BET Awards Coming Up: Is BET Good for Black America?

dsopdsoppsdoIn case you didn’t know, we don’t like BET.  Anything that glorifies the worst of black America and encourages it is no friend of ours.  We report on a wide range of news at Your Black World, including the good, the bad and the ugly, but we are determined to see black America improve from these lessons rather than get worse because of them.

With the BET Awards around the corner, the Your Black World team decided to come up with 10 suggested slogans for BET.  They will probably get mad at us for this one, but in case you don’t know, we really don’t care.  Make your own suggestions for slogans and if it’s good, we’ll blast that out there too.  We might tell you about ignorant things happening in the world, but we will never encourage you to be ignorant.

Here are some suggested slogans that BET might consider:


1)      The place where high IQs ain’t gangsta

2)      BET: The drop box for the prison industrial complex

3)      F*ck Martin Luther King and all them other hatin-azz Civil Rights N*ggaz

4)      We’ll have your child twerking in Kindergarten

5)      The place where black genocide is celebrated

6)      Why teach your son to read when you can just give him a gun?

7)      BET stands for Liquor, Weed and Hoes

8)      Where the American dream is to have “All Gold Everythang”

9)      The dumber you are, the richer we get

10)   BET: We Really do Hate Black People

Bonus slogan- free of charge:

11) BET, “We Got you” (trapped in a perpetual cycle of ignorance and self-destruction)

12) Dr. King died for you to be able to sip your sizzurp at any lunch counter in America

Slogans from YBW Readers (we don’t endorse them, but thought we’d share):

13) Welcome to BET, where ignorance is Bliss

14) Swipe your EBT to watch BET



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  1. BET has been an insult to black culture since its inception. It did not start insulting blacks with Viacom! I only thing I looked at on BET was a show on Sunday…I think it was called “BEV” or, that was her name. Incidentally, she was the darkest thing on BET and she was not really dark skin. Any way, she has been off for years and that was the time I knew my dignity would not allow me to sit there and digest that degradation of black culture.

    If we have nothing but a blue screen, we need to get rid of “Meet the Brown, House of Payne, and all of the ones I don’t remember the names of all of the degrading mess on television that are loud, profane and ignorant!

  2. I’m sick of this same ole, same ole argument. Do you have something better to replace it with? Instead of putting down and tearing down black stations (the precisous few that we have), how about pooling your resources and coming up with something you’d consider worthwhile? The on going criticisms haven’t changed much.

  3. BET=Black Evil Traitors or Black Elite’s Trap

  4. I’ve never been a fan of BET and didn’t allow it to be on my household except for some of the documentaries. It is nothing new that the music videos are vulgar. Reality shows (on any channel) are asinine. BET didn’t just now start to fail. It’s been OFF at my house for 25 years.

  5. but why can’t you write one article without writing “sizzurp”? You lovin it too much ain’t you-hahaha!

  6. BET = Buffoonery Exists Today

  7. Well, I haven’t watched BET since Viacom took ova. I knew that since BET ain’t Black owned anymore, I’ll be bad!!!!Since then, I’ve been hearing a lot of bad comments from Black people about BET. Looks like I’m right. So I will add to the list started in the article:

    13. Black people should own and control their own media.

  8. reginald williams jr

    I don’t won’t this negativity to be true!!!! Dats me because its my a huge part of my upbringing & social world so I’ll just pray dat there’s a God harvesting a crop!!! Peace & love!!

  9. mike

    the immigration bill is to protect freedom.There is no threat to black people to have more honest,law-abiding hispanics here.If they take your janitor job because they’ll work cheaper,come in earlier,stay later,go to college and become a professional.

  10. mike

    bet is white owned-go figure


  12. You think BET is bad , if congress passes this immigration bill black people will really be in the toilet. We have no jobs now and they want 11 to 20 million more welfare people just for votes. Wake up black people, BET will not do what this law will do to us. We can stop watching and make BET change, once this bill goes though it is over for us, and this country. Once they get the numbers Hispanics force black people out of the neighborhoods or kill them. Where is the NAACP, the CBC, why are they not protesting this bill.

    • The NAACP, CBC, and all those other so-called
      Civil Rights groups sold us out long time ago. They support issues they are ‘told’ to support–such as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Not that Gays shouldn’t have their rights too; but that’s not a number one priority for Black people.

      At my place of work, I watched as all, except one, of the Black Janitors were pushed out of their jobs by Hispanics who came on board in Personnel and gradually brought in their own kind from the “field work.” I missed the Black Janitors; and they were so proud of me being the only Black professional there.

    • Where have you been? The immigration bill was passed by Congress and Senate.

  13. I have never found BET appealing, even from the beginning. Even though the word ‘entertainment’ is part of the name I was never entertained by it. What I’d like are some channels that specialize in news, investigative reporting, history, books, lectures, etc.

  14. I never watch it, but I’ll BET that it’s full of trash!

  15. Despite all of the negative comments regarding the BET Awards,the show was fantastic you could not ask for better entertainment I wish the Grammy’s and the American music awards was that entertaining there may have been a little ghetto by a few people but mainly by Chris Tucker but other than that it was great I notice the person that wrote this article did not give his or her name just another black person hating on another black person in this case BET.and you wonder why blacks do not progress as a society.SMH

  16. Peter D. Slaughter

    On another planet where the destiny of black people and afrikan people would be in the hands of black people and afrikan people.
    Where the black people and afrikan people would control their resources needed for their overall economic,social and political survival a so-called network called bet would not be in business or even be allowed to project such twisted non-sense to the minds of black people or afrikan people period.
    I gave up bet years ago and to see vast numbers of black people still watching them shows that a % of black people have a major mental problem to still be watching and viewing most of their twisted, mentally destructive images.
    I notice so many black people make this one main excuse for them which is ” oh it’s just entertainment ” .
    Go read the details of what W. E. Dubois said years ago ” All art is propaganda “.
    The average black person who says ” Oh it’s just enetertaimnent ” seem to not have a clue as to what self destructive and self hating images will do and have done to the black and afrikan mind world wide.
    I am glad I missed the safe,non-threatening,shoe shining, ” We’s so happy to be on TV’s masssa event last night ” .

    While a % of black’s are sitting around in front of some big 15 inc tv being held mentally captive in one spot.
    slavemassa is making major plans to stay in power and keep black’s and afrikans in the current state of slave like ignorance,self hate and genocide.

    • Amen! I agree with you 1000% and more. Our people are clueless of what’s about to occur. This state of ignorance is the lethal. My main concern are the children and the generations to come.

  17. Haters? Who watches this H.A.M.? Only the ignorant! It does not portray Afro-Americans in the best light!

  18. All of you sound like a bunch of Racist Haters! I think the BET Awards, Fan Experience and Weekend here in LA was a success, business, hotels and Restaurants were full all weekend with BLACK Dollars. Shit most of you sound like a bunch of 1865 Bigots! Find some real business. When FOX NEWS GO then talk about BET.

    • LaMarr Blackmon said:

      I think the BET Awards, Fan Experience and Weekend here in LA was a success, business, hotels and Restaurants were full all weekend with BLACK Dollars.


      Where did those Black Dollars go that was spent this weekend? To improve black communities, to educate our youth, to derail mass incarceration, ect? I’m pretty sure you know the answer to this question. Oh and, if WE spent so many “Black Dollars” this weekend and WE did not and will not benefit, then who will?

      On a positive note, we got entertained by a lot of beautiful and talented black people which is always more important than confonting our issues. And overall Win Win for the black community!!!!


  19. All BET has left to do now is hire Paula Deen for some “slave” cooking shows, Ted Nugent to do a few rap concerts, and hit up Alec Baldwin and Mel Gibson for a talk show about what white folks REALLY think of black people and BOOM!

    For some self-hating Negroes who hate black folks as much as ~those~ white folks do, that network will over the top in no time.

    The black folks who watch BET will be in overdrive slurping up that white pig slop in quick time.

  20. BET is no longer owned by blacks its owned by Viacom who owns MTV, VHI etc. So this explains a lot. I stopped watching BET a long time ago.

  21. An amazing platform to reach our youth through empowerment however, look at what’s being sacrificed for money….

  22. BET= Blacks Embarrasing Themselves

  23. B uffoons
    E ngaging
    T reacherously

    B uffoon = a RIDICULUS but AMUSING person; a CLOWN
    E ngaging = to enter into CONFLICT or BATTLE
    T reacherously = GUILTY of, or involving BETRAYAL

    We ALL know that BET is a RIDICULUS media outlet, which only AMUSES Black people. They act like CLOWNS on BET, and only want to BATTLE to keep Black people in a CONFLICTING confused condition.

    This station is GUILTY of BETRAYING and DECEIVING our people!!!

    Don’t bet on BET!!!