Black men swore it was a myth. Black women swore it was the truth, but research now gives us the facts both sides have been waiting for. A recent online dating study conducted by researchers at the University of California Berkeley proves that African-American men really are more likely to date white women. In an attempt to explain the reason for this phenomenon, Professor Mendelsohn states, “In this country, our notions of feminine attractiveness are based almost entirely on images of white women… the hypothesis that some people have argued is that there is no surprise that black men should contact white women, because that’s where we get our notions of who’s pretty.” That is not the end of the startling facts, however. African-American women’s worst fears continue to be confirmed. The Berkeley study also shows that African-American women are the group least likely to be contacted by men of any race. The study showed that if black women did not initiate contact or express romantic interest, they not only failed to be approached by men outside of their culture, they also failed to be approached by men of their own race. No doubt, this can leave a sista wondering what she can do for her love life. If she’s not wanted by the brothas, should she go out on a limb and approach men outside of her race? “Waiting For My Hershey’s Kiss” from the book entitled Ephemeral Moments — video excerpt above –  gives a modern black woman’s humorous and outrageous account of how she decided to put black men in their place while also giving vanilla love a try. What choice would you decide to make?

Myth Proven True: Black Men More Likely to Date White Women According to Research

eeoieieBlack men swore it was a myth. Black women swore it was the truth, but research now gives us the facts both sides have been waiting for. A recent online dating study conducted by researchers at the University of California Berkeley proves that African-American men really are more likely to date white women. In an attempt to explain the reason for this phenomenon, Professor Mendelsohn states, “In this country, our notions of feminine attractiveness are based almost entirely on images of white women… the hypothesis that some people have argued is that there is no surprise that black men should contact white women, because that’s where we get our notions of who’s pretty.”

That is not the end of the startling facts, however. African-American women’s worst fears continue to be confirmed. The Berkeley study also shows that African-American women are the group least likely to be contacted by men of any race.

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  1. I think it is also a matter of possessiveness black women feel towards black men. For example, white men are also constantly “straying” to marry women of chinese or indian or african descent, and even though it’s tempting to get annoyed at these patterns, it’s only actually obnoxious when people exhibit a strong preference for something exotic and criticize women of their own race.I mean who wouldn’t be offended by that, don’t these men love their own mothers? Anyone would take offense to the idea that what’s at home isn’t good enough for them, but the truth is that a lot of men, no matter what their color, have a thirst for variety.

    Let it be. Women have options too just like men, and there’s no reason to stick to the home team if it isn’t working out.

  2. i here all the brothers saying black women are loud disrespectful etc etc well just remeber a black women gave birth to you so if we are this way chances are that you arent that far from this behaviour yourself/ never diss ur own people for another race cus u feel things have changed cus when the white man was hanging ur ass an stealing u frm ur homeland white women werent the ones their for u .we were. also white woman have no reason to be angry ?wat opression, 400 years of rape an torture,beat down from society an the media and post tramatic effects have they gone threw ? black women have been thru farr more than any race of woman have gone thru an yet we picked ourself up with strength an if we werent so strong we probuly wudnt be here today…also b4 i go let me add color doesnt contribute to ur attitude ur enviroment usually shapes who u are …if white women were born an raised in a fucked up single parent enviroment changes are they will be jux as fucked up…so dnt judge the whole race of hood black women who are products of their enviroment an say we are all one race…because i know alot of sweet black women but black men dnt want those type they want the beyonce looking to my observation african woman are jux as or even more subserviant that white woman are to the point they dnt even question the mans authority //so its all abt ur personal experience in life but never take ur small reality an summerisize it as fact

  3. Who cares we all are a human race. Life is too short to be worried about this Bull. I’m a black woman with a black husband. It is ok to be with another human race. Live life and have fun i always say. If we must talk about something we should talk about important things like how the United States is in debt billions or how in some other countries children are hungry and homeless or we can talk about how there is going to be A World War 3 something important besides this bull I’m just saying. Sitting around talking about this issue will never change the minds of people. Your hair will be grey talking about this dumb shit.

  4. Hilarious! Some of these comments I just Smh at. I’m a white woman and am now dating a white man but in the past have dated black men. I AM NOT EASY. I dare ANY MAN to cheat on me or lay their hands on me. WILL NOT HAPPEN! My man knows he can never disrespect me. He treats me well and I treat him the same. There are bad men in every color and women of all races put up with s**t. I know black women that get beat, cheated on, and their children’s father has nothing to do with them and they are black men. However I know white men who act the same. Get over the BS! It’s all about who will treat you right and make you happy. Black women put up with just as much BS as white women.

  5. handsomerandyblackladbrad1953

    Jay,I’LL BE D***ED IF I’LL CLUB any FAT BROAD!!!!!!

  6. I’m a white woman who never has and never will in a million years touch a black man with a ten foot pole. Black ladies can keep em, I don’t want em!

  7. I personally think black people in general are the most beautiful and confident men and women among all races. I find it hard to believe black women are least likely to be contacted by men of any race.

    / White girl

  8. ~wowo“Unbelievable…… My friend Lida has just married to a handsome black man. They met through ~~ Mixě is a serious black&white dating services and mixed race dating site dedicated to those seeking real love. Single black people meeting single white people is why we are here. They bring together singles from all the races in your city and around the world .Love sees no color . If you are single , you have reached the right place. don’t wait any longer. Have a try.

  9. Some black men are dating outside of their race because they have been brainwashed by the media and hundreds of years of white supremacy that white women, and those that look the closest to her, represent the gold standard of women, and that black women are inferior.

    Why else do these men chase the idea of long flowing hair, light skin and eyes? It’s not shocking to me therefore that in this age of more relaxed racial attitudes that those black men that tend to be color struck would bypass high tone black women and go straight to the real thing.

    This is why, as a black woman, I REFUSE to emulate the white woman by wearing a weave relaxing or straightening my hair. Every black woman that does is giving tacit agreement that the white woman is superior. In other words, you may not believe it, but your actions say otherwise.

    Also, remember that black men who say black women are argumentative, too independent, etc. are using those stereotypes as an excuse for dating out. If love is the sole motivator, no excuses are needed and you assuredly don’t need to denigrate a whole race of women.

    • Im a black man married to a black woman, but dont bash black men who choose to date white women. When i was younger most of.the cute black girls didnt want anything to do with me because i wansnt hood or gangster so in high school i dated a few white girls. As i got older and into my 20s most black women grew out of that phase. However a lot of my friends that were black had already found their future wives and now theyand get ripped for it and are called uncle toms and sell outs. I just love brown skin and waited for the right person for me.

      • I feel you R. I been waiting for so long and I feel like I want to give a chance to a white woman. I get treated with way more respect. I waited so long on sisters and they got this me first mentally that doesn’t sit right with me man. I grew up with great parents. I know how a woman should treat a man and vise versa. But my sisters never last on the respect for me bro. Glad you got ya queen that does it for you that’s a real diamond in the ruff. But honestly I’m not gonna wait the rest of my life to find a woman in my race that’s gonna come correct when women from others races are doing it like it’s second nature. Just my thoughts.

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  11. handsomeblackcavemanbrad1953

    OF COURSE,I date buxom blonde and Latin birds between 25 and 40!!!!!!!I’m a good ol’ black Canadian lad,60,with boyish good looks,a muscular build-5’9″,200 lb.,18-inch bi-
    ceps-who,rather than a stereotypically super-urban “brotha,” resembles a handsome black cowboy stud IN AND OUT of my Wranglers jeans and other casual and/or Western garb.(Of course,these large-breasted lasses go for me in a
    gain,I turn slobbery and boy-eyed at the sight of
    someone’s long-haired,dark-skinned,beautiful,chesty black daughter,particularly if she wore a low-cut top
    which barely contained her bopping boobs,and Daisy Dukes,
    jeans or a Western blouse and skirt,because she’s a true Daisy Pickett sort of bosomy black cowgirl!!!!!!!!!

  12. Black men are complete sad twats and would basically stick their ****s in anything. I always see ugly black men with ugly fat white women in England UK.

  13. I can not even believe that in this time with so much to be concerned with people are STILL angry about this…smfh…why are so many people seemingly effected by this when they are not even in the equation? I mean really… If you are a black woman who is upset by this you are wasting your energy. We have so little time here in this world and if some one is able to find happiness with another human being NO one should be hurt by this. Just because there complexions don’t match doesn’t mean that they don’t fit…Haven’t most civilized people realized we are all really honestly the same?That we in fact have more in common than not???Genetically we are all apart of the one race…human..the differences are truly only skin deep…Any culture differences should be learned ,accepted and appreciated.There is too much to say about this whole darn issue but at the end of the day it’s real easy to just leave it be…I am a white woman who is married to a white male,we have been together for twenty years but before that I dated almost exclusively men. My first love was black ,I was head over heels for this guy and he and I talked about this issue quite a lot back then …I was too afraid to make a long term commitment to the battle…because that is what it felt like then, a war just to be with him ,just because we were different…I am happy now with my husband,however a small part of my heart wonders how my life would be if I hadn’t let other peoples judgments turn me in to a coward…And so I worry for all lovers… I hope and pray that people can just love who they choose without all this bs,hateful drama…*hugs* to you all no matter what your opinion may be : )

  14. Marry, love who ever you want.
    interracial or not. It doesn’t matter, if ou want to date same race that’s fine, but don’t diss those who choose or have found love that is not in their own race. Equal equality, and love is love. Yes you can find someone who is wonderful within your own race, the said can be said out of your race. We are all human, so whats it matter? if you want more chances to find someone make more changes, take chances, and make effort. People will see that.

  15. White men don’t date baboons and sheboons

  16. Honestly, I am white and have dated two black men. I have always lived around people of all races and had so many interracial options. The first time I dated a black guy he really talked a lot about being black. Not in a moderated way – it was almost like a shtick for him. At one point he even said this stupid phrase “once you go black, you never go back”

    I dont know who black men think they are, but I definitely went back, and went on to date men of other races, for 10 years. I also am dating a black man now, and frankly he annoys me less because he does not at all have a chip on his shoulder. I definitely do think that there are black men with mental problems that “prize” white women, which is neither a benefit to him, nor to the white woman that has to deal with his annoying ass. There are also others that just happen to be dating white women. There is really a little bit of everything under the sun.

    I also know lots of beautiful black women that get constantly overlooked due to all these stupid assumptions made about them. Some of them are really hot and educated and single, and im not sure what the deal is – but I suspect a lot of them also don’t want to marry “down” – for example someone of a lower income bracket. since there are a lot more educated black women than men. Meanwhile I know several white woman that make slightly more/are more educated than their partners and dont make a big huffy about it. I dont think black women are satisfied with their supply but what im saying is I suspect part of it could be attributed to general market conditions.

    I also do think a lot of them just get looked over because people are racist *******s – it only takes a couple of trolls through craigslist to see this kind of ad “white man looking for white or asian woman” – as if all other races of women are lepers!!! Its pretty sad, but if I were a black woman I would avoid online dating solely for this reason – there’s not point on getting down on yourself by exposing yourself to people’s pettiness. Also – avoiding online dating might help you meet nice men of all races – because a lot of men that wouldnt necessarily seek you out online, might like you in person.

  17. Mudshark Heidi Klum use to be so hot before she swap bodily fluids with a black African. Now she looks like a crack ***** and destroyed her career for being with a black dude. The sperm and blood in a black dude destroys the insides of a white womans body chemistry and there skin becomes pale white like albino and the face cheeks sink in like a crack *****, the stomic line dropes down into fat and the mind becomes retarted ending up talking with a sler and side way cheek movements like a drug addict and this al becomes permenent like a std. Shes a trader and should of stayed with her own race. Seals is a con artist and suckered klum into bed really easy now shes slutty filthy nasty trash. Gross. Seal brags about his penis being big and its not . Hes hung like a field mouse. Hes no bigger then average size. Hes says that to full white women cus there easier pray then black ladys. Black dudes are trying to flip the white race. Thats why u see a lot of single white women with black babes. No white man is going to want a white female with black baby. Next time really look at a baby that was mixed by a black and white women the kid looks like **** cus black and whites aren’t ment to be mixed. White women aids is a black man disease . Ladys becoming a mudshark you will be a single mother and the aids come for free.

    • LOL! You’re hilarious, bitch.

    • hhahah so the black dick destroys a white woman body an the small 2 inch useless powerless white dick thats the same size as my middle finger helps it right ?lol ok tell that to kim kardasian and amber rose lol watever u say lady …im sure she probuly started taken real drugs like u are thats why her career went down…but frm wat i know good firm dick makes life better not worst/.by the way all the hate u have for blacks wont help u why?because we are higher than u in population by millions an millions so u better start getting use to us becuase we aint going no were. if any race shud be full of hate it shud be the black race cus we have lost way more due to their heartless actions of white supremacy than they have to ours . trust me the damage the white man has made upon any indigenous nation he encounters threw war greed and trickery is by far worst than anything the african ran has ever done. by the way i also agree u shudnt mix bloodlines wid whites but that doesnt mean we cant be respectful of each other cus at the end of the day we all humans an its all one god who made us all so hating each other benefits no one ….when u start learning to love for similarity that are higher than differences then u start living an learning cus trust me theirs soo many beautiful an different cultures that we cud all learn from apart jux sticking in a small box of racism

  18. LOL. I remember working with this women of color and taking a liking to her back in the day talking in the mid 90’s here. I was a young 20 something looking for some different strokes at the time. I had previously been with a Italian women for three years and though she was everything I dreamed of if you know what I mean she was simply crazy.. and I mean crazy, even trying to kill me a few times for talking down to her LOL. Though I can’t say I didn’t deserve it. Back to what I was saying. I’ve always had dark features but not dark skin. My father had some kind of Southern European mix as did my grand father which was dark featured as well not in skin color though. My dad had kinky hair and with a good tan could pass for a light skinned man of color but in the early 1960’s this wasn’t a good thing so he got a lot of flak from whites of his own race thinking he was the other color man more times than he could count. He would just laugh at them for freaking out. So being of white and dark mix I found it was relatively easy to get white women most of the time! Not because I’m tall.. LOL, I’m only 5’9 but I had the dark and handsome part down to a “T” and if I made myself a bit taller with cowboy boots or platform shoes I could get almost any women whether she was of color, Asian, Mexican or White easily! This is because somewhere down the line my fathers were very smooth and manly inside with women and I inherited this trait from them somehow not even knowing I had it until latter in life. But the tall part that someone mentioned is true especially with women of color as this is what they look for and desire which they think means inner strength in a man but it usually doesn’t as some tall men are not so manly if you know what I’m talking about here. A short man to normal height man can be stronger on the inside because what he lacks in height he makes up for elsewhere so that he works hard on being a man on the inside to counter balance his lack of height. If he is such he can take rejection easier mostly laughing it off. My father always said “few men in this world have broad shoulders” meaning when someone doesn’t like you for who you are you can take it, roll it off your shoulders and throw it right back at them. Neither my father or grand father was at or above 6′ tall. I myself had to work really hard for some women unlike other men that are taller but it was well worth it. And the handsome and dark part is also true especially for white women as most are of the pale skinned Anglo or Germanic type and want something darker unlike themselves as their mothers also preferred throughout history. But again I’m a white man and have mostly Irish ancestry in me with a mix of something from southern Europe, Middle East or North Africa. I really don’t know where it comes from? So when I asked this women of color if she wanted to get together she laughed.. and said “oh honey, you couldn’t handle me!” I still remember that to this day and I think she was right as she was into some hard drugs and other kinky stuff I didn’t really want to get involved in myself being a gentleman, educated with a successful career but here’s a lesson for both white and men of color here. Just be a man and the ladies will come in masses. Women are like the ocean ever tossing and turning to which ever shore. I forgot the rest but you know what I’m saying. Some days she wants this other days she wants that but in reality she really doesn’t know what she wants even if she says she does until it comes along and she says I want that and hopefully its you she’s talking about.. But be a man that’s all I’m going to say. OK here’s more.. This is what women of any skin color are looking for. Not dark skin or tallness although those things really help sometimes and some women will defy anything but this, in the long run if you have them strung but are not a man inside that knows how to treat a lady (I said lady not sub-par stuff here) and her needs your going to fail. You may get to ride but you’ll never stay on for long with a 7-10 women. Remember this women and men, attraction is not a choice! You either have it or you don’t. This is why some men whether of color, Latino, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Italian or White can’t get women to stay with them for long or even get a ride to being with because they don’t have that manly spark inside no matter how good looking, dark or tall you are. Sure it helps getting 18-25 aged women (do you really want the all that drama) but really.. when you get old what do you have left? They won’t like you then because your old even if your skin ages well your body still ages. Those muscles won’t be strong like when you were 38. Nothing except your manhood will keep a women happy through the ages. If you don’t have that you don’t have anything. My fathers still had that manly spark in their 60’s and it kept them and their women happy.

  19. wow, I honestly think i have quite possibly and subliminal in my light reading of this madness have went full retard lol. Too all those who have a post, with-out your predisposition of life as you know it and where your people, her people, my people and we people have come from can someone/anyone make a comment based on being just human!!! In the name of god who is love!!! Reflects the highest form of love anyone can imagination or grasp why, tell me why is such pettiness as race even a discussion.. this is not a forum for minds its a forum of the mindless trapt in the maze of consequential thought.. Flat out disgusting upgrade yourself and escape from the prison of symbology for your life.. Live, Love, and remain true to you as god i believe ended.. Heart of Hearts, Truth of Truth On3 love…

  20. People, I think you’re missing the point. As a white woman who married a Hispanic man, let me say that it’s not necessarily about race.

    Many people here seem to think that this is a racial issue, that somehow white women are thinking like they did in the slave era and black men are doing the same. The truth is that sometimes, opposites attract! All throughout history, there have been instances of interracial and intercultural mixings. Rape aside, this can be explained by simple attraction. Someone of a different race can seem much more exotic than someone of your own race.

    I didn’t fall in love with my husband because he’s Hispanic, but there are many things about his appearance and the way he talks that attract me. (The way he rolls his R’s… Mmm…) It’s not because I’m secretly thinking that he’s inferior to me, or wanting to bow down to his authority, or any BS like that. He just plain ‘ol looks good!

  21. white woman are more loving,clean and less selfish!!!

    • Your comment was stupid.What does the color of someone’s skin got to do with how they smell.I am a man who have dated black,white women.Don’t tell me white women are perfect with hygiene.Some of them can be pretty and smell funky.I have been through it.

    • Most black women keep clean houses.There are some who can be nasty,don’t get me wrong.The average black woman take care of her house.They don’t have cats and dogs all over the house tearing up everything and stinking up the house.When we got animals we tend to be more clean with them

  22. It all has to do with indoctrination which leads to preferences. Despite what we saw or were taught growing up we will have a preference one day. It is no reason to judge others. Women as a group prefer taller men and as hurtful as this can be for shorter men it is a fact if life that allows them to look harder and find that one special woman who accepts him as he is.

  23. Is all about evolution, boys and girls. White people are more advanced, like it or not. That is the truth. White people made everything you use, they basically invented the world in which you are all living now. And don’t tell me about cultural misfortunes and other stuff. Europe had more wars and struggles of any kind, than any other area so, cut that out. White men came out with everything, from philosophy to industrial revolutions, computers and space flight. It’s all about evolution and you should admit it, accept it, as that’s what it is. Now, black men are searching to upgrade their future kids. That’s all about. White women who date them, we all know, are not prime material and that is what it is. When you will accept this you will be at peace with yourself and do whatever you wanna do, in the end, maybe try to improve yourself. All I read here is politically correctness crap. Really, wake up and talk like adults, if you do and have the intelligence to do so. We’re not all equal and we’ll never be. That’s why the world is in continuous change. And, really, date whoever you want or can, but don’t try to find other cultural reasons or socially correct answers.

    • So i guess you never looked up black inventors a_z? There are 100s of 1000s of black inventors that make our modern life what it is. If anything ww are getting an upgrade by having melanated kids that won’t look 50 at 30. Nigerian exchange students have the highest iq. All i say is true.

    • Dana trolling much these days. First of all how much education do you possess? Let me educate you on black history. Please read. 1ST ALMOST EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GET THROUGH YOUR DAY A PERSON OF COLOR LIKELY CREATED IT FIRST, CAME UP WIH THE IDEA OR HAD A MAJOR HAND IN ITS CONCEPTION and was not given credit or cash for it so as usual it was stolen package and sold to the public. You have been lied to and would not know the truth if it walk up and slap you. You and yours prefer to continue to pass this mess down to your kids. I am going to let you that any black man that would put a ring on a Caucasian women finger and call her his wife is nothing most black women want. Let me tell you what I as a black woman want. I want a black handsome brother that is a force to be reckon with. He knows his place as a protector of his culture and would not dare marry a Caucasian, now I am not saying he would sc@@##%% you because most men will be men, however you could not measure up because in his heart and his soul he carries the spirt of his ancestors. Ask yourself how many black men that once they cross over to white women even after a divorce can go back to a beautiful strong black women, because see they know that once they do that deed they basically will never be able to come home. Do you know what it is like to never be able to go home again accept to some make shift African American women. trust this is the way it is. Now for us black women we are throughbreds when I see a person of mixed descent and it is obvious I don’t think wow look at that. I think of it as kind of sad especially the ones that are not in touch with African culture. I know there are lots of people that look at the person with awe, because I have witness it, however I am not impress because people of color are beautiful and exotic and that includes all cultures. I don’t hate Caucasian people as I have many friends but I am not impress with the status quo. I am impressed with strength and exotic feautures you cant touch that and that my dear is what you fear.

    • I can tell you don’t know much about history.No one has time to argue with you and you are trolling.

    • No race is mentally superior to the other. If you think so you should read Guns, Germs & Steel where you will understand that it was geographic luck and not brain power that contributed to the great civilizations of the world. But you’re probably too dumb to read much but Stormfront posts, so maybe you should watch the film instead.

    • Actually, the Asians have surpassed whites with inventions. Cars, buildings, technology, it’s all Asians. Fuck the white man, all women should praise Asian men because white men come second to Asian men in everything.

  24. I find it really interesting that black men who do NOT prefer white women and black WOMEN that are upset about the black men that DO prefer white women seem to all think the same thing. That the reason a black men will choose a white woman is because she will “bow down” to her man and let him treat her any kind of way. i think the problem is not that white women will BOW DOWN to a black man, i think the problem is that a black woman EXPECTS her man to BOW DOWN to her.

    I am a white woman that (for the most part) dates black men. i can’t speak for all white women but i can tell you this … i am the LAST ***** that bows down to her man unless he DESERVES IT. and if he does deserve it, why WOULDN’T i want to please him in any and every way possible? maybe thats why they prefer us…. we are not quite as selfish and demanding at times. i will not deny that about 80% of the black women i know are very strong, intelligent, capable women…… but NOT when it comes to relationships. the black women i KNOW PERSONALLY and consider good friends that i have had conversations regarding relationships with, can be extremely selfish at times.

  25. I’m a white woman, 62 now, who has loved only one man since 1978–a black man two years younger. We were both musicians when we met and we’ve loved each other all these many years, and we’re still crazy about each other! I wasn’t drawn to him because he was black. I fell in love because he was funny, loving, sweet, strong, talented, and he always had my back. He has always insisted that my being white was not the draw for him–he just blames my blonde hair! He always said he fell in love with me for basically the same reasons I did with him. We’ve always been a good match for each other, that simple. It hasn’t been an easy road being a mixed couple. Even these 35 years later, other people sometimes still look at us like we’re neon green, but we don’t worry about it. We’ve let love, respect, communication and our Christian faith keep us strong. (The only thing we have missed out in our lives together was having children, because my body could not keep a pregnancy.) Sometimes, you know, you just fall in love with who you fall in love with and you simply don’t notice that person’s color is different than yours.

  26. Wow, I was searching for interracial relationship articles and I stumbled upon this, I don’t think hating white women is the answer, I am white and have dated black men but I am certainly “not easy” (I’m pretty sure my black exes would agree). Why be so upset? Why play into the negative stereotype? Black women are beautiful and age well so why not look outside your own race to date too? Most black men are willing to date outside their race but most black women are not. There’s a lot more people and races out there if you open your mind and your hearts to others!

  27. I am a black women. That was married to a Black man.that cheated on me with a white woman. I don’t understand why black males have to be under cover. And I’m a dime piece. And she looks like a penny.

    • You may have drove dude crazy! My ex drove me crazy! And she was white. Look, I have dated all types of women, Asian, black, white ,latina…..I love them all. im black, successful, good upbringing. I don;t want to be white as I am too pro black and my white wife understands. plus she’s HOT! Body or days, nice abs, works out, eats right, has a hell of an attitude and is not a push over at all. Hell, we grew up flip flop lifestyles. She grew up a little rougher than me and I grew up upper middle class. Its not a cookie cutter situation. Where all the hot black women at though? Please come out of hiding. All I see on the train are fat nasty ugly black women. No offense. I se thons of other women that are wack too but damn. Come on my black women. Wake up!

  28. Omg who cares if black men like white women in my city it all depends where he was raised if the black dude grew up in a white neighborhood then thats all he know he cant even really approach a strong black woman what the brotha going to say calabunga dude awesome! That black girl gonna laugh at him me personally I think puertorican guys are the hottest anyway so im gooooooooood

  29. Im so sick of this **** smh we all know why black men chose white womenand it is not just for love it is a copout because they wanna escape black women! It is the truth that white women are more likely to bow down to black men and that is what they prefer! It is usually the black men that got rejected by black women their whole lives so now they madand they know a white women would gladly take him for sexual reasons. The other type is the black man that does not want to be black and only associate black women with negative attributes. The crazy part is that when these white women date black men they feel like they have to act like a stereotypical black women, i see it all the time and I smh. Its like the media wants BW to date out so they put articles and **** like this. If black women were to date out as much as black men, interracial people would take over and there will be less full blacks in the years to come. Other races of men love their women and mainly date them (the same with black women we are loyal to our men and other races of men kno that) and that is the reason they don’t date black women but of course the media wants us to believe noone wants us!

  30. Lmao sadly at u few and thank God just few black people that go at each other and meditate daily on negative until it affects your personal life, all I gotta say is u get what u entertain, if u entertain ignorance u miss what u should be looking for becuz u never entertain sometimes i feel like u few blacks just wanna hate each other to have an excuse on why u have an strong desire for other races look it can happen I ust to think other races looked better than black women because the media was in control of what i entertained but ever since God showed me u’ll never desire blk wm the way u want if let society do it for u, so he lead me to downloading pictures of beautiful blk wm how he made them instead of what the world said blk wm should look like and i been worshiping my queens ever since and can’t wait to marry 1 i love blk wm so much if i rab across 1 of yall and yall went to snapping at me i would just say ur right my queen have mentally and even sometimes physically been treated like **** but i will worship and please my blk wm when ever that time my be

  31. @Wishuwould

    I was unaware white women were drama-less. Guess it is all the ssri usage. I need a prescription.

    Obviously, jest. I think in general the notion of marrying a Black woman is just not attractive to some black men. I love my brothas, Angie Stone deep, but with freedom comes choice. If you find love with a woman and she happens to be white, more power to you. If you look for a woman to be a trophy or acquisition, well, I recommend watching Roots…you can get it on netflicks now.

    • I think you for setting that record right. and you’re correct in every thing you said. that is how this country has seen and want it to be. i am a fifty year old black woman that weight is 112pounds. and has been told by many men of many color that i am attractive. and has been contacted by black and white men and dated both race through out the years. i was marry over twenty years to a black men but the marriage didn’t last. he has since remarry and to another black woman. thanks again..janice W

  32. no wonder have you seen black women ?
    fat n nasty. only care about fried chicken.
    even black guys think they nasty. thats y they date white wimmenz

    • I am a black woman and i am fifty years old and weighs 112 lbs. i hardly ever eat chicken! or any other meet and take a bath twice a day. i have dated white men that have said i am the first woman they have dated that doesn’t smell like dead fish! and the first black woman that many has dated….you tell me who needs a bath? this is form the horses mouth not mine!

    • Truly my belief is whoever god puts you with that’s who your destin for but as for blk woman being nasty and fat and that’s why blk men don’t want them thats foolishness cause there’s alot of fat white women and the blk men date and marry them its more of a prefrence

  33. I see this “article” as nothing more than a puff piece being used to stir up a tired old subject. It was not too long ago that couples were not allowed to marry if they were interracial. Who cares what ethnic group someone decides to partner up with? The whole categorization of race is skewed, why must we select one race when most blacks have a unique racial make up?

    Just because you decide to marry outside of your own race doesn’t mean you hate your race. In reality there are several factors that go into selecting a mate. To say that all black women (sisters of all shades) are brash, and unclassy is simply assinine. If you do meet someone that is a bit rough around the edges why do work with them, expose them to different things, and grow together?

    If a person is ignorant enough to fathom that a certain race will bring less drama to a relationship they are simply “lost in the sauce”. It’s the individual that is responsible for the behavior. If your partner is acting in an “derelict” way with you, or acting that way in social settings maybe you are the cause of that behavior.

  34. treat em good and you got paradise treat em bad thats hell for you.

  35. Black women are wanted by men as much as white or whatever race, we are not loud or defyiant, we have a mind of our own. Some of these comments are just ridiculous.

  36. I do not believe that Black Men are more likely to marry White Women. I do believe that it is becoming more accepted but not the norm. Most men marry women that share the same attributes of their mother. I find it discourging to think beauty can only be defined by media presentation of white females. Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, many cubans, Carribeans and many others have African blood running through their veins and often deny it. African-American date Latinas often as well. I do not consider them white, instead, they are more closely related to African-Americans, they just speak Spanish.

  37. Notice how quiet this thread is?

    Because the studies don’t lie.

    Black men are skillful in the art of gas-lighting black women into believing that everything is their fault, and that nobody wants them.

    Thank goodness I know better.


    • Amen to that……beside we don’t take all the bull **** they like to dish out….white women do what ever they say and work for them and they sit back and have sex with their best friend behind their back.

    • Don’t be mad at the brothas. Might be something with you.

      • Me, mad?


        I’m actually joyful, because my eyes are opened and have been for a long time. I don’t check for black men, nor do I care about their issues pertaining to them.

        Run along and let that your non-black women tend to ya.

        I have options aplenty, and i exercise them when need be.

        And trust, a black man is NOT one of them :)

  38. Black men don’t date white women for how they look but how they act. Its the same reason that black women finish last in the dating game. Real men don’t wanna deal with that drama that most black women bring (not all). Not saying other races of women don’t have drama or perfect but that real men (regardless of color) don’t tolerate mess. If you don’t believe me just look around you. Black women are on a island and thats where they are gonna stay until they get it together.

  39. Black Women want White men but white just want to use them.Black women are mean defyiant and loud

  40. Reposting the same bullsh@!t Gender Wars article twice in one day or 50 times still doens’t make it true. Could the person who decided to put this story up twice ecplain how they used their magical powers to change the very real numbers that anyone can look up for themselves to make this garbage true. 85% of Black Men that get married, marry Black Women. How does 15% make something a majority or true. And why more importantly is this story worthy of being printed twice and no one on a supposedly Black Site says one thing about the Supreme Court of this country overturning the Civil Rights Act of 1964 provision which now gives these racist Southern States the right to enact poll-taxes and other tricknology again? Not a peep about that but you are worried about some made up statistics to justify somebody garbage?

    • 85% black men marry black women. However you have to know that 99.99% white men marry white women and 99.999% Asian men marry Asian women.
      It’s only the black race that believes in the hypocrisy from white liberals that love is colorblind.

    • I am glad I am not the only one who noticed this mess, and all the BS going on they are not going to be happy until there is an actual all out war because black people are not weak or stupid and that slavery BS will not was with us again.

  41. DERRICK WHERE YOU AT??? MR. BLACK MAN WITH ALL THE ANSWERS????? long as brothers chasing white ass, then you o.k…when as sista marry a white boy then you all mouth!!! I got it, you got a white girl yoself!!!