Seriously? NYC Mayor Says Stop and Frisk Discriminates Against White People


No one really knows what to make of this, but New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has stated that he believes that the controversial “stop and frisk” policy of the New York Police Department discriminates against white people by stopping them too much.

Bloomberg made his comments after the the City Council approved bills designed to slow down the stop-and-frisk policy.

“One newspaper and one news service, they just keep saying, ‘Oh, it’s a disproportionate percentage of a particular ethnic group.’ That may be. But it’s not a disproportionate percentage of those who witnesses and victims describe as committing the murders,” said Bloomberg.

The mayor says that the people who are criticizing the policy are uneducated about the truth behind the data.  His argument appears to be one built on the notion that whites are the actual victims, not blacks and latinos, as many experts have stated.

“In that case, incidentally, I think, we disproportionately stop whites too much and minorities too little,” the mayor said. “It’s exactly the reverse of what they’re saying. I don’t know where they went to school, but they certainly didn’t take a math course, or a logic course.”

Continuing on this apparent bridge to nowhere, the mayor went on to say that “nobody racial profiles.”

Council Member Jumaane Williams flatly responded to the mayor’s remarks, claiming that Bloomberg is actually the one being manipulative.

“I think he’s taken a course in how to misuse numbers most effectively,” he told the New York Times.

“It’s obviously just ridiculous, ” Williams said. “Every day I get more flabbergasted by what the mayor and (police) commissioner and police unions are saying about the bills. What they’re actually doing is making the case for us why we need the bills. So, hopefully they keep talking.”

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  1. Yeah, and “scientifically speaking” black people are so intellectually inferior and child-minded that we’re supposed to fall for that without asking questions … kinda like your mom and/or dad whipping your @rse with a two-fisted pummel, an extension cord, a belt, and a switch, and telling you “Now this is gonna hurt ME more than it does you.”


  2. Wow Bloomberg is an idiot

  3. This mayor is a hate monger just like Ed Koch and Guilliani, they hate people of color and will stop at nothing to keep doing ” operation options and population control” as the late bro Steve Cokely talked about years ago!! Wake up and quit saying ” its all our own fault.” WE are not the ones instituting and enacting these racist practices!! Stop that shyt please!! Maat..


  5. They should stop and frisk New York City Mayor Bloomberg a couple of times and see how that cocknockers would like it.They should also stop and frisk the New York City Police Commissioner Kelly a couple of times and see how that cocknockers would like it.Them Cops in New York only stop and frisk Africans and Spanish Speaking people, they would not dare go in some European and Jewish Neighbourhoods and stop and frisk them like they do in African and Spanish Speaking neighbourhoods.Thats the bottom line. The Mayor should straighten up and fly right.That cocknocker.

  6. Lol! Oh he’s so right! White people dont need to be “frisked” on the STREETS. The poor excuse for law enforcement needs to “stop” by their “safe” neighborhoods unannounced, “frisk” their homes and computers for all types of weapons and plans for premeditated murders, so they can arrest anyone suspicious and prevent future SCHOOLS, movie theaters, families at home, malls, and places of employment from premeditated weapon related massacres, and prevent espionage! Smh..yeah white people are innocent in everything. :/

    • Nail on the Head..Enough said!!!

      • And I will raise the hammer to do it again! smh. I just cant stand aside and let racial nonsense like this infiltrate people minds. These modern day Jim Crows and Willie Lynchs’ words are so influential that they convince many of us brown and latino people that we are nothing but criminals. I will utilize EVERY opportunity to dismiss that type of racism by reminding THEM of the type of criminals that they are.

    • So much racism in this U S of A. It is so damn sad. Too many are obsessed with pigment. Elected Officials and Police should not be allowed to go there or they need to be let go of their duties. For these are positions where the public depends on their fairness and righteousness and better judgement. We are paying these people and for what?

  7. We black folks need to fix our communities around this country it seems like whites think we are violent that’s far from the truth the only problems we have is within our communities that can be fix if we law abiding blacks work together and rid these low life’s that call themselves thug niggas but white people are born killers they will kill the whole family and themselves after, they are child killers and molesters, serial killers, they also are the most racist beings on this earth and it is a shame that their are good white folk out there. Plus white folk alway proclaim their patriotism but would sell this country out for a pack of cigarettes and they been committing espionage and treason against this country then they have a nerve to get mad at Michelle Obama for saying for the first in my life I am proud to be an American they were to dumb found to understand what she meant by that at least she didn’t take u.s intelligence secrets to hong kong Russia and other foes around the world white man blew the whistle on this country I never want to hear a white person talk about patriotism ever again because they are last to portray themselves as one.

  8. The more minorities that are harassed and or arrested, there is a higher chance of them resisting arrest and possibly becoming felons. Felons can’t vote. So the “others” will get whomever will further their agenda into office and unless we as a people unite” stop and frisk” will be the least of our problems

    • @Erica: “The more minorities that are harassed and or arrested, there is a higher chance of them resisting arrest and possibly becoming felons.”

      minority = a racial, religious, political, national, or other group thought to be different from the larger group of which it is part.

      A group having little power or representation relative to other groups within a society.

      Law: The state or period of being under legal age: example: still in her minority.

      If we (Blacks) are supposed to be citizens of these uNUTed snakes of azzholes (usa), why are we treated DIFFERENTLY from the ‘larger’ group? If we are 92% (Black and brown people) of the WORLD; why are we called ‘minorities’ when caucasoids are only 8% of the world population? But, y’all let these ‘minorities’ control your THOUGHTS, IMAGES, EDUCATION, OURstory, AND LIFES?


      In law; a ‘minority’ is still under his/her parents rules, laws, and regulation; therefore, are you negroids still under caucasoid’s rules, laws, and regulation of being ENSLAVED? Haven’t you broke loose from these CHAINS around your MINDS? How can an adult be called a ‘miniority’?

      I’M NOT A DA.MN minority because Black and brown people are the DOMINATE culture world-wide. These caucasoids are the minority RIGHT HERE IN amerikkka! Why do you think they are SCARED! They have you xtian heathens still entrapped with their evil and wicked religion called xtianity. Y’ALL NEED BRAIN SURGERY!

      I keep telling y’all that caucasoids are crazy! He’s (mayor) a perfect example of an educated NUT! This cracker knows that caucasoids commit more crimes, are on more drugs (crack), and commit more mass murders, than ALL CULTURES COMBINED! But, he claims crackers are being ‘discriminated’ against! How did [they] become ‘BLACK’?

      As you can see in my True Stats with Facts; they (caucasoids)were arrested more than Blacks for carrying concealed weapons? What color are the terrorists and mass killers, who are SHOOTING UP INNOCENT MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN; NOT ONLY HERE IN RACIST amerikkka, BUT ALSO OVERSEAS?


      These caucasoid pigs are the new klan (kooky kinky krackers)!!! They are hunting us down like they did during our forced enslavement with their guns and dogs!!!



      • Derrick I agree with you whole heartedly. They rule with fear through propaganda and people in other countries see right through it. It’s the reason so many countries such as England and others have called America out on being the only country that has such mass incarceration instead of reformation and pharmaceuticals (drugs) as a means of income, wealth, and enslavement. It has always been a numbers game used as a fear tactic, but my people don’t read so the nonesense is repeated over and over again so people believe what is said. Those who control the media know that it’s a way to perpetuate any lie they want you to believe. They will quickly show a black person as the poster child for welfare when the real statistics will show you that they are high users and abusers of the welfare system. Even the movies will have you thinking that there are no black families with long-term stable marriages and that we all come from single parent homes when they are the ones having many and plenty of babies out of wedlock so much so they have made reality shows out of it to prove my point (“Teen moms”, “Pregnant & Dating”). I could go on, but you have made such compelling points so I’m out.

        • Peaches: “They rule with fear through propaganda and people in other countries see right through it.”

          You are right; they rule with fear, and let me add WEAPONS! Without their weapons they are USELESS!

          This is why amerikkka always kill off leaders of other countries, and call them dictators and terrorists, but ain’t O’Drama doing the same thang?

          Is he not terrorizing Afrika, and dropping drones on this own people? He killed off Gaddafi, and Chavez said, if he died the uNUTed snakes would’ve killed him! This country is the most racist, brutal, and murderous country on the planet!

          No other country on this planet is usurping other nations and killing innocent people, except for amerikkka! They claim it’s for democracy, but we Blacks haven’t had any democracy in 500 years, and counting…

          Much Love & Respect!

  9. Clearly he’s going through Dementia

  10. CORRECTION to my earlier post my reference should have been from 2012 not 2011…regarding number of stops in NYC

  11. Bloomberg is a Napolean Oligarch who thinks he’s GOD & UNTOUCHABLE. The citizens of NYC should NEVER have allowed him 2 change the laws so that he could remain in office for another term. That speaks volumes 2 his narcissism. The facts are in NYC 2011, there were over 500M Stops & out of those 85% were minorities, would the Mayor like for that number to be 100%…..he’s insane & he and his entire police department need 2 be removed & the Justice Department should oversee any and all police personnel going forward if not already.

  12. A Curious Observer

    Clearly another supporter of the philosophy that facts and evidence are nothing worth considering… Willfull denial and ignorance is a dangerous sickness.

  13. Is Bloomberg serious? Can’t be serious

  14. This right here was a “back-handed insult “, a deal breaker., The man’s so rich he doesn’t even care… Clearly he’s undercover “tea party ” affiliated because his polices sway in that direction where he p.I.s.s.e.d off all the right people… And those who have legal & political venues to fight back get a pass…

  15. This had to be the dumbest statement, of many dumb statements, that I heard Mayor Bloomberg say. 80% of those stopped for “stop or frisk” are black or latino, and I don’t know where he pulled his statement from. The new mayor will be elected in November, and Bloomberg should have never been allowed a third term, as us NYC residents voted for term limits (2 terms) on two separate occasions in the 1990’s via referendum. And, like many in power too long, he has gone, for lack of a better word, nuts, with respect to many policies. Believe it or not, he was an improvement over Guilliani, who was an out and out racist. I think Bloomberg is not a racist, but just engaged his mouth without engaging his brain, and did not have a grasp of the true facts. Good riddance in November. Glenn in the Bronx, NY.

  16. Here are the REAL facts
    Please pay close attention. There are more crimes being committed then shooting in the hood

    From FBI 2010 Crime Data Sheet: Offenders by Race: [Total % of Offenders: 69.5% white — 28% Black]
    HOMICIDE: white 4260 [87% victims were white ] — Black: 4210 [94% victims were Black] {Note: Its a well know fact that the vast majority of mass-murderers & serial-killers are white men aged 15 – 50 {ala Adam Lanza & James Holmes, etc]
    RAPE & s****l ASSAULT: white: 10,180 — Black: 4925
    Other s*x OFFENSES: white: 41,405 — Black: 13,180
    Aggravated ASSAULT: white: 202,275 — Black: 106,380
    Other ASSAULT: white: 659,170 — Black: 318,115
    Acts of WIFE &/or CHILD ABUSE [= Domestic Violence]: white: 56,235 — Black: 26,470
    Armed & Strong Armed ROBBERY: white: 37,905 – Black: 48,155
    BURGLARY: white: 152,210 — Black: 69,540
    Larceny-THEFT: white: 687,610 – Black: 282,245
    AUTO THEFT: white: 35,010 — Black: 18,795
    ARSON: white: 6590 — Black: 1980
    Property DESTRUCTION [= Vandalism]: white: 145,285 — Black: 46,305
    ILLEGAL WEAPONS VIOLATIONS: white: 71,770 — Black: 49,440
    DRUG OFFENSES: white: 846,735 — Black: 404,610
    INTOXICATED DRIVING: white: 927,515 — Black 124,465
    Total Acts of VIOLENT CRIME: whites: 254,620 — Blacks: 163,670
    Total Acts of Property CRIME: whites: 881,420 — Blacks: 372,560
    SO FYI Missy Ann Coulter- Except for murder- where whites kill just as many people as Blacks [87% white vics killed by whites -vs- 94% of Black vics killed by Blacks – yet no-one ever talks about white on white crime] & robbery, – whites consistently commit 2Xs – 3Xs as much major crime as Blacks [except for Drunk Driving where whites offend 7.5Xs more often than Blacks – which implies whites likely commit 7-8Xs more DUI vehicular homicides than Blacks – FYI: Drunk Drivers kill just as many if not more folks in the US as are murdered by guns.]. This data shows that there should be at-least 2Xs – 3Xs as many whites in prison as Blacks. But in fact the exact opposite is true there’s 2Xs as many Blacks in prison than whites. That’s called Systemic Institutional RACISM- Missy Ann Coulter!!!
    [Note: Another interesting stat: There are 19,000 – 20,000 gun suicides in the US ea yr. 80-85% are committed by white men! Yet no-one ever seems to ask why white guys are so much more likely to blow their own brains out than Black & Hispanic men, who generally face far greater hardship than most white guys do!]

  17. Bloomberg need a coke and a double order of fries so that he can see reality!!!

  18. In case y’all may not know this Truth, but caucasoids are caught carrying more concealed weapons than Blacks and other races!

    Here’s the Truth with Proof

    In 2006 a total of 49,077 people were arrested for carrying a concealed weapon.

    Of that number 15,589 were Black, while 32,765 were caucasoids!!! THESE CAUCASOIDS COMMITTED OVER HALF OF CONCEALED WEAPONS VIOLATIONS!!!

    Therefore, this dumb azz mayor needs to go read the Truth about why crackers are stopped. He.ll, they kill MORE PEOPLE, than ALL races combined.

    They are the #1 mass serial killers!

    They kill more of their own people, in the burbs and in rural areas, than Blacks.

    They are killing INNOCENT people ALL OVER THE WORLD for their genetic survival and white world domination with their wars!


  19. sean from brooklyn

    poor and working blacks need to care about each other,because no one else gives a shlt.
    real talk.
    look at all your so called black sites including this one,it is for the elite ran by the elite and the elite gives these sites their support to maintain.
    the grio………………..aka the gringo(i coined that)useless site, when have you gone on there and those mutts had a article that helped you and your family advance in this wicked country.
    how about newsone…………aka snooze one(coined this too)useless, just more negative black so called news.
    loop 21…………..aka snoop 21 gossip and garbage 1st article today is on trey songz.
    these elites have sold out for crumbs, for them to attack that haitian sister like that (including this site) for the way she talked was a disgrace.

  20. Wait !!!! im not done!!!…. so does he think all the stop and frisk rallies and protests were to eliminate the police harassment of whites???? Politicians spin data and policies to the point of insulting nauseum

  21. SO BASICALLY HE IS WILLING TO SIGN LEGISLATION IF IT IS A NUISANCE TO WHITES!!!! If it bothers blacks then he doesn’t mind?…He needs to be stop and frisked for that user’s amount of crack he’s smoking with that statement. He obviously is out of touch and misinterprets critical data.