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Georgia Investigators Found Gun Powder Residue on Hands of Dead Baby’s Parents

Georgia investigators have revealed that gunshot residue was found on the hands of the parents of 13-month-old Antonio Santiago, whosherry west was fatally shot earlier this year. The disclosure came as the result of  a motion filed by the defense attorney for De’Marquise Elkins, 17, who has been charged with murder in the baby’s death.

Based on the report, “this supports the possibility that the individual discharged a firearm, was in close proximity to a firearm upon discharge or came into contact with an item whose surface bears GSR.”

In March of this year, Sherry West reported that two black teens fatally shot her 13 month old son during a morning walk. She claimed that the teens tried to rob her, but when she told them she didn’t have any money, they shot her in the leg and the baby in the head.

Police later charged De’Marquise Elkins and 15 year old Dominique Lang with k!lling the child:


Dominique Lang (l) and De’marquise Elkins (r)

The daughter of Sherry West, Ashley Glassey, was the first person to cast doubt on West’s story.

Glassey was interviewed by a local NBC affiliate and said that her mother’s version of events had changed since the incident.

“She changed her story as far as she told me that the baby was shot first and then she told me she was shot first,” Ashley Glassey said.

The news report included an audio recording Glassey made of her mother shortly after the shooting asking about insurance money.

“How soon do you think life insurance policy will send me a check?” West reportedly asked her daughter. Glassey also described their discussions by saying her mother was crying one minute and then sounded fine the next.

Glassey says her mother is a troubled woman with bipolar disorder and schizophrenic tendencies.

When asked about the residue by local affiliate WPTV, West said the residue must have come from a struggle she had with the teens. She had no idea why the test would come back positive for the child’s father, who could not be reached because he is in jail on an unrelated offense.

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