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Cee Lo: “Hip hop is being used in some mass way to influence underachievement”

By Barry Burch Jr.

Most of us have heard 90s rapper, KRS-One, talk about how far hip-hop has plummeted down the music totem poll. We have heard similar sermons from other older rappers as well. But as far as new main-stream hip-hop artists are concerned, the buck mainly stops at T.I. There simply aren’t many others. However, in a recent interview with The Daily Beast, platinum recording artist, Cee-lo shared his thoughts.

Here’s what he said:

We don’t judge, but we acknowledge that acting and performing music are very kindred spirits. You write something down, go into a recording booth, and reenact the emotion onstage. At one point in time, there was a code of conduct: creed and credential. And I’ve said this before on Twitter, but hip-hop was once an Ivy League institution, and now it’s become a community college—you don’t need any qualifications to come on in. And, quite frankly, it can be a little embellished-upon. There’s a low entry level, and it’s become monotonous and congested. All you need to do is be able to rhyme “cat” and “hat,” and you can become an MC. But executives have a lot to do with the larger agenda to emasculate and colonize. I believe hip hop is being used in some mass way to influence underachievement. Maybe these individuals may not be aware of the larger agenda, and how they’re being puppeteered, but if they are, that’s even more shameful.

Cee-lo went on to promote his new reality show with group Goodie Mob, which is set to debut on TBS next February. “It will actually be the first reality-based show on TBS, and they’re based out of Atlanta, and we’re Atlanta’s native sons, so it makes sense,” he said.

Hopefully, some of his words of wisdom will get air-time. With T.I. going public with his recent altercation with his record label for making the decision to present a positive image, and now Cee-lo admitting there’s something definitely behind the ignorance impregnating one of our most unique and beautiful art forms; perhaps the entire “rap-game” will listen. Everybody loves good music, so don’t forget the ‘good’ part.

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