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Russell Simmons Teaches Don Lemon How to Really Care for the Black Community

wepoepospoqBy Victor Trammell

CNN anchor Don Lemon got a series of critical responses after his public co-signing of another one of Bill O’Reilly’s stereotypical rebukes of the black race in America.

The Your Black World online network reported a high-profile response from one of Lemon’s biggest critics, Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons. Via Twitter, Simmons wrote off Lemon (who is a homosexual) as a “dummy.”

Simmons’ world entertainment news website, also featured an open letter of criticism of Lemon, which was written by Uncle Rush himself. A portion of the the August 2nd letter reads as follows:

Dear Don,

If you want to tell the rest of America this weekend when you go back on CNN how we fix black America, tell them to re-start the “War on Poverty.” Tell them to end the failed “War on Drugs” that has cost this nation over one trillion dollars and unjustly incarcerated a generation of black men. Tell them to support the President’s plan for universal Pre-K, so no child enters elementary school having to play catch up with the other children who are fortunate enough to go to pre-school.

Tell them make college affordable and obtainable for young students who come from low-income families. Tell them that the right to a healthy life should be universal and not just for the fortunate few. And lastly, tell them that young black men and women don’t just need “role models” or “mentors,” they need “sponsors” who are willing to offer them a job.

I want the black kids to grow up and be like you. I want them to know that their imagination is god inside of them and I want all kids, but especially black kids, to have the freedom to dream as well to create their own language. After all, without their jazz, blues, rock n’ roll and now their hip-hop, America wouldn’t even have a language of its own, much less a culture. (

To read Russell Simmons’ entire letter to Don Lemon, click on the following link:


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