Husband Says “I Love You” as His Wife Takes His Life for Cheating


The pain of infidelity can be gruesome, but there is no excuse for resorting to violence.  A woman has been arrested for killing her husband for cheating on her.  Tyra Holmes, 26, found text messages on her husband Michael’s cell phone and the messages appeared to be from another woman.  This led her to finally figure out that he was doing things he shouldn’t be doing in her marriage, leading her to take his life.

The incident occurred after the two got into an argument over the source and nature of the messages, with her eventually going into the kitchen and grabbing a knife.  He grabbed her at the top of the staircase, trying to get her under control.  That’s when she stabbed him in the chest.

“You stabbed me,” he said. Realizing what had just happened, the husband and wife told each other, “I love you.”

Shortly after being stabbed, the man died in the hospital.  Holmes has been arrested for first-degree murder in the death of her husband Michael, who died at the age of 35.   The woman is being held without bail.

“He was good to her and his kids and she murdered him for a senseless  reason, a senseless reason, she took the life of my brother for a senseless  reason,”Alexis Jewell, Michael’s sister, said to NBC Miami.

Holmes says that she blacked out after she raised the knife to her husband.  But she admitted  that she stabbed him and simply couldn’t control her actions.  Her sister took the  kids initially, because Holmes feared losing custody.   She was accused of neglect last fall.  But the kids are now in foster care, as the two year marriage ended in tragedy.

If this happens to you, seek help before you do something you’ll surely regret.  The kids always suffer the  most.  Here are some tips on how to handle jealousy so you don’t do something you’ll regret.

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  1. I would have killed that bitch not my man, my kids love him to much. Maybe I would have just ran away for a long time. My man has cheated and i feel like I need to get out if i don’t i get overwhelmed. Men need to stop playing games. Either In or out. Ladies when you even since you man has one foot out the door you need to find out why promptly before, things get ugly or so one gets hurt.

  2. For the love of all that is Good and decent in this world … Please God let her not get away with a pussy pass!


    • What part of this article lead you to believe he was abusing her? The closest thing to abuse is the supposed infidelity. For one we only have her side of the story and text messages that “appeared” to be from another woman.

  4. I’m in a “agreement” with one of the comments written above, whereas this woman was “very young” and her “whole life” was probably “wrapped up” into her husband. Now, I was not “raised” up to depend on people (my mom divorced when I was young) that was just me. But I do have “friends” who married at “young ages” and their whole lives are their husbands. So for me, if he would have been cheating, I PROBABLY wouldn’t have stabbed him, but you know, folks snap.

  5. Another thing we act like this is a big problem in black families it’s not this isn’t all that common in black families, you would find this type of violence in white and Latino families oppose to blacks we just have drug and black on black crimes in our communities which can be fix. A lot of women in our race kill there spounce or boyfriend because he was abrusing her for a long period of time until she got tired of being beat up and the end results is his life.

  6. We black folks need to stop blaming reality shows social media we been doing this mess before social media and reality shows ever came around but that woman knew better she allow her emotions get the best of her and not think about her kids now the kids are in foster care and I feel bad for them because they lost both parents, her husband didn’t have to die like that she should had talk to him about the text messages and allow to come clean then she should had put him out but to some people they want to take revenge and this isn’t just a black thing at all every race has demons this happens all the time in every race

  7. This goes out to Kerry, you are one heartless woman.
    Or maybe you have surfferd from domestic violence before. But at the end of the day NOBODY is perfect!

  8. Betrayal by someone you love can and is devastating! The hurt and pain can cripple you for a life time, but its not worth losing your freedom or life over someone who does not have your back or love you! I discovered my ex in our bed in our home with a another women and flipped out as well but I didn’t kill him although it was really hard not too! Some folks who have responded to this article seem to feel cheating is not that serious but it is and if you can’t be committed in a relationship then you should be upfront about it instead of lying.

  9. This was and is truly a crime of passion. None of us has any right to pass judgement on this woman. Yes I have been in her situation. However, I was never neglected my children but I did feel like killing my ex husband but I did make the best choice in leaving him because he was not worth me loosing my children or my life. With all I have said none of us know what kind of hell this woman may have been suffering in this marriage. I am not condoning what she did but understand what I am saying. Just pray for this sister. She needs Gods mercy not our damnation.

    • This was not a crime of passion. THIS WAS A CRIME OF HATE. I am not sure if Black Women that no one belong to anyone – She was hateful, evil and selfish, because she only thought about herself. YES, you can pass judgment, because she killed her a human being because she thought that she had a slave who was escaping from her sick and hateful plantation. This is a sad case, but I hope these evil women understand how tragic this is. ANYONE who can empathy with her – SEEK HELP NOW!

      • Saprtacus – you said “seek help now!” you are wrong for that. Some women give their hearts to a man and when he crosses that line, it really hurts. I know this because I have been there. And trust, had I known the right people, I would have loved to have had him gone. Infidelity is wrong and very, very hurtful. When he saw the knife, that should have told him to step back and give her time to heal. The whole situation is a tragedy for all involved.

  10. You cannot POSSESS another human being!

    • I am a maturely experienced and rational 55 year young man. This woman was only 26 years old and probably put her”all” into her husband’s hands. The home-maker and the domesticated-partner needs to always have some “me time.” Never put everything in the hands of a human being. NEVER!

      Personally, and now professionally, I lean not unto my own understandings (Proverbs 3:5,6). Someone else knew that this train wreck was out of control. However, we should always seek the LORD when courting and dating a potential mate to ensure that we may know the other partners heart.

      Hurt people hurt people! Sister may have had a bent heart from a previous relationship. He may have been a serial cheater. Men tend to be socialized that the more women one has the more man they are. Of course the opposite is true! One man and one woman (Genesis 3:12-18) is what GOD intended. Now we have this same-sex-marriage dilemma to contend with…this too against the will of GOD {Levitcus 18:22, 20:13 & Romans 1:26,27}. In this case the woman with woman is implied as well. Same-sex is against the “Order of GOD” as is adultery. Humans are too sinful in this!

      Same-sex leads to the same problem. Bottom line for me…if it ain;t of GOD (John 1:1-5) I don’t want it for it will start out as an failure to the sanctity of marriage (1Corinthians7:15; Ephesians 5:25-33; Titus2, 1Timothy2 & 1Corinth.13. God Knows!

  11. cheating on someone can rip their soul apart. I’m sorry she has to pay that price. I wish she could have just stripped him of the family he cheated on through the courts. Sad. I don’t know that there is no excuse because there is certainly a strong reason for what she did.

  12. This sister had problems beyond the cheating. The article talks about her children being taken for neglect last year. There is a big picture with signs that she was overwhelmed and in trouble before she stabbed her husband. I am not condoning the husband cheating on his wife, I am saying she had issues. I am a woman who has been in this woman’s shoes. You cannot expect someone with little to no reasoning skills to value life. We can point fingers all day long but at the end of the day, we are only responsible for our actions. She took a life over something that could have been worked through if she really wanted to be with him. Or she could have done what grown ups do after the words are gone, leave. Death is final, there are no do overs, so for those saying he got what he deserved. Think about your life, what if you got everything you deserved. And yes, I’m still with my husband.

  13. Peter D. Slaughter

    Rest in peace to the brother.
    Another tragic case involving black people living in and under the hell’s of north america.
    As more and more of these situtations and scenarios continue to happen,where black men and black women are abusing,beating and killing each other.
    I wonder will a vast % of black people wake up ?
    Ever since these drama filled ghetto ignorant tv talk shows have come about.
    This type of media twisted non-sense has taken hold of many black minds young and old and male and female.
    Until a vast % of black people wake up and realize the real root and source of this social madness.
    More and more black people will continues to do violence and mayhem against each other.
    Just think this woman will have to spend a good % of her life in one of white owned,private owned updated slave plantation prisons to work for free and make somebody rich off her misery and misfortune.

  14. Nothing hurts me more than to see my Black people continue grow more violent. It already hurts me that we are using the N-Word,but now we are killing each other left and right. I wish I had the money to put youth programs in to help the kids as well as the money for mental health programs. Our people have been ignored for so long and we have denied the problems in the community for just as long.

  15. People must understand that we are human and humans make mistakes all the time. People have a right to change their minds and often do without confiding with anyone. Those that applaud her actions can now send her a care package in state prison. My life is not worth surrendering for the satisfaction of making someone hurt like me. Now one of a few choices is to decide if she is going to be a little boy or a little girl when she hits the yard. Now she can worry about the bull dykes and the bad food. Those that applaud her actions, write her and go visit her, just what I thought, glad to encourage evil upon evil.

  16. some of these comments are pure evil……. cheating is fixable if you love one another, this man didnt have to die for it, she should have left him if she couldnt get their reltionship help. prayers go out to his family and children. May GOD bless you all!!!!!!

  17. Oh please…I am in total agreement with Kerri. Good riddance to the POS. He got what he deserved.

    A dirty, rotten bastord.

    • @corbin56- You’re a real piece of work- classic idiot. The story says she found text messages on his phone “that appeared” to be from another women. This foolish female didn’t have PROOF he was cheating, she just assumed. Obviously, you’re a hate filled failure that no one loves. But, that’s the problem with most of y’all angry blk ppl- you no longer value life and feel it’s ok to take another persons life over the dumbest shit. It’s attitudes like yours is why so many blacks are murdered each week by other blacks.

    • WOW! I can only hope that you seek the help you deserve.

  18. Prayers for the bereaved family of Michael….prayers for the innocent children… horrible. Still yet another black family unit destroyed.

    May God help my people!

  19. The Bible says that a soft word turns away Raff. No one and I mean “no one” is worth going to jail for. I have never been in that situation and hope never to be. Oh yes, I have been cheated on, numerous times but I pray to God to give me the strength to go shopping and spend all his money or just leave and never come back which is what I did ten years ago. Never looked back…thank God for his grace and favor.

  20. Look,if i was her,i would have taken a deep breathe,gone to his closet and done a waiting to exhale moment on his clothes and personal things. Or she would have done that,she might have felt a little better or she could have just given her husband a dose of his own medicine and cheated on him. Anything but killing him,would have been better.

  21. This is really said but when you love someone so much and you married him, trust him with all your heart and he cheats on you is the worst feeling ever. you feel has you lost part of you, worthless and etc. No excuses for what she did but I know exactly how she felt

  22. Senseless tragedy all the way around. We have become intoxicated with violence and lack of restraint. Too much of this behavior on TV, movies, video games. These trifling ghetto reality shows on BET. We need to get a grip and learn how to de-escalate volatile situations.

    • Peter D. Slaughter

      Trent look at this observation.
      As you read notice how many women are saying he deserve it or good riddance to this guy.
      Now,understand I am not making no excuse for what he was doing.
      But I notice today a good % of black women claim to be christian.
      So now does it say in the bibles that many of these women have that they are not judge and only god can pass judgement especially when it comes to taking somebodies life.
      I wonder how many women really practice this overall even in these type dosmectic situtations.

  23. Cause at the end of the day you would have found its just not that serious.

  24. He should have kept his private part in his pants. Good riddance.

  25. May God forgive her, reality will set in and the bad dream/nightmare will show its ugly head. I’m thinking at some point, did the lost of a cheating spouse supercede the lost of all (children, husband, and freedom)? The evidence alone enough clarity to remove yourself from a toxic situation knowing the worst is on the horizon…Above all, there’s a lesson to be learned for others going through these trials and tribulations.

  26. I hear people on he say they understand or I been where she has been before and that is the problem, people think that they are so important that they have the right to murder some one for cheating on them. Get a grip and wake up, you are not so special that for every time you perceive to be wronged that you have the right to kill some one! Keep thinking like that and see where it gets you.

    Choose life, move on. Get over yourself and realize maybe you should get out of the relationship or at least take time to gather you wits and think things through!

    • what is this world coming to? the people today if u just look at them u are dead.

  27. Ppl do things in the rash of the moment, things that r unexcusable but not intentional. I think thats what happens here,

  28. I truely under stand the pain of a lost.but as my sister.i never understood why go out and cheat on the guy.just leave well what was done on the dark came to light and my sister and her lover both payed the price.yes the guy got life in prison.but I’ve never understood why get into a relationship if your not going to be faithful.some people take love a lil to serious.

  29. Jeanette Gaston

    Yes, it is very sad my heart goes out to the wife, for now no doubt she knows that she had made this perilous mistake that she cannot take back. This wife is going to prison and be subjected to be a prisoner in her mind that will remind her of her husband who she watched as his slipped away.

    So many of us think that the love in and of the world is love, but it is only an imitation of love. Love is not jealous, Love is not puffed up, Love is kind, and Love is gentle. Lust is so often is used in the place of Love.

    The bible tells us that if we have not Love it will profit you nothing! A waste a total loss on your behalf because you thought you giving acts of love but instead falsifying the truth.

    Let us all examine ourselves and see where our priorities lie, whether they be in heaven or hell. I want to find myself in the arms of safety lying at the feet of King of Heaven’s throne. Prayer is the key and Faith unlocks the door. Seek the spirit of Love and truth while they may be found.

  30. This is really a really sad story, and just like others have said the kids are the ones whose going to suffer the most… Yes she may have been upset but taking this mans life was not the answer to their problems, and now the kids have no mom or father in their lives.. This should be a lesson learned to all of you out there that thinks that you can just play with peoples feelings and emotions without any remorse… You never know what someone is feeling on the inside and when they just might snap!!!!!!

  31. This is really sad, but I have been to the edge where she was but was able to abstain…so I understand….a walk as someone suggested would have made a big difference…..yes she would still have been angry…but maybe he would still be alive.

  32. Same scenario with my brother and she took a deal for 10-20. Voluntary manslaughter. Sad. Nobody wins in a situation like this.

  33. We all can say what we would have done but when your hurt u don’t think!

  34. cheating is not worh killing someone over my girl cheated on me and i wanted to kill her but i ust stepped back and did megot a degree and we worked things out.

  35. cheating is not worth life in prison or making my child homeless she should have just left god damn people get it together

  36. isaacjones1266@att.neti


  37. She jumped the line…. Really bad

  38. Going for a 10-minute walk could have made all the difference.

  39. Life is all about choices so sorry she made one that will effect her and her children for the rest of her life.