President Obama Visits Controversial Slave Site In Senegal

While visiting a disputed slave site in Senegal, President Obama observed that many of the countries in Africa have made much more obama-senegalprogress than they’re credited for achieving.

“I see this as a moment of great progress and great promise for the continent,” Obama said in a news conference with Senegalese President Macky Sall in Dakar.

“All too often, the world overlooks the amazing progress that Africa is making, including progress in strengthening democracy,” Obama said while touring the site.

The Senegalese slave site President Obama visited off Goree Island near Senegal’s coast was reportedly used to hold slaves before they were gathered up by handlers and stuffed on board ships bound for America. However, most historians have disputed this account, saying the site was a family home, not a slave site.

“There are literally no historians who believe the Slave House is what they’re claiming it to be, or that believe Goree was statistically significant in terms of the slave trade,” says historian Ralph Austen, a professor emeritus at the University of Chicago. “The debate for us is how loudly should we denounce it?”

Howard University history professor Ana Lucia Araujo confirmed that historians have never been  able to validate the claims made by the museum’s curator, but confirms the need for slavery to be remembered.

“We have a number of tourists from the United States that go to Goree, because we have no place here to commemorate the Atlantic slave trade,” she said. “But that does not make the site a real historical site. It’s a site of memory. But it’s not a real place from where real people left in the numbers they say.”


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  2. Here we go again… Are we now saying that the Africans made the story of Goree island up? one of the tactics to erase the history and memories of the black experiences. Anybody doubting holocaust sites or sites of Christ’s existence in the land of the Jews? Why do people doubts what happened just about 200 yeas ago. We have a living proof. How did the Blacks get to America? Goree island was the cargo port where the humans being were shipped out of Africa and where mirrors and salt were shipped in exchange into Africa. It was called trade by barter. Every african child knows this history. Can any good come out of Africa? If the white man wants to erase the memory from their minds by destroying monumental evidences, the african cannot simply forget loosing million of her children to the daylight robbery called slave trade.Those children left from a collection center and through a sea port called GOREE ISLAND which i am sure wass named after one of the slave traders!!!

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  6. The slave ships were made of WOOD, as were the slave quarters, built centuries ago. How could they still be around? Use your head for more than a hat.

  7. Why don’t they go to visit some of the Afrikan King’s and Queen’s palaces instead of showing this slave shyt all the time?

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  8. I thought there was something wrong in this article when it used the word “disputed” at the start.

    Thats interesting….so have these historians published their research which disputes authenticity of Goree Island slave port?

    I would like to see their research!