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On Sharpton Show, Journalist Calls Don Lemon a “Professional Assassin of African-Americans”

Journalist and radio host Earl Ofari Hutchinson visited Rev. Al Sharpton’s radio show on Monday and lambasted Fox News’  Bill O’Reillyearl ofari hutchinson and Sean Hannity, as well as  Don Lemon for their criticisms of  African-American culture. Hutchinson told guest host Bob Slade that all three pundits were “paid” to demean the African-American community and should be ignored.

“We’re wasting our time with the, you know, the Hannitys. We’re wasting our time with the Bill O’Reillys and now the Don Lemon’s,” Hutchinson observed. “You know I stay away from these guys. You know I don’t talk about them. They have an agenda, Bob, as you well know, and once again — at the risk of sounding like a broken record — the agenda it to make a show, to make ratings.”

Hutchinson continued to explain how this whole controversy is just a scheme for news networks to get ratings.

“They will do whatever anything and everything to make ratings. So, you know, a Don Lemon comes along — I mean they don’t have to have a program,” the radio host explained. “They don’t need to have a program they’re not gonna have a program for change in our community. They’re not going to be involved in anything, that’s not their role.”

“They are professional hit men, they are professional in the case of Lemon and Reilly — O’Reilly and Hannity — they’re professional assassins of African-Americans,” Hutchinson said.

Hutchinson said people who care about the black community should remain focused on things that matter.

“The image of all the things that we fight for that we struggle for and all of the challenges that we are faced, that’s their job. They’re paid assassins and they’re paid quite well. So, it is — and I happen to agree — it is in some ways almost ridiculous you know to trade barbs with these guys, you know they have an agenda and we should hour our agenda.”

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