Brooklyn Party Goes Wrong: Nine wounded, One Critical After Shooting

brooklyn-police-shootingBy Staff Blogger

According to New York Police, nine people were shot and wounded at a party in Brooklyn, New York and one of them; a woman, was taken to hospital in a critical condition.

Apparently an argument broke out when someone was denied entry into the house party last night on East 52nd Street in East Flatbush, New York.

Authorities say that shots were heard at around 1 a.m. on Sunday morning, after some people started shooting wildly into a crowd of around 60 people outside of the house.

One witness, who doesn’t want to be named, said “”A person in the middle of the crowd just started shooting all around, into the crowd.” The witness goes on to say that people started screaming and they started running away from the gunfire.

Another resident, who also doesn’t wish to be named, said that a bunch of girls started running down the street after they jumped his fence. He also said that the shooter crept down the block and hid in the corner of a nearby driveway.

The assailant was wearing light colored shorts and a T-shirt, according to the neighbor, who added that some of the girls running away from the scene were not wearing any shoes and one had her blouse “ripped right off.”

The nine party goers, who were injured by the gunman, are all expected to make a full recovery, according to authorities.

One of the victims was admitted to the hospital with “life-threatening” injuries. Her condition later improved and she is now in stable condition.

New York police officer, Sophia Tassy-Mason said that seven of the victims have been released from hospital. The other two victims remain in the hospital but are in a stable condition.

It is still unknown how many shots were fired and how many people fired shots, according to police.

No arrests have as yet been made and no suspects have been identified.

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  1. Sorry Marvin that last message was meant for concerned 319

  2. This yard party was ongoing. I personally was on the East 51 Street visiting a resident on Father’s Day on June 16, 2013 and the block had constant traffic from those looking for parking and and foot traffic for the party one block over. The music was super-duper loud…The East Flatbush neighborhoods are ripe for these incidents because of the lawless attitudes and actions of certain individuals and in this case it appears it only took one of them…can you imagine if others were shooting…60 people in a backyard…ludacris…and the local law enforcement could have curbed that long before the shooting…indifference to the quality of life of others.

    • Marvin I see your comment as one of the most disturbing yet, why when black people have a BBQ And it has a lot of people it’s always frowned upon, I live In Long Island and whites Hispanics and other demographics do the same thing, the only difference is the it’s much more space! You want law enforcement to curb BBQ’s now while there other major crimes happening in the area. Unfortunately this incident happened but please be aware that its not only relegated to the blk community, know what your talking about before you make such an ignorant statement.

  3. Black people always have to be doing something stupid. This is why we need stricter gun laws and why the stop and frisk laws needs to be more enforced. To many ignorant black/niggas acting stupid.

    • First of all Sharrise, your statement is to broad because not all black people are always doing something stupid. It’s the few or handful of ignorant black people that always ruin it for the many good law abiding black folks.
      You can have the strictest gun control laws you would like, but the fact will ALWAYS remain that criminals, psychopaths, and mentally ill people will always get access to guns. What makes you think that any criminal is going to follow any restrictive gun law?
      And who do you propose the police should stop and frisk the most? White people? Black people? Latino people? Who exactly should the police stop and frisk for guns? Because stop and frisk isn’t very effective at taking guns off the streets. However,it is effective at racial profiling though.

  4. Codrington C. Dapp

    Why black people always getting shot? I swear, no one gets shot more than black people…and usually it’s the hand of a nig that pulled the trig…