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Oops: Michigan News Reporter Mistakenly Draws P-nis on Traffic Map

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Be careful Michigan drivers, because WJRT reporter Siobhan Riley’s traffic report may not actually get you where you want to go.

The reporter was attempting to alert drivers to traffic construction zones when, well, something else happened. The map Riley drew of a local construction area looked more like wiener than an indication of construction zones.

Since the news report, the video of Riley’s Tuesday news report has gone viral.

It’s a shame really, since Riley only wanted to show news watchers an area in the center of Saginaw county  congested by construction work. She was only doing her job and was clueless about the onscreen image she was creating.

It seems that local news provides a bit of hilariousness at least once a week for the internet.

Neither Riley nor the station have commented about the incident.

Watch the video below:


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