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Businessman Rents Anti-Saggy Pants Billboard: ‘Show Your Mind, Not Your Behind’

A Memphis businessman has devised a unique way of encouraging young men to pull up their pants. He’s rented a billboard for 3 months in hopes that the billboard, located on a busy street, will encourage young men to stop showing their underwear.saggy pants billboard

“This is a very busy corner. I thought people who were driving by the neighborhood would get a chance to see my message,” said Fred Davis, who put up the anti-saggy pants ad.

Davis, who was also a civil rights activist, said he shelled out the $6,000 for the ad because he wants young boys and men to understand that sagging pants “negatively impacts their future.”

Davis believes that men who sag their pants portray a poor image and allow themselves to be stereotyped as uneducated criminals.

“If you want to be upwardly mobile, you can’t present that image to people who are qualified to make a decision about you,” said Davis.

Davis described how he fought with Dr. King and was thrown out of civil rights sit-ins so young blacks could have opportunities.

“We didn’t fight for thuggish mentality, we fought to create for the generations who came behind us to move up a little higher,” explained Davis.

Davis says that black men do have a choice to either achieve or behave as thugs, which is a choice accurately depicted on the billboard.

“It’s sending the message, ‘you can achieve,’” said Davis.

Davis says as long as his billboard impacts a few kids, then it was worth the money.


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