Laila Ali Comments about Kanye’s Baby Name; Says It’s “Stupid”

23pwpo2poBy Victor Trammell

Hollywood’s baby boom is a hot topic for the tabloid junkies of the world who get a kick out of the personal lives of celebrities.

However, sometimes the extensive coverage can get very overblown. Some celebrities revel in the attention and do outrageous things to get more of it, like giving their new born babies outrageous names.

Laila Ali, the undefeated knock out queen and daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali gave her opinion about the futile trend in an exclusive interview with A portion of Ali’s comment reads as follows:

A lot of people do things because it’s a fad and they want to get some attention.. but this is your child…if it’s crazy but cool and nice and it makes sense, that’s one thing, but North and South and Leaf and Water Drop? Come on now, I don’t care who you are that’s just stupid, period.”

Laila Ali is a retired women’s boxing champion who fought her last professional fight in 2007. In that competition, Ali defeated Gwendolyn O’Neal in a super middle weight bout, increasing her impeccable boxing record to 24-O. Most of her career victories came by knockout.

At 5′ 9″ and 160 pounds, Ali dominated the sport of professional women’s boxing for nearly a decade. She fought her first professional fight in 1999 at age of 21. Her historic 2001 bout with Jackie Frazier-Lyde, the daughter of former men’s heavyweight boxing legend Joe Frazier was the first pay-per-view fight in history between two black women.

In a competitive eight-round historical feat, which rebirthed the legacy of the battle between their fathers, Ali won by unanimous decision. Ali retired from boxing to start a family and pursue other career interests. She is also an  accomplished model who appeared in the 2011 Heart Truth fashion show. Her beauty, strength, and intelligence is an inspiration to many young black female athletes across the nation.

To watch Laila Ali’s interview with, click on the following link:


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  3. I agree with Laila Ali,some of the names our people choose for ourselves are off the hook ridiculous. World be free, He hate me,A pimp called Slick back,and so on.By why make a spectacle out of the Children?

  4. hello to all, i see this is an issue (like a lot of issues) you’re going to have some on the right and some on the left of the discussion. now laila ali was asked a question and she gave HER opinion of the matter. if the question was asked to someone else they may have said its beautiful or whatever. the issue is this people have the right to name their child (or children) whatever they want for whatever reason they come up with. however we should all be mindful of not only what we name our child (or children) but what we call our child (or children). i’ve seen people give their child (or children) beautiful names but mess it up with nick names (and come on black people we know we can give our children some messed up nicknames). now do i think the name is stupid? not really i feel celebrities are celebrities because they feel the need to be creative and have been rewarded for their creativity. i feel this was something they felt was creative and perhaps beautiful.

  5. I also think the name is stupid but then again, what do you expect from those two? I also think the name Blue Ivy also sucks. Just my opinion and I am entitled to it. I also think many of the names in the black community are also stupid and know that those names are a hindrance to employment and educational opportunities because they are usually underprivileged kids who can ill afford such an unavoidable drawback. It is really sad when teachers and employers cannot pronouce their names. These children grow up hostile because people make fun of their names.

  6. I don’t care what Kenya Names his baby, or even if he has one. He is making millions of dollars singing about his own demons, and our young generation is eating it up. I wish the baby good health and long life, but who cares what he names it. I’m busy trying to live life and provide for my family. Wake up people, is this really news?

  7. Dayumn Laila u fine and can fight too I like that, I agree with Ish Muhammed and Laila; North? that shyt cray!

  8. I think parents have the right to name their children any name they want to. What’s the issue? If the child is named a name not too many people have after the name is said enough we will get use to hearing it and it will be common.

    • The big deal is the child has to like his/her name and more importantly you don’t want to set up your child for ridicule in the future! North West is the stupidest name I heard and for a little girl no less! But then what do you expect out of those two!

  9. I personally dont see anything wrong with the name..Of course what she is going to have to worry about is being in the spotlight for the rest of her life..because of her parents not the name…let it go people..let it go

  10. We are seeing that people are giving their children names that the parents think are cute and unique. If Kanye and Kim announced that North was a family name, it would have been considered as honoring a relative or an ancestor, as many names do. Some of you know that many people have given their children names that seem to have no particular meaning other than being unique sounding. Now we have loads of people with odds names or phonetically spelled names and we, pretty much, know the ethnicity of these people and where they live. Is North anymore stupid than Apple, Trig, KoKo or Shunequa?

    • thank You Ruby I couldn’t agree more with you. No one is talking about Blue-Ivy name?? I like the name North

  11. This baby will need boxing lessons because little kids are mean forreal and the reason they named her north west was stupid.they should have just named her nori west it sounds better.poor baby her parents are dumb.and they trying to make like this baby is like the royal baby yes all babies are special but they made it a big deal now its only right the fans are wanting to see this baby these ppl. are crazy.

  12. I agree with her, some of these celebrity baby names are outlandish, stupid and totally inconsiderate of the children. North West for a precious little girl? They are going to have to answer to her for that nonsense one day, or at an early age she’ll realize that her mom is not the brightest bulb in the box and is only relevant because of a sex tape and her father was called an idiot by the first black President this country ever had. Poor baby West, she has a lot on her plate from the start whistle!

    • So, the “first” [actually sixth or seventh] Black prez called Kanye an idiot….That does not make it so. It’s only one person’s opinion. Obviously he has lots of fans who think otherwise…They buy his music.

  13. I feel like, ppl should respect others, regardless of what they name their children. We all should get along. Its more worldly issues going on to be focused on kim &thanks kanyes first born. We need to come together on real issues not be petty over dumb stuff.

  14. Muhammad Ali not only changed his Name but He changed the Slavish way He And Most Negroes thought about ourselves & Allah(God)! Most of you Mentally & Spititually Dead Negroes(from the neck up) need a check-up! A crime was committed Against us teaching an African to hate Himself & love some cracker in Space?No your not Dumb just a New fool! Because the Blackman was the God from the Jump! If you don’t like it tear that page out Rev Pigknuckles! Stop being a Mental Midget & crack open some Books Dummy! What made some of you as Dumb as you are right now! SMDH

    • I agree

    • Ish I assume you consider yourself a Muslim. Pahaha! REAL Muslims don’t even consider you Farakanies Muslims. Put down The Message to the Black Man and read the Qur’an and hear what ALLAH really said! Islam is about love for ALL mankind regardless or race and as a black woman I do not feel more or less superior to any other race. No, I do not like things that have been done to black people in this country but GOD has the call on how to deal with that! Learn what REAL Islam is about before you spread that half cracked ignorance! Allah not black man is GOD! And what’s with the spaceship? Pulease!!!

  15. Look, it real what she said and guess what it’s her opinion and she’s entitle just as the rest of us. Anyone can promote foolishness. The only thing that saves these children like, North, South, Blue Ivy, Scream,Pigs in a blanket is the they won’t have to worry, coming from where they’re coming from. Does that change that it’s foolish. Hell to the naw.

  16. Will their kids be embarrassed by the names they gave to them or by those raunchy video of their parents on internet?

  17. I was named with two last name and hated it as a child. I love my name now and wished that I didn’t let it bother me. My sister was named after a day in the week and she embraced it and was never teased. To call the name stupid is an opinion but I really think it’s no ones business. I love the name. Blu Cantrell, Blu Ivy, Solei Moon Frye ( punky Brewster) I work with a girl named December and she says no one bothered her. I know of a guy named North but not sure how his name bothered him if it did. These aren’t the only kids with these types of names they are the ones you know bc their parents are famous so therefor it’s not that uncommom. I think African names are beautiful but many people think the names are ghetto, negative, etc. point point point. While most of you comment on how kids with these names will be treated just remember to teach your child to be respectful if others and those that name their children what mant think are unusual names teach your child to be strong and forget about what the normal and boring think

  18. yvonne richardson

    I have to say, as grown-UPS they could have done better by their Childs name, if they couldn’t think of a nice Strong name with dignity, they should have invested in a baby name book. They are at most retail grocery stores and they should have invested 10 dollars, and had a name that the child could embrace. The child will be ridiculed for life and will probably get into a scrap or two with their schoolmates. Why be the causation of this child being child talked about each day for no good reason, other than having ignorant parents who have displayed juvenile tendencies by hanging that stupid name upon this fragile baby. With all the money they have between them, they could have purchased a clue. Smh this is why ppl make fun of them. Everything that ppl say about them being ridiculously out of touch with reality……grow GTF UP!!Z

  19. I agree with Laila Ali that the name is stupid. To be as financially independent as they both are this is the best that they could come up with. Maybe they should have gone with Black and White. I feel sorry for the kid that will have to explain to another kid about its dumb name. Oh well this is just my opinion. Laila Ali is a beautiful woman, she did her thing in the boxing ring so stop hating on a sister.

  20. If a parent want to give there child crazy names that’s for the parent to decide not no one else Laila Ali shouldn’t be one to be one to say much when a lot of ppl had something to say when her dad changed his name this there child and they can name there child what ever they feel is a good name

  21. That name is about as stupid as women boxing.

  22. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion…and mine does not matter…The child can change her name if she doesn’t like it when she gets older….I did just that……Laila Ali, said“A lot of people do things because it’s a fad and they want to get some attention.. but this is your child…if it’s crazy but cool and nice and it makes sense, that’s one thing, but North and South and Leaf and Water Drop? Come on now, I don’t care who you are that’s just stupid, period.”