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The Men Who Robbed 2 Chainz Makes Fun Of Him Via Twitter

By: Madam Prezident

How do you commit a crime and take it to social media and make a mockery of it? This is crazy. The men responsible for robbing 2 Chainz, which 2 Chainz denied. Well, the robbers have posted pictures of 2 Chainz belongings just two weeks after the incident occurred.  Pictures of 2 Chainz State ID, and Visa have surfaced all over the internet.  I personally don’t understand the reason 2 Chainz would deny being robbed. Having a gun to your head doesn’t take away from your ‘street credibility’. The robbers are making fun of robbing 2Chainz via Instagram.  America is a crazy place. I hope 2 Chainz find those guys and press charges.   


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