Dr. Boyce: A Few Reasons Why War in Syria is a Terribly Bad Idea

pwpwpwpwby Dr. Boyce Watkins

I am no foreign policy expert, but I am an American with a brain.  As such, I’ve curiously observed President Obama’s case for military intervention in the country of Syria.  Like anyone else, I was hurt to see the images individuals and children who’ve been harmed by chemical attacks within the country.  In fact, it almost makes me feel that intervening would be the right thing to do.

But after thinking about the situation long and hard, I’ve concluded that fighting even a limited war in Syria would be wasteful, problematic and ultimately harmful to both our country and the world.  So, here are a few reasons why it’s hard to support military action in Syria:

1)      The US government has no credibility after the lies told to justify the war in Iraq:  Colin Powell didn’t just use up his own credibility to convince the world to go to war many years ago, he used up much of whatever credibility was left in the US government.  It’s difficult to trust any form of intelligence coming out of the CIA or FBI, when these agencies have been known to lie to the American people for so long.  Unless an attack has been proven absolutely necessary and our nation is in danger, it makes no sense to rely on faulty evidence to engage in military action overseas.  Even as the president speaks about not putting any boots on the ground in Syria and keeping military action limited, the truth is that it’s difficult to take the word of politicians who break campaign promises on a regular basis.

 2)      Syria is a sovereign country:  The idea of the United States engaging in military strikes against another country because of human rights violations makes as much sense as another country attacking the US because we falsely incarcerate so many American citizens.  Most Americans would scoff at the idea that the American people would need to be liberated from President Obama, so many Syrians might take offense at the idea that we feel compelled to undermine their leader as well.  Can you imagine if another country were to supply the anti-Obama “rebels” in the state of Texas with enough weapons to overthrow the federal government?  Perhaps there is something to be said about the blatant double standard that defines the American sense of entitlement: “We can go into your airspace and do whatever we want, but you can’t do the same thing to us.”  This might explain why so many people hate us.

 3)      US global partners are not supporting the war:  This is yet another scenario where the United States appears to be pulling together imaginary band aid coalitions to cloak the fact that the rest of the world thinks of our nation as imperialistic bullies.  Going at it alone is not only expensive, but incredibly arrogant.  It should also remind those of us with common sense that this war may not be such a good idea.

 4)      The money should be spent in the US:  The same country that swears it doesn’t have money to fix broken schools seems to always find the funds to declare war whenever it wants.  How about addressing the poverty and jobless problems in the United States before attacking other countries?  What about the fact that our nation’s infrastructure is falling apart, and we’re just a few late payments away from defaulting on our national debt?   Perhaps this means that there are just some battles we simply cannot afford to fight.  We just don’t have the money

 5)      There are probably ulterior motives for military action:  Why are we continuously choosing to topple regimes in the Middle East?  Could it be because the Israelis are pushing us to do so?  Could it be because there are so many natural resources available in those countries?  War is profitable, and it is not inconceivable that the same government that has been bought out by corporate America would want to use its military to expand capitalist opportunities abroad.  Dick Cheney and his friends earned billions from the Iraq war, and it’s pretty clear that corporate interests have made a habit of war mongering for profitability.   It is only required that they come up with a good story and lean on our patriotic sensitivities to justify whatever they want to do.

 6)      It’s horribly hypocritical for Obama:  Right after being the keynote speaker on a day that celebrated the extraordinary life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., it is embarrassingly audacious to turn right around and declare an unnecessary war.   Dr. King was a champion of peace, and would vehemently disagree with any military action in Syria.  This is not a good look for our president.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is the founder of the Your Black World Coalition and author of the book, “Black American Money”. To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.

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  22. i copied this from my comment on this blog where stephen colbert commented about invading syria:

    let’s see… unemployment for blacks in general is at almost 17%, for black males aged 16-29 it is a whopping 43%. the graduation rates for black and brown males is at a minimal 30% in our urban cities. our public schools are being starved off and shut down because the government doesn’t have enough money to keep them open. these are the people who will be on the front lines fighting a war started by a man who looks just like them (this is not a negative comment against our president, it is a simple obvious fact).

    classrooms are filled to the rafters while our teachers have no assistance coming their way. because of this our streets have become modern day killing fields due to hopelessness filling the minds of youth who can eliminate someone twenty different ways on a video game (and now on the streets) yet can’t spell the name of video they are playing.

    infrastucture in this country is so weak bridges are falling, highways are jammed because we haven’t widened them since the 1940′s and 50′s. no programs have been created to employ UNEMPLOYED AMERICAN CITIZENS to widen them.

    and our country wants permission to go regulate ANOTHER sovereign country? i don’t know about you, but i was told the old adage “before you clean up someone else’s house, get your own house in order” this administration is forgetting this golden rule.

    get everyone here who wants an education a well-funded, socially supported and rounded one where they don’t go into debt to do so. then get them a good paying job that will allow them to AFFORD A HOME, to better their standing in society and support a family so crime can drop to an almost minimal percent.

    give communities that have had to live through the generational p.t.s.d. (post traumatic stress disorder) of living in a “domestic” (MESSAGE!!!) war zone the psychological and social support they need to make a complete recovery so they can assimilate into the folds of general society and ensure that they will never have to worry about what they have worked, saved and invested in being taken ever again.

    and finally, arrest and imprison the people, at least at the top, the people who purposely concocted this scheme to start fake wars where citizens (and immigrants) die unnecessarily plus the bloodsuckers that purposely sent the burgeoning middle classes of color (especially african americans) back into the economic and financial stone ages.

    i ask of you, as our president, do these things and then ask about going into another country after the last country we invaded ended worse than when their “dictator”, as we called him, was in power and TRILLIONS of our hard-earned tax dollars that vanished like a mirage in the iraqi oil fields and deserts and into iraqi and american corporation hands.not to mention the thousands who died for a lie and tens of thousands who are arms, legs, minds and souls lost for the same stupid purpose.

    the answer would still be a resounding “NO” but then, with all those ills corrected, you could at least present the question.

  23. Youa??re so cool! I dona??t consider Ia??ve read through something like this prior to. So good to locate any individual with some first thoughts on this subject matter. Thanks for starting up this up.


  25. Listen to the interview between President Assad and Charlie
    Rose. It is revealing, educational and instructional.

    BTW: 1) Those videos stir emotions, they do not demonstrate a
    link. Ask yourselves, “where is the direct evidence”?

    2) Read deleted article from London Daily Mail regarding the email
    from Britam Defence employees.

  26. This could ignite a World War 111, which is unavoidable anyway but no atrocity on this scale can be just swept under the rug, no matter where it is committed. Some one must always stand up for what is right, some times regardless of the cost.

    • Really? Do you plan on enlisting? Nobody should do anything
      without complete clarity, which we do not have. This
      adminstration has lied so many times that they have lost
      all credability. How can we march behind a leader
      that we cannot trust? He is a self-besotted charismatic
      who can’t tell the difference between showbiz and strategy.


  28. It looks like it does not matter who is in the White House, they all call for blood.

  29. Roderick King, you hit the nail on the head. You gave the readers a synopsis of American History from
    the time Columbus arrived to present. It was all about war and killing of American apponents for financial expansion. Believe it or not it was done in the name of God.

  30. Let me see how do I highlight the hypocrisy. Is a atomic bomb a chemical weapon let’s ask the Japanese. Is depleted uranium a chemical weapon let’s ask the Iraqis. Who gave the world the technology of chemical weapons and profits from its destruction the same people who want to attack Syria. Obama should be kissing Putin’s butt for giving him a out of this situation. Now we will see just how deep the powers that be are in control. Watch for some kind of stupid event to take the focus off of Syria. The people who play both sides of the political power want their war. Profits over peace is the government mantra has been and always will be until we quit fooling ourselves that we are somehow the good guys. The 21st century is off to a bloody beginning with America right in the middle of stupid and unnecessary wars for profit. From the time that pilgrims were killing Indians to the present America has had blood on its hands and there is no denying that fact. We wouldn’t be such a violent society if we demanded that the government stop the practice of manifested destiny. Basically the fact that manifested destiny was introduced to justify land grabs by the socalled forefathers of America is never discussed or debated. When you have people living with a lie that the way America was pioneered was somehow justified it gives a false superiority complex. Race relations are affected by this because some white people feel as long as I’m white i am superior to any ethnic group. They point to their grandparents as iconic figures who killed and mamed their way from one coastline to the other to create America but they didn’t stop on our coast. They took this mindset around the world and it still is in effect to this present day. This world view will never bring about peace and we all know it. We distract ourselves from this reality every waking moment of our lives. From sports to music from television to church we won’t talk about the elephant in the living room for fear of being ridiculed. The tide has to turn or the future will be dominated with destruction and death. Let’s grow up people.