On Sharpton Show, Journalist Calls Don Lemon a “Professional Assassin of African-Americans”

Journalist and radio host Earl Ofari Hutchinson visited Rev. Al Sharpton’s radio show on Monday and lambasted Fox News’  Bill O’Reillyearl ofari hutchinson and Sean Hannity, as well as  Don Lemon for their criticisms of  African-American culture. Hutchinson told guest host Bob Slade that all three pundits were “paid” to demean the African-American community and should be ignored.

“We’re wasting our time with the, you know, the Hannitys. We’re wasting our time with the Bill O’Reillys and now the Don Lemon’s,” Hutchinson observed. “You know I stay away from these guys. You know I don’t talk about them. They have an agenda, Bob, as you well know, and once again — at the risk of sounding like a broken record — the agenda it to make a show, to make ratings.”

Hutchinson continued to explain how this whole controversy is just a scheme for news networks to get ratings.

“They will do whatever anything and everything to make ratings. So, you know, a Don Lemon comes along — I mean they don’t have to have a program,” the radio host explained. “They don’t need to have a program they’re not gonna have a program for change in our community. They’re not going to be involved in anything, that’s not their role.”

“They are professional hit men, they are professional in the case of Lemon and Reilly — O’Reilly and Hannity — they’re professional assassins of African-Americans,” Hutchinson said.

Hutchinson said people who care about the black community should remain focused on things that matter.

“The image of all the things that we fight for that we struggle for and all of the challenges that we are faced, that’s their job. They’re paid assassins and they’re paid quite well. So, it is — and I happen to agree — it is in some ways almost ridiculous you know to trade barbs with these guys, you know they have an agenda and we should hour our agenda.”

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  4. The issue I think some of us aren’t getting is that O’Reilly, Hannity, and Lemon are highlighting problems in the black community but not highlighting problems in the white community, which is exactly what they want to happen. Just as there is black-on-black crime and other ills in our community, there are young, white boys and men, who are walking into schools and movie theaters, blowing people away with semi-automatic rifles. Not to mention the rapists and molesters that, statistically, are crimes committed mostly by white males. Don’t be fooled by what white folks (and those who think like them) are trying to do. You see how easily it is to say, “Yes, we do have issues in the black community, what are we going to do about it?” but not call out that there are problems in the white community that need to be addressed as well? Again, don’t be fooled. White America has NOTHING to say about our community when they have just as many skeletons, if not more, in their own closets. They’re trying to highlight our problems to deflect from talking about theirs.

    • Thanks for your post. You’re absolutely correct.

    • You are absolutely right. Let’s have a discussion about what life experiences lead to the mindset that violence is the answer. I’m a white chick who grew up and still lives in, what my home town calls “the proj”

  5. Speaking the truth about our community is fine, but riding tandem + co-signing with the likes of OReilly + his agenda ????? That is the problem.

  6. Unk, you gotta do more than look the part.

  7. What then should we do, people? We know that the community as whole is deconstructing. Let’s look for solutions to help OUR community.

    • Also, Don Lemon and every other black person who have a dissenting view should not be demonized. I didn’t hear the comment but I do notice that if all of us don’t agree then there is almost always an issue.

  8. Black folks do not need to be scolded!! Niggers need to be scolded for sure!! #yeahisaidit
    But not from no Don Lemon!!!

  9. Black folks do not need to be scolded!! Niggers need to be scolded for sure!! #yeahisaidit

  10. The Bill O’Reilly’s, Sean Hannity’s and Ann Coulters of this world are trying to turn this to make black folks think that it isn’t racism, it’s black folks and their problems. If all the points were fixed, would black folks be treated equal? I think not.

  11. All this stuff happens in all communities. Including dropping out of school and having babies out of wedlock. The problem is that the media puts this information out there and the average person does not have the money to go do a poll.

  12. Television tool for nazi.proganda sagging ebonics equals Jews in germany .

  13. Let’s not fail to include Crystal Wright, the self-titled “Conservative Black Chick”, who so proudly sat on extreme “Reich wing” media and called Trayvon Martin a “thug”, and criticized his mother for copyrighting his name “to try to get rich”. The latter was a very prudent move (in my opinion), by Ms. Fulton. Any funds generated in Trayvon’s name should go to the TrayvonMartinFoundation.com.

  14. AS far as Don, I saw that broadcast. I didn’t like his delivery. Black people don’t need to be scolded, preached to or made to feel inferior. He doesn’t know everyone in the Black community, so he shouldn’t have painted the picture that ALL of us are guilty of the “points” he was trying to make. I sorta notice a tad bit of “self-hate” in him. I just hope and pray that we, as a community, try to start the positive behavior in our homes, whether there are two parents or not.

    • “Black people don’t need to be scolded”
      ‘I sorta notice a tad bit of “self-hate” in him”

    • Black people DO need to be scolded for their behavior and held accountable for the destruction of the Black community.

      • Well lets start with you, Kendra. You should stop having babies out of wedlock, so please stop sleeping with every guy you meet. You don’t need to be sitting at home collecting welfare checks and watching reality shows, and for heaven’s sake, please stop all that nasty twerk dancing you do. One you’ve gotten your act together, then we can have a decent society.

        Hope you enjoyed the scolding.

  15. I am a Proud Black Woman who loves her community and just people in general. I’m most disturbed by the fact that while we do have problems in our community, why is it that all Blacks get lumped in with those that are doing things the wrong way. Not all Blacks grew up on welfare, poor, in the “ghetto”, single Mother homes, etc., etc. It seems that we’re the only race who gets the bad grades, as a whole, for those who, for whatever reason, don’t seem to have any hope to have a better life. I don’t mean a life that whites dicate to us but pride and self-esteem to want the best. I will never apologize because I wasn’t raised with the violent, rageful mentality of some, not just Blacks who think violence and bad behavior are the answers. I will never understand the mentality of it all, HOWEVER, I do believe that a lot of our problems started with intergration. We went from being taught by teachers who really had our best interest at heart, to some that didn’t look like us, who seemed to not care about us because they believed we weren’t worthy. I could go on and on. I do pray for the Black community as well as Americans, in general. Again, I just wish that we weren’t all lumped in together with those not doing the right thing. AS the saying goes, ‘my color, not my kind’. Peace

    • I totally agree with you Sasha, as a proud black woman and mother of (4) beautiful black daughers to which all went to college and gratuated, i also wish people would not lump all black people together, but i also wish young black boys would stop this sick degrading rap music, pants hanging, talking stupid. Until we as a people look at our selves and see the ill of some and try to stop this mess we will continue to be lump together. I pray for our community, i pray that God will some day wake us up as a people. I also like to say not all black people think the same, that the beauty of disagreement we all can speak what we believe but should work together to bring about a positive change.

        AS I LAUGH.

      • So once I pull my pants up and stop listening to rap music, will Wall Street hire me? Will the police stop shooting me? Will white women stop clutching their purses when I walk by? Will that stop me from getting robbed or killed in my own neighborhood? Will the world stop hating simply for pulling my pants up and not listening to rap music? Is it really that simple?

    • I agree with you Sasha 100%