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Horrible: Man Attacks Woman for Having a Bi-Racial Child, Breaks Baby’s Collar Bone


In this day and age, we expect that people should be accustomed to seeing bi-racial couples and children.  But sometimes, people show their ignorance and remind us that there is still a lot of hate in the world.  In a London train station, a woman was with her bi-racial baby.  A black man in the station apparently didn’t like what he saw, and he then proceeded to grab the woman’s hair, knocking her to the ground.

The horrible incident happened at Walthamstow Central train station.  The infant suffered a broken collar bone as his mother was attacked and they were both taken to the hospital.   Making matters even worse, the suspect was not captured at the scene of the crime.   Police are asking the public for help in finding the suspect and showing video surveillance whenever they can.;

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