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Yassuh Massuh! 13 Ways to Know You MIGHT be Infected with a Slave Mentality

wwwsswwsWe make a lot of references to the slave mentality.  So, the your black world team decided to put together a list of ways to know that you might possess the slave mentality. The list is meant to be funny, but then again, it’s not.  It would only be funny is these things weren’t true for some of us.  But at least we now know the symptoms.

Here you go:


1)      If you’re the one who will spend $300 at Wal-Mart, but think a black man is a criminal for asking you to spend $9.99 to support his business.  Remember that Wal-Mart doesn’t give a d*amn about you, but black businesses tend to be the ones that will hire black workers.  Go ahead and spend the $9.99  to help a brother or sister out, it won’t hurt you.

2)      If you are complaining that no one will give you a job, yet don’t want to listen when someone tells you that you can start your own business.  Just accept that white America doesn’t love you if you don’t ever learn how to love yourself.   You don’t have to always work for somebody else.

3)      If you think that nappy hair is a curse that can only be cured with the use of poisonous and expensive substances

4)      If you think that a light skinned woman is automatically more attractive than a dark-skinned one, even if she has the face of a blow fish.

5)      If you support a politician just because he’s a black democrat, but can’t really explain why.

6)      If you hear a rapper call black women b*tches and hoes and still play that music in front of your kids.  That’s it: train your daughter to be a hοe while she’s young.

7)      If you congratulate your son for not going to jail, but don’t care that he never learned how to read.

8)      If you think a black man deserves a trophy for taking care of his own d*amn kids

9)      If you think that your child’s father is an optional, unnecessary accessory in the child-rearing process and that your kids are just fine without their daddy around.  Sorry to break it to you, but the damage won’t be seen for another 10 years.

10)   If you are able to work 10 hours a day at a fast food restaurant but think that studying for three hours a day is a waste of time

11)   If your kids know how to twerk before they learn their ABCs

12)   If your kids think that Harriet Tubman is a hairy man who fixes bath tubs.

13)   If you “can’t afford” to pay for your child’s tutor, but save your tax refund to buy him a pair of Air Jordans


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