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Marvin Gaye’s Son is Outraged at Robin Thicke for Allegedly Stealing His Father’s Sound

wwepoposwRobin Thicke and all the people earning millions from the new song “Blurred Lines” are finding that the money may be in jeopardy.  The family of Marvin Gaye is looking to get their piece of the pie based on the musical inspiration that the late singer left on the hit song.  Marvin’s son says that he heavily resents the lawsuit that was filed by Thicke against the family and says that he plans to counter attack.

Marvin Gaye III spoke to TMZ about the lawsuit and expressed his outrage over the events that have transpired.   He says that the family felt disrespected by the way Thicke has been allegedly biting his father’s musical style over the years.    Thicke’s lawsuit was seen as a preemptive strike to keep the Gaye family from filing any actions of their own.

Marvin’s son hasn’t fully committed to filing a copyright infringement lawsuit, but the conversation has been bad news for Robin Thicke’s publicity.  Whites buy many of Thicke’s albums, but he is able to successfully profit from his wide acceptance in the African American community.  He was one of the few white men to perform during the recent BET Awards, and has been a regular on the BET show, “Real Husbands of Hollywood.”

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