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BET Awards Coming Up: Is BET Good for Black America?

dsopdsoppsdoIn case you didn’t know, we don’t like BET.  Anything that glorifies the worst of black America and encourages it is no friend of ours.  We report on a wide range of news at Your Black World, including the good, the bad and the ugly, but we are determined to see black America improve from these lessons rather than get worse because of them.

With the BET Awards around the corner, the Your Black World team decided to come up with 10 suggested slogans for BET.  They will probably get mad at us for this one, but in case you don’t know, we really don’t care.  Make your own suggestions for slogans and if it’s good, we’ll blast that out there too.  We might tell you about ignorant things happening in the world, but we will never encourage you to be ignorant.

Here are some suggested slogans that BET might consider:


1)      The place where high IQs ain’t gangsta

2)      BET: The drop box for the prison industrial complex

3)      F*ck Martin Luther King and all them other hatin-azz Civil Rights N*ggaz

4)      We’ll have your child twerking in Kindergarten

5)      The place where black genocide is celebrated

6)      Why teach your son to read when you can just give him a gun?

7)      BET stands for Liquor, Weed and Hoes

8)      Where the American dream is to have “All Gold Everythang”

9)      The dumber you are, the richer we get

10)   BET: We Really do Hate Black People

Bonus slogan- free of charge:

11) BET, “We Got you” (trapped in a perpetual cycle of ignorance and self-destruction)

12) Dr. King died for you to be able to sip your sizzurp at any lunch counter in America

Slogans from YBW Readers (we don’t endorse them, but thought we’d share):

13) Welcome to BET, where ignorance is Bliss

14) Swipe your EBT to watch BET



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