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Rapper Meek Mill Ordered by Judge to Take Etiquette Classes

Philly rapper Meek Mill was ordered to attend etiquette classes by Common Pleas Court Judge Genece Brinkley on Friday. Brinkley also meek millordered the rapper, whose real name is Robert Williams, not to leave the state without first informing his probation officer.

The rapper must complete the etiquette classes before August 4th.

The judge issued the order during a probation violation hearing for a 2008 gun and drug conviction for which the rapper was sentenced to 11 to 23 months in prison. He served 8 months in jail and began probation after his release.

Assistant District Attorney Noel Ann DeSantis claimed that Williams’ statements on Twitter resulted in death threats to his probation officer by Meek Mill fans.

Williams pushed back against an order to keep the state informed of his travel plans, saying that many of his bookings were last minute.

“I have my own record label with seven artists. … I do radio. I do interviews,” he said.

The judge insisted that the rapper needed etiquette classes in order to help him communicate on Twitter and in the courtroom. The judge said the etiquette classes were “more important than any concerts he might have.”

The judge had previously barred Meek Mill from touring for a month after learning he’d violated probation. Williams’ attorney argued that the judge was cutting off the rapper’s income and that there was no need for Williams to check in with his probation officer while on tour since his fans took pictures of him while on the road.

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