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Laila Ali Comments about Kanye’s Baby Name; Says It’s “Stupid”

23pwpo2poBy Victor Trammell

Hollywood’s baby boom is a hot topic for the tabloid junkies of the world who get a kick out of the personal lives of celebrities.

However, sometimes the extensive coverage can get very overblown. Some celebrities revel in the attention and do outrageous things to get more of it, like giving their new born babies outrageous names.

Laila Ali, the undefeated knock out queen and daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali gave her opinion about the futile trend in an exclusive interview with A portion of Ali’s comment reads as follows:

A lot of people do things because it’s a fad and they want to get some attention.. but this is your child…if it’s crazy but cool and nice and it makes sense, that’s one thing, but North and South and Leaf and Water Drop? Come on now, I don’t care who you are that’s just stupid, period.”

Laila Ali is a retired women’s boxing champion who fought her last professional fight in 2007. In that competition, Ali defeated Gwendolyn O’Neal in a super middle weight bout, increasing her impeccable boxing record to 24-O. Most of her career victories came by knockout.

At 5′ 9″ and 160 pounds, Ali dominated the sport of professional women’s boxing for nearly a decade. She fought her first professional fight in 1999 at age of 21. Her historic 2001 bout with Jackie Frazier-Lyde, the daughter of former men’s heavyweight boxing legend Joe Frazier was the first pay-per-view fight in history between two black women.

In a competitive eight-round historical feat, which rebirthed the legacy of the battle between their fathers, Ali won by unanimous decision. Ali retired from boxing to start a family and pursue other career interests. She is also an  accomplished model who appeared in the 2011 Heart Truth fashion show. Her beauty, strength, and intelligence is an inspiration to many young black female athletes across the nation.

To watch Laila Ali’s interview with, click on the following link:


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