Jermaine Dupri Hit with $800,000 Tax Bill

weopwpopweoTaxes can be tough to manage for entertainers.  The seriousness of the issue has increased since several prominent artists are facing prison time for not paying their bills.  Fat Joe and Lauryn Hill just happen to be the latest to be hit and others are surely on the horizon.

Jermaine Dupri from So-So Def records is fighting against Uncle Sam himself.  The poor guy already paid $3 million to deal with a tax lien that he had from taxes owed in the early 2000s.  But now, TMZ is reporting that the drama isn’t over for Dupri.

The mogul just received a tax bill of $800,000 from the IRS, due to taxes owed between 2008 and 2011.  This is a mighty large bill for anyone, even a wealthy hip-hop artist.  Here’s the breakdown of his tax debt, which we’re sure has him fuming:

2008: $646.47

2010: $140, 889.76

2011: $657,156.12

That’s a total of $798,692.

Here’s a fact that you may not have known.  JD got his start in the music industry by being a backup dancer for the group, “Whodini.”  He was also in the video “The Freaks Come Out at Night.”  He did all this by the age of 12, so you could say that he was ordained to be successful.  Oh yeah, having a powerful father in the music industry didn’t hurt either.  There’s always a catch.

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  3. Stop blaming everyone else! PAY YO Fucking Taxes like everyone else period! Black entertainers need to take class on money management..

  4. The IRS needs to be abolished. Other than slavery and the inhumain treatment of Native Americans and Africans, this country ran fine without a Federal Income tax for almost 200 years until the Ferderal Reserve was created in 1913 and the 16th Amendment was fraudulently ratified shortly after.

    Warren Buffet, GE, Exxon Moblie, and many other wealthy people and corporations pay little to no taxes at all.


  6. I am convinced that black and hispanic entertainers are on a list, and each person on the list is getting investigated for tax evasion. And every now and then, someone on the list gets caught up. Just like it was proven that the Tea Party was targeted, Hip Hop & black entertainers seem to be being targeted also.

    With the ridiculous amount of money being hidden in offshore accounts, with the main purpose being to avoid taxes, that should be the real target of tax evasion investigations. But instead, the low hanging fruit is always first.

  7. sean from brooklyn

    poor and working blacks need to care about each other,because no one else gives a shlt.
    real talk.
    look at all your so called black sites including this one,it is for the elite ran by the elite and the elite gives these sites their support to maintain.
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    • “Poor and working blacks need to care about each other…” I agree, but how’s that going to work out since according to YOU “black women hate black men”? Those are your words, as I recall. So I guess all those “poor and working blacks” are male, correct? Or do you want black women’s support and undying love no matter how much contempt you may have for them? Just askin’.