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Woman Tries Carjacking a Cab With Two Children in Tow Then Steals Pickup Truck

Nicole EvansBy Malcolm Morrow

A Cobb County Georgia woman named Nicole Evans was arrested on Tuesday after she stole a man’s truck and took police on a high speed chase. The chase took place  with her two young children along for the ride.

Police report that Evans first attempted to steal a parked cab but was thwarted when the owner, Danny Kim wrestled the keys away from her with the help of a fellow cab driver. Kim says that while he was loading Evans’ children’s stroller into the trunk of the car, Evans jumped into the driver seat and attempted to take off. Evans was yelling from the car and Kim recounts what was said, “She was like, ‘I got to go, I got to go. Let me go, let me go. I put my hand right there, I tried to get the keys.” An intense struggle ensued and Evans escaped by jumping through the window of the vehicle.

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