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Trayvon’s Step Mother Says Zimmerman Didn’t Pick Trayvon Out Because He is Black

wepoewpoewpoThe stepmother of Trayvon Martin may soon find that telling your version of the truth may not be in line with the political expectations of others.  This week, Martin’s mother, Alicia Stanley, spoke with Anderson Cooper about the death of Trayvon.  If this case were being decided in the court of public opinion, this would be considered a win for the defense of George Zimmerman.

Alicia seemed to still be hurt by Trayvon’s death, stating that she was more than a mother to him.  She says she played a hands-on role in raising him and that she loved him dearly.    She also said that it’s difficult to watch others say things about Trayvon that simply are not true.  She says that he was not a thug and that the media’s portrayals of Martin are inaccurate.  In addition to this, she does believe that George Zimmerman should be found guilty.

But the bombshell of the interview came when Cooper asked Stanley if she believed that Zimmerman targeted Martin because he was black.

“No, I really don’t think it was Zimmerman don’t like black people, or he picked him out because he was black. Did he profile him with the hoodie and stuff like that as this thug, whatever, walking, in Zimmerman’s mind? Yes, but to say that he targeted him because he was black? No, I don’t–I don’t think so.”

Stanley also seemed to be disappointed in her former fiancee, Tracy Martin.  She said that, right after Martin’s death, he kept her informed on proceedings in the case.  But once the media came around, she says that he kept her out of the loop.  It’s hard to tell if this bad blood is what caused her to speak publicly on the matter, but her remarks are going to be either used or dismissed across the board, depending on which side of the case you’re on.

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