze

      No sane person needs “time” to tell if it is good for a known r*cist and his family to adopt a black boy.

      Also, you have no idea how they took that baby. There are many cases where non-white children have been taken by whites and that decision was upheld by the white courts.

      For example, the black boy stolen by Madonna, who according to his African parents was taken under false pretenses and adopted without their consent.

      Or the more recent case in Oklahoma where a Native American baby (or child) was adopted by whites and when the real parent protested, that decision was upheld by the white courts

      The law favors the theft of non-white children by whites even when those adoptive parents are unsuited, like the SINGLE white male homosexual who adopted two black boys under the age of five and raped both of them and put the videos on the internet inviting other homosexuals to have some fun, and even he said it was a piece of cake for a white person to adopt black children.

      The simple fact that whites would never allow black people of any income level to have easy access to their white children via the adoption mill speaks volumes to any sane black person reading this.

      we better wake up and recognize that our communities are under attack and that we are entering a new period of enslavement, which is most evident by the wholesale TAKING of our black babies by white people who may have less than honorable intentions.

      Only a people who care NOTHING for their future would applaud the taking of their future by those who have oppressed them.

      Whether they meant it for good or for experiments, time will tell. And the boyman will stand up for his rights then. For now we should thank God and thank the family for giving the boy a home, hope and future.
      It takes a good courage to go thru the adorption processes. Whether blk or whte, there’s a process to go. This is not a kidnap (or blackboynap) case. I don’t think is right to insinuate racism here.
      How about blk mothers that born babies to sell them to the whtes to make money? What would you call that? Hardworking? Lets play it safe with this race a thing.

    • @ Frankeze

      Also, you have no evidence that black mothers are selling their babies to white people. If you do please provide the source and the link.

      However, there is plenty of evidence and proof that white females are selling their children in the adoption mills and in fact, are often receiving support from prospective families while pregnant.

      This is due to the increasing infertility of whites all around the world and the inability of white males to impregnate white females and the inability of white females to become pregnant and/or carry the baby to term.

      This is one of the major reasons whites are seeking to adopt non-white children, so they can program them to work on their behalf as the white population globally shrinks.

      And we can see this happening among many “blacks” raised by whites who work AGAINST the interests of black people.

      That is the real reason behind so many “black” and nonwhite children and babies being adopted, plus it’s the latest fad among well to do whites, to “adopt a black”

      in order to enhance their social status and disguise their own r*cism.

      Wake up, people.

  45. I’m in awe.

  46. That Romney Black kid is going to be trained and conditioneto to hate Black people………

  47. Mr. John Brown and Mr. Paul H you are Right I even think about what is happening nothing has really change Suits and Uniforms.

    • @ Denise J

      Right, nothing has changed, just the surface of things. Our people are being purged from schools, colleges, jobs, Congress, elected offices, and even our neighborhoods and many of us are going to prison, often on trumped up charges and minor drug offenses, and that is evident by the high number of black males who have been released after DNA evidence proved their innocence — 20 or 25 years later!

      We are a people under attack and our babies are being taken from us and yet we applaud or remain silent because many of us have given up and care about nothing but ourselves.

      We sit in front of the TV screen and the movie screen and fix our daily fix on a false reality so we won’t have to deal with the one knocking at our doors. If we do not put some effort in discovering the root of our problems and decide we are going to work on fixing ourselves and our communities, we are going to find that false reality turning into a nightmare

      All the signs are there that black people on a whole are sliding backwards, and that is due to the system of oppression that keeps its foot on our necks.

      I don’t want to hog this blog (too late) but I would strongly suggest all check out the book, “Trojan Horse: Death of a Dark Nation” which can be found on trojanhorsepress (just add the dot com)

  48. To my brothers & sisters who say we should adopt our own, I want to say this from personal experience. My child is adopted and because it was not done through the state or an institution but through a private situation, we didn’t know the baby was going to be bi-racial until after the birth and we had already agreed to adopt. Not that that would’ve caused us to go back on our decision.

    But truthfully, the turned-up noses & disapproving looks against a precious baby came from BLACK PEOPLE, and not strangers at that!

    So there are a lot of our people who talk the talk when the shoe is on the white foot, but when the shoe is on their foot, they stumble over their hatred and can’t walk the walk!

    Here’s my point on this article:

    Would you give those looks to an innocent child, or their adopted family? Some of us need to do some soul searching to see if we’re becoming the thing we hate!

    • Please do not state that all blacks turn up their noses in your response to the adoption. That is a blanket statment and it is not true. I am Black and I disagree with your assessment.

    • @ Zee

      My experience has been just the opposite, that many blacks view bi-racial children as more attractive and more special.

      yes, some blacks (like me) have issue with blacks and whites breeding together under a system of white oppression because it makes no sense

      If r*cism didn’t exist, it wouldn’t matter but when whites are waging economic and educational and political warfare against blacks, it makes no sense to create children together

      of course the child is an innocent but there are often many innocent casualties during a war and our black children are much bigger casualties than those biracial children you speak of who will likely be treated better than dark skinned black children

      so while I do not think it is correct to make faces and turn up our noses at any black child, regardless of its origins, some of us have issue with breeding children who will more than likely be raised to feel superior and who often will be used against their darker brothers and sisters

      This dynamic occurred in South Africa during the apartheid regime where lighter skinned blacks were called “coloreds” and were used by the white minority ruling class to hold darker blacks down.

      The same dynamic existed during the Haitian Revolution where dark skinned Haitians were forced to kill their “mulatto” kin because they were assisting the whites in oppressing the darker blacks

      You can look throughout american society and see that same dynamic here, blacks with white parents who often wind up identifying white and looking down on other blacks

      It is not an illogical feeling to resist what might be a potential foot soldier in the war against ourselves, that is just common sense.

  49. The remarks of some of you black people (my people) are so sickening, makes me sometimes feel ashamed to be black. You will not adopt a child, of any colour or race, not even one from a third world country, but now the whites (who ever they are)adopt black babies and you have a problem. Black people, it’s time to stop distroying and tearing down with your foul mouths. You just stand on the side to criticize. It seems like the guilty folks are the ones stiring up, and encouraging all the hating in this country. Number one, you call your OWN SELVES “******S” in songs and everyday life, and think thats ok, but you have a BIG PROBLEM, when some other race calls you a ******. Now that is very confusing. I BELIEVE THAT IF ONE WANTS TO BE RESPECTED, ONE MUST FIRST RESPECT ONES SELF. Think about that, my beautiful and intelligent black brothers and sisters.

    • @ MEL

      There are members in my family who have adopted black children (several in fact) so do not speak about that which you do not know.

      Your blanket condemnation about total strangers is just as offensive as you find some of our remarks

      and I’m assuming you might be referring to me. Maybe not, who knows?

      I have written what I know to be true and if that “sickens” you, then that is something you have to deal with. I make no apologies for that. You can agree or disagree, that’s your choice.

      In fact, I suspect you are a white person masquerading as a black person but again, that is just my own suspicions.

      Just something about you using the word “stirring up”

      and when you said,

      “Number one, you call your OWN SELVES “******S” in songs and everyday life, and think thats ok, but you have a BIG PROBLEM, when some other race calls you a ******.

      those comments *****s my third eye

      which leads me to believe that you’re a white person or you’re a black person who refers to other black people in the third person as though you, yourself, are not black

      (and that indicates a bigger problem)

      in any case, unless you’re offering a better explanation as to why whites who are known r*cists are adopting black children then I will continue to post what I think is true.

  50. I came from a ite womb with a black father and went into the arms 54 years to a beautiful loving black woman and her husband at the time. I was adopted and glad that I was knowing who the white mother is…but this situation here – NAwwwwwwwwww….I don’t see it being for good reason but time will tell. God bless them if they did adopt from the love of their heart.

    • Kim,I totally agree with you…And I an A black woman, mother and grandmother..Having both dated and married outside my race…I tooooo would question the true motive of thus adoption!!!!…..I tell you, Some sort of morbid experiment of this wack job of money having, sickof mind individuals…..Ths APPLE DOES NOT FALL FAR FROM THE TREE……..PERSONALLY!!!!.I’m Going to pray extra for the well being of this child!!!

  51. I’m just happy the kid has gotten a home.

  52. And for you people out there who feel that naming the child “little Black one” is fine, let me ask you this.

    Would you think it would be okay for a N-A-Z-I wanted to adopt a Jewish child, after the HOLOCAUST, saying that the HOLOCAUST hadn’t occurred. Then the couple wanted to name the child “little Jewish child” would it be considered okay?

    How about a European who had just assisted in the G-E-N-O-C-I-D-E of Native Americans who has a change of hear and adopts a Native American child and call him “little red or brown one”? Would that be okay?

    The answer would be an unequivocal NO!

    I know that in both of these instances the people were killed, but the sentiment from the Mormons are the same. Blacks, in their eyes, are Devils with the “curse of Cain” by their skin color. So they have a history of this thought in their history since the inception of the religion. Yet it is then okay to call this child “little Black one”? With that history? Boy, my brothers and sisters are some soft ones.

    The other children aren’t named “little White one”, “little white two” etc. so why give this L-A-B-E-L to THIS CHILD!!! THEY ARE SETTING THIS CHILD UP FOR SUFFERING!!! If they can’t change the name officially, it shows how they are setting this child up for enslavement. His name, along with his skin, will be his mark in the community. Children will be cruel, they (mormon children) know the history of the word. If not, their racist parents will be all too happy to inform them.

    And I’ll bet you, dollars to donuts, that he will not be allowed to marry whoever he would want to within the church he would be a part of. He would be “guided” towards others with the “mark of Cain”. If he doesn’t want to follow their “guiding” he will be a pariah in the mormon community. Their own personal Demon to t-o-r-t-u-r-e for the Romney family to abuse at will. A travesty in the making!

  53. The cute little homie bro will have all his needs taken care of. Good for him.

    The only thing they should have changed in the photo is that ‘prison looking’ outfit he has on. It reminds me of the Chain-Gang outfits prisoners use to wear.

  54. I don’t care who adopted who, they did a good thing in the eyes of God. How many have you adopted?

  55. It’s better that black children starve than be adopted by white couples. This is what some of us are saying. Really? A white couple will only adopt a black child with ulterior motives. To be a slave in their house? Wow, the new slavery! I can’t believe that we can be so callous! We still have that plantation mentality in us that is keeping us from enjoying the better things in life. It’s just like when a black person does better for himself, moves out of the hood to a better neighboring, then he’s sold out. One idiot panhandling on a street corner saw me walk by in my suit with some white colleagues and blurted out “Aint’ nothing **** me of more than a black man trying to be like a white man.” I stopped, looked him in the eye, and told him, “You should live so well. I live well, I eat well, I dress well and drive well. If that makes me an Uncle Tom then so be it. At least I’m not out here on the street corner begging for quarters like you. Nonsense!” He was speechless. It’s that same mentality I see in some of these comments, that black people are supposed to suffer at all costs, and if a white man tries to help them, he’s up to something. Let’s move beyond the slave mentality and allow an innocent child to be loved by this white family.

    • sweet papa, you idiot……you are who the romney’s laugh at. the child’s name means “little dark one” and you are okay with that! those people knew what they were doing when they named that child. people like you feel a child is better off in bad situations then to grow up around his own people or in a home. the child could be raised by the romneys with all their money and still be damage if he is not treated equally as the white ones. romney has no use for the 49% and that includes that black (the dark one) baby. sweet papa stop kissing the white man.

      • Dee, you still have not answered my question. Is it okay for this black child to starve rather than be adopted by a white couple? Yes or No. It’s that simple. As for kissing the White man’s butt, if that’s the only choice I have between being homeless on the street and living a life of luxury, then I’m going to kiss it. ‘F’ your so-called ‘blackness.’ You’re no different from that panhandler on the street because you share the same mentality, “black people are supposed to be poor and should not accept any help from the white man under any circumtances”. Good for you. I hope it’s working for you. You’ll be cooking up some grits and okra while I’m ordering fillet mignon. Grow up and get beyond your narrow-minded view of what it takes to be successful in this world.

        • sweet papa, poor confused wanna be white man. I hope they treat you fairly. i’m going to close now with my ego and confident intact knowing that God gave me the same sense as he’s given that white women and I don’t have to kiss her butt to try to be like her. it’s nothing wrong with me, so why do I have to bow down to white people and worship the little things that they can give me. I, too can work for the things that I get. we are all in this world together but I refuse to live by their standards in order to be accepted by them. Can’t I live by black standards, things my black mother trained and taught me?

        • Sweet papa, i’m answering your question whether the child would be better off. I can’t say for sure but my opinion and my many my years of experience says no. Romney and his family believes that the black race is cursed, his religion states that and he said he believed that most of his life. the child would not staved if left in a home, he would eat everyday. remember the 49%, the child is that 49% that wants things from the government. look how he, his wife and children felt about Obama during the campaign. he felt the Obama did not deserve anything because they were a black family. what makes you think that child will feel any difference as he grows. image how that child will act towards his own race later in life. i’m not a mind reader or are you but I feel I am closer to the truth than you are. Romney’s got the power and the money and this little black one is being used as a tool for their next run for president.

        • SP,

          Interesting question you posed to Dee. You ask if it is better for a black child to be adopted by whites, whose religion teaches that blacks are, “demons or devils” cursed by the “mark of cain”, or stay in the foster system or an impoverished family setting?

          I think the answer is quite simple. If it isn’t I fear you may be a person of diminished capacities who shouldn’t even be attempting to discuss in this forum. Is this being written by someone else’s hand? You poor, poor child. Don’t let anyone exploit you for their own selfish means.

          If you aren’t, let me pose this question to you (and I don’t want this to go out for more than one response, please)? A white person goes to an impoverished part of the world. Let’s say some of our urban cities or rural areas.

          This White person comes into these areas ensconced in poverty and sees a child they find beautiful. A child that they choose as a family that they want to take home. They follow the child (or mom who is pushing the child home in a stroller) home and see the child is living in abject poverty with a mother who can barely take care of the child. They then approach the child’s parent and say that they want to adopt the child for the sole purpose of having the child become their in house servant.

          The child will have the best things they have ever had in their life at their disposal, yet they will be enslaved to this family’s beck-and-call service, for the rest of their life. They will not have free will, the family’s well-being is put in front of theirs, nor any rights but they will have everything they wanted at their disposal. Is it still okay?

          If it is then you are what I just defined. A being who is desired to be enslaved, along with diminished capacities. I feel sorry for you. Don’t act stupid. If you are stupid, I think you need to go play and stay out of grown ups business.

    • Sweet Papa – as Eldrige Cleaver would say were he still with us. “If you are not part of the solution, you a part of the problem.” Sweet Papa, you are definitely part of the problem. Please know that I don’t say that out of hate or meaningfulness – but rather out of truth.

      • Joan, I appreciate your non-confrontational approach to this discussion. You’re much better than your friend Dee. You will get somewhere in life. But I’m afraid that’s not the truth. The truth is that you are racist, and that, my dear, is the problem.

  56. They are adopting black children the way you adopt a pet, with no conception of what it means to raise a black child within a racist home environment where that child will likely never come into contact with black people who represent friends or family members.

    And have you noticed most of the time whites-especially single white females–are adopting black boys? And some of us think this is “cute” without asking ourselves WHY?

    Why would a racist family want a black child? Could it be that with the decreasing white population that whites are trying to raise their own black “foot soldiers” who will be programmed to promote and support ***************?

    Many times when interviewers have talked to black children who were adopted by whites they often say how unhappy and out of place they felt and how they regretted growing up not being exposed to their own culture or people.

    And think about this last thing. People who understand the importance of their children, that their children represent the FUTURE of their group, would NEVER allow another group, especially a group that has sought their destruction, to take their children.

    White people would NEVER allow black or brown or yellow or red people to adopt white children all willy-nilly because whites understand the danger of allowing non-whites to raise white children.

    Unfortunately, due to our slave trauma of having our children forcibly taken from us, many blacks who descended from slaves do not think the abduction of black babies by white people is that big a deal. It is obvious we are still operating within a slave mentality mindset and that is something we will have to begin to be honest about so we can change it.

    In the meantime, we must STOP having babies we cannot and/or will not take care of, and stop allowing our children to bring children into this racist society until they are able to take care of, love and raise their children. This madness must STOP!

    • WOW! Paul H., I hope everyone on this thread reads your post because you have stated the TRUTH honestly and succinctly. That is what the deal is in a nutshell. You are correct. Thank you.

      You pointed out our responsibility to raise our children properly and that is so very important. And we owe it to ourselves, our race, and particularly our children to be sure they are aware of the TRUTH of who we are as a people and why we must know and preserve our history.

      Sadly, it is clear that most posters here are not familiar with the Mormon religion and their long-held attitudes towards Black people.

      • @ Joan

        Unfortunately, Blacks in america have not recovered from our slave trauma and that is why we are so submissive and unconcerned about whites taking our children. It is something that slaves are used to and so we have numbed ourselves to our condition.

        In addition with all the TV and movie watching that we do, we are confused and deluded as to our true status in this society–that of PROPERTY– and unfortunately, taking our children is seen as part of their white privileges (while forbidding blacks from adopting white children).

        Like Madonna stealing the African baby boy from his parents, who later acknowledged that she did not have their permission to adopt their son, how do we know the circumstances that led to the Romneys taking this child?

        And to make matters worse, one poster said something about the baby “being paid!” as though the Romneys having money makes up for them being racist??? Are we insane or just money crazy?

        I’ve also noticed that blacks will demonize single black mothers who are raising black boys without fathers YET we will praise a single white female (like Madonna or Sandra Bullock and so many others) who adopt black boys?

        (why are so many white females fixated on adopting black boys?)

        And despite the horror stories of black adopted children being raped and murdered by their white adopted parents, like the Ethiopian girl who was tortured and murdered by her adopted white parents who were just convicted a few weeks ago

        and the homosexual white male who adopted two black boys around four and five and raped them and put the videos on the internet and invited other white homosexual males the opportunity to rape those boys

        And you would think a SANE people would start to be suspicious about all these “adoptions” in a society that is devastating black children and making it difficult for black people to live and work and raise and educate our own black children

        especially after hearing so many horror stories about black children who are “taken” by white people

        Would a sane or self-respecting people so willingly and callously hand over our most precious resource — our flesh and blood in spiritual and physical form, our future, our legacy — over to people whose character and intent is unknown but who we suspect (like the Romneys) of practicing racism

        It is time to really ask ourselves — as a people — who are we AND what kind of people do we intend to be?

        We must STOP having children that we cannot and/or will not take care of, love, raise, and nurture and stop allowing our children to have children that they cannot love, raise, and nurture

        we must STOP THE MADNESS.

        • Paul H,

          Amen. You are preaching to the choir here and I hope others are reading and opening their minds to the realities of Blackness in America 2013.

          Are we a “sane or self-respecting people” – that is the question. We must all take that into our consciousness and deal in the realities of that question. Until we do, nothing will change and will be continue to adhere to the Willie Lynch premise. (And yes, some don’t believe the Lynch letter is true – but regardless, it is truth.)It makes me so very, very sad to know that so many of us just don’t have the knowledge we need – and aren’t searching for – to pull ourselves out of this mire of ignorance.

          All of your questions have merit and we are doing our race a disservice by not addressing the issues you have brought up.

          It is worth repeating your words, “Would a sane or self-respecting people so willingly and callously hand over our most precious resource — our flesh and b***d in spiritual and physical form, our future, our legacy — over to people whose character and intent is unknown but who we suspect (like the Romneys) of practicing racism.”

          White ain’t right – Please wake up my people and reclaim our place in the realm of things.

          Thank you Paul for your insight and your truthful words. It is good to know that there are those among us to truly know the “real deal.”

  57. Never ceases to amaze me that somebody does something good for humanity (adopt a possibly homeless child)and everybody is up in arms about it. Would you rather this child was out on theee streets without food to eat? Would you have adopted this child if he hadn’t? We want to be equal but remain seperate. There’s no such thing. Unfortunately, even people who have nothing substantial to say also want to have their say. Doesn’t matter whether there was a political reason for adopting this baby or not, or what name they gave it, at least it will have a better chance of having a good future than many. More props to the Romneys for ignoring what the ignorant section of our society is going to say about it and adopting a black child.

    • Then I assume, if the vast majority of whites would object to a black person adopting a white baby then you would also call them ignorant?

      The amazing thing is when Romney was running against Obama, so many blacks said he was a “racist” but now that his family has adopted a black baby boy at a time when black males are being psychologically and socially and economically slaughtered,

      now, that a “good thing” or “how nice” this is…

      what a short memory we have as a people and a strange way of caring (or not) for our own children.

      We were more concerned with how Romney was treating a GROWN black male (Obama) but not the least concerned about the welfare of a black baby boy who will grow in a white racist household.

      And for those who don’t “get it” try to imagine the reaction of white people upon hearing that Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson or Minister Farakkhan adopting a white baby

      and imagine it is all you’ll be able to do because white people would be up in arms and it would never happen.

      • so Paul, you have picked 3 of the absolute worst examples
        black men to adopt a white baby. seriously now, do you
        think those 3 dudes represent black men? they already
        have their own illigitmate children that they neglect.
        We do such a poor poor job in taking care of our
        own children, why would we even want to adopt a white
        baby? furthermore, you show me the decent black
        man that wants to do so, and you will have no protest.

        • @ dawn of morning

          Yes, I picked those examples because those are the ones we heard about. What about the ones we haven’t heard about?

          I have read many stories by black young people who were adopted by whites and they UNDERSTANDABLY talked about the alienation they felt being the only black person in their home and how they were seldom exposed to other black people in any meaningful way.

          Now, imagine a black boy or girl in a racist society having little to no contact with other black people BUT having to learn to navigate a racist society?

          Yes, I know it’s “cute” and I know how much many blacks seek ANY contact or validation from whites but a self-respecting people VALUES THEIR CHILDREN and will never be in favor of the same people who are mistreating them to raise their children. That is a recipe for self-********.

          And again, the most amazing thing to me is how many black people thought Romney was the closest thing to the devil when he was running against Obama but now that his family has adopted a black baby boy, he is suddenly a good guy?

          This is simple minded and naive thinking at its worst.

        • Speak for yourself, I am a DARN GOOD MOTHER and I could be a mother to a child like this too! You are part of the problem with your stereotyping and SELF HATE connected to LOW SELF ESTEEM!

          • @ Renee

            Since my comment was not directed at you personally, save the outrage. I do not know you so I have no idea if you are a good mother (does anyone ever admit to being a bad one?) or not.

            What I do know is if black people were not oppressed educationally and economically and psychologically, we would be able to raise and take care of our own children.

            Another thing I am pretty certain of is whites would be in an uproar if rich black celebrities and politicians were taking white babies away from their poor white mothers and fathers to raise them in all black households.

            Nuff said.

            • PAUL H,


            • I don’t disagree with what you stated previously I just stated that the system from what I see thinks that black people are not capable of raising their own children! Therefore I stated that I myself will not be a part of that MADNESS! It is very unfortunate to have a white family raising a black child because what are they going to teach him about racism? Absolutely NOTHING because the Romneys are one step away from burning crosses in Obama yard! LOL! They just want to use this little boy for selfish gain and treat him like a house slave! Look how many white people were saying Trayvon was a thug! So when this child starts RESEMBLING A TRUE BLACK MAN, are the Romneys going to say the same about him? This is just a TWISTED TRASHY WORLD WE LIVE IN!

              • @ Renee

                I thought your first comment was addressed to me, I apologize if I was in error.

                You’re right, this system has created an environment that makes it difficult for black people to raise our children correctly by using employment discrimination and unjust incarceration and a deliberately created inferior educational system

                and after creating those conditions the white system sits back in judgment and declares black parents “unfit.”

                The same thing was done in Australia when Europeans invaded that country and destroyed the Aboriginal people. Then, after doing so, they declared the Aboriginal parents unfit and started STEALING their children from them.

                Years later, the Aboriginal children — now adults — spoke about the horrors of their childhood with their white parents and guardians and how they were sexually abused, beaten, and treated as inferiors.

                If you want to read about this, Google, “Stolen Generations” and you will see the dangers in allowing whites to take our children from us.

                I also agree, this is a very sick society because the foundation of this society is r*cism and mistreating people based on the color of their skin.

                This black baby boy is in extreme psychological danger by growing up in that household where I doubt any other blacks would ever be welcome, and it is disturbing that so many blacks can’t see it.

                A sad, sad, sad situation!

      • Preach, brother PREACH!

      • PAUL,

        Razor sharp responses that cut to the point and remind the ignorant of their statements less than a year ago! D-a-m-m, how quickly they forget. to be honest, I think that the ones who support what is going on probably didn’t vote in the last election, so they really didn’t know.



      • You are so right, these people do have a lapse of memory! This baby will be treated like they treated Obama as he gets older! Believe me , there is still a lot of households like Paula Deen’s where she thinks it is ok to say the N word!

  58. how can we desire equality, when we cant see it. equality
    is a two way street. It is shameful that so many of these
    comments are nothing more than bitter subjective gossip. I am
    starting to believe it is us that have more *****ry than
    white folks. People our family structure is in a bad
    way, and we can’t keep blaming other people for our
    breakdown. in the meantime be happy for the new parents
    and the fact that this child will be provided for.

    • Jack, Sadly, you are the one who does not see. Gossip is one thing – and yes there is some in the comments on this thread. But truth is totally different and you would do well to search it out so you can understand the reality of this situation.

      • I understand and see it quite well. perhaps, I am
        not understanding your position. Are you saying that
        black babies can only be adopted by black parents, and
        anything else should not be legal?

  59. Fedupwithentitlement

    I find it hilarious that all of you would make this about race…I have seen “Mormon” “gentiles” and “*****” in comments – you can’t preach equality if you don’t see it. If as a country we continue to make assumptions and criticize based on nothing more than differences we will never move forward. Not one person reading this article knows anything – every bit of information in the article and subsequent criticism comes from OPINIONS of a photo and/or action and nothing more. No one on this earth is entitled to anything and as George Carlin best put it “If you’re born in the world your guilty. Period, f**k you end of report next case.”

    • Fedup…
      Not assumptions.
      Clearly, you are the one posting here who doesn’t know anything – “every bit of information in the article and subsequent criticism comes from OPINIONS of a photo and/or action and nothing more.” WRONG!!! You might want to do some research before you post nonsense. You are the assumer in this case. Your comment is not based on any FACTS or TRUTHS.

      • @ Joan

        It is a hard sell to make to people who are eager to praise whites. Black people are so used to submitting and turning over our culture, our music, our dance, our bodies — and now, our children — to white people that we don’t think much about it

        We are a people who have been robbed of our PRIDE and self-respect through the process of 400 years of chattel slavery where it was normal for whites to control every aspect of our lives AND to take our children and do with them whatever they wanted

        Apparently, nothing much has changed in the mindsets of black people and I suspect it’s gotten worse because black people will defend the actions of white people without even knowing the motives of people like Romney (who not so long ago was seen as a racist) because many of us love and worship white people as we were taught to do on the plantation

        The modern day plantation hasn’t changed much, just the surface appearance, and as the civil rights clock spins backwards and more and more black people fall into poverty and witness our schools closing and our black elected officials going to jail while white politicians go scot-free

        we are witnessing another travesty–the wholesale sale and abduction of our black children– our future — and the responses range from ‘oh, I hope it turns out good’ OR ‘i like that name’ OR ‘people like Paul have no case.’

        and what you’re hearing is a people who have not only lost their self-respect and love for their children and each other

        but have clearly and completely lost their way

        • Paul, it is terrifying how true what you say is existing on this website.

          They will learn when they have no choice except what whites leave them. Just like we were when our ancestors were enslaved. Instead of trying to cast off the vestiges of enslavement, they wrap it tighter around themselves like a moth-ridden coat. TRULY SCARY!

          • @ john brown

            Brother, reality to a people who have been raised on lies, is terrifying but we muster the courage to deal with truth because it is all around us, from black people being moved out of inner cities, losing jobs, schools closing, new prisons being erected, black males being pushed into homosexuality, black females being programmed to feel undesirable, black people shunning and disliking each other in favor of sleeping and marrying and breeding with the same people who are oppressing us, all of this is the sign of a people who do not know their history or their past and therefore cannot interpret the present.

            Add to that all the revisionist movies that show blacks as domestic servants and slaves and you will see a picture emerging of where they are taking us back to

            and yet have convinced us that this is just entertainment and a slice of black history. Have we not learned that we cannot trust whites with our images?

            Did our slave past and the never ending mistreatment and mis-education and closing black schools not teach us not to trust whites with te welfare of our children?

            What will it take for us to learn, to understand what is right in front of our noses? Or it is that we don’t want to understand because knowing the problem means you must DO something about it?

            Times are changing fast for blacks in america and not in a good way. I am not being negative, I just refuse to be blind, deaf and dumb.

            The recent surge in whites adopting black children is an ominous sign that they are reclaiming their property as they did during slave times. I know some will think what I’m saying is ridiculous but I suspect in the coming years they will understand exactly what it means.

            Paul, it is terrifying how true what you say is existing on this website.

            They will learn when they have no choice except what whites leave them. Just like we were when our ancestors were enslaved. Instead of trying to cast off the vestiges of enslavement, they wrap it tighter around themselves like a moth-ridden coat. TRULY SCARY!

            • PAUL H,

              Every word you say rings true! Thank you for passing out knowledge like the diamonds so many of our uneducated covet. Truly, thank you.

              • @ john brown

                I also appreciate your efforts. I suspect the whites posting on this thread clearly understand what I’m saying and that many blacks do not see the real game plan of what they’re doing. But they know and they approve because they know it weakens our ability to unify and oppose our oppression.

                It must be comforting to our enemies to know that the same people they have beat down and robbed and stolen from and murdered are rejoicing as they take their children (our most precious resource) to treat or mistreat as they choose and we give them our blessings despite knowing how most whites really feel about us.

                What more can be said?

              • don’t forget to check out the site


                • paul h,

                  checked out the site. it great and thought provoking. thanks for connecting me to it. i think i am giving up on this one for a while. too many distractions, not enough solutions.

        • The truth of your comment makes me so very, very sad exactly because it is so true. We have indeed lost our way when we don’t even realize the games that are continually being played on us and so many of us are eager to participate in them. How shall we ever be the great people that we truly are when so many us don’t even have a clue?

          • @ Joan

            Unfortunately, I suspect the majority of us will not get us and out of that majority, most will not want it

            For many of us, our reality is based on the TV tube, showing blacks and whites together in a false way that does not mirror our reality

            Many of us are addicted to escapism and prefer to pretend we live in a the world that is totally different than the white world outside our doorsteps, which is often a hostile and demoralizing place

            Bottom line, those who seek knowledge will make better choices and will enhance their ability to survive psychologically and economically during the coming hard times

            Those who seek to remain ignorant and in denial of what is going on around theme, and escapist fare, will have to face those consequences.

            Here’s a site you should check out

            racismws (just add the dot com)

            • Paul,

              You said it Paul, it’s a sad, sad, sad situation.

              Thanks for the racismws website. I did check it out and I hope many of the posters here will do so as well. There is much to be learned.


  60. But why name him the dark one, when in fact, he is the dark one out of the bunch? Why place that moniker on him? His religion will teach him soon enough that black boys/men weren’t accepted for 100’s of years by the Mormon faith. Guess their keeping him in his place, Early…..Just sayin……..

  61. Margo, I am with you if done for the right reasons, God bless them! If for political reasons, well Karma is a *****!

  62. Little bro. is paid!!!

    • What an ignorant statement! You care more about money than the WELL BEING OF THIS CHILD IN A RACIST CLUELESS HOME! WOW! I learn something new every day! The only thing that will happen is him being DOGGED by these dog acting people! Remember Mitt put a dog on top of his car and road for miles with him! Whose to say he would do the same to this child!

  63. I don’t want to believe that they adopted for political reasons. If this child needed a home, and they are loving parents who adopted him for ALL the right reasons, I say God Bless Them and Their Family.

  64. simply for publicity

  65. Well, how wite of them. I wish the baby well.

  66. I think the name sounds nice. Thank God it’s not Dillon Kicklighter or Quan’Tavarious Le’Shoderick.