NFL Player Tries to Run Away from the Cops and is Caught on Gun, Weed Charge

diooidsidsThe NFL is turning into the place where the men don’t know how to make good decisions. Yet another player has found himself going to the slammer after being arrested for gun possession.  Joe Lefeged, a safety for the Indianapolis Colts, has been charged in Washington DC, a place where gun possession is not typically tolerated.

The 25-year old Lefeged and his friend, 23-year old Aaron Wilson, were arraigned and charged with carrying a firearm without license, unregistered firearm, unregistered ammunition and presence of a firearm in a motor vehicle.  All of this according to the Indianapolis Star and a spokesman for the DC police.

Lefeged is being held until a preliminary hearing.  In addition to finding the gun, police also said they smelled marijuana in the car.   The two men tried to run and get away, but apparently, the NFL player couldn’t outrun the cops.

Police said they were stopping the car for speeding because Wilson was standing up in the backseat of a convertible.  When they were told to pull over, the men tried to drive away, nearly running a police officer over in the process.   In addition to the gun and weed, police also found an orange juice bottle with “an odor consistent with vodka.”

The Colts released the following statement:

“We are aware of the reports regarding Joe Lefeged in Washington, D.C. At this time, we will have no further comment on the pending matter until we gain more information.”

Their next statement might be one that involves his dismissal from the team.  The NFL doesn’t play that.


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  1. Five comments!!! I 100% agree with all of YOU!! Standing up in a convertible where there is a gun, weed AND open containers of booze!! IDIOTS!!! After these guys get money they seem to confuse “real time” with shit they see in the movies. I say get rid of his azz too!! Then he will have all the time he needs to hang out with his “homies”!!!

  2. The keyword in the next level beyond college football is professional. Your friends from the hood should motivate you to be a change agent (example) dissimilar to financially supporting situations, troubled environment, and circumstances you’ve worked your way out of due athletic abilities. These young athletes should be very mindful the slightest slip of your grip on reality will give the powers that be reason to strip them of everything. These sports agents and fans that put these players on pedestals will be the first to throw you to the wolves on any given day.

  3. @ Troy Williams I was thinking the same thing.

  4. Another brother with money doing dumbsh*t, when will we learn, and we wonder why some whites treat us like we are criminals and talk bad about us, this is a perfect example of how not to do things, another black athlete gone bad.

  5. Careless..all around standing up in vehicle weapons cmon lets get it together

  6. Another career gone down the toilet!