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Racism at Its Finest: Woman Thanks God For Bullet That Killed Trayvon

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Sarah Taylor

Update:  7/22/13:  After her actions were reported on Your Black World, the subject of the story has lost her job and her employer has issued a statement.  Moral of the story:  Social media is not meant to be a place to spew hateful and racist rhetoric.  When you do this, people will respond to your ugly words and there will surely be consequences. 


Reported by: Ree

The Trayvon Martin case has shown the world one consistent message: Racism in America is alive and well. Aside from having photos of Trayvon’s lifeless body being mocked and meme’d, bigots have decided to take to Twitter to applaud Zimmerman for killing the unarmed, African-American teen. The comments, laced with the words “n*gger” and “thug,” spewed stereotypical rhetoric about Black men and violence. One of the most flabbergasting Twitter messages was tweeted by @Sarahtw33ts. Sarah Taylor, a Livonia, MI native and a barista at Biggby Coffee, tweeted: “I want to thank god…for that bullet that killed trayvon martin.”

Although Taylor was supported and cheered on by her friends for her bigoted remarks, she did become heavily criticized by a handful of people. One man, @michaelatbu, tweeted Taylor’s place of employment. “@BIGGBYCOFFEE she calls herself an employee of yours @sarahtw33ts @YesYoureRacist,” he tweeted. When Taylor isn’t celebrating the death of an unarmed African-American teenager, she spends a wealth of time smoking marijuana. Her Instagram account is filled with photos of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Perhaps because the percentage of White women being racially profiled is virtually nonexistent, she has pride in promoting her love for the illegal drug on social media without fear of being harassed by police officers. Although Taylor’s Twitter account has been deleted since she tweeted her eerie message, her Instagram account ( is still visible and has pictures that matched her Twitter avatar.

Taylor was joined by a slew of other Twitter users who applauded George Zimmerman for killing a “N*gger” and being found not guilty.

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Racist Tweets 2Twitter screenshots per PublicShaming

How do you believe America can overcome racism?


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