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Can LeBron Ever Be an Endorsement Star like Jordan? Fans Don’t Like Him

lebronBy Staff Blogger

Miami Heat forward, LeBron R. James, or “King James” as his fans call him, won his second straight championship last week. He has had his best season ever, but advertisers don’t seem to be clambering over themselves for him.

According to the Sports Illustrated and Fortune magazines’, Fortunate 50 rankings, James has more than $39 million in annual endorsements, which beats any other athlete still competing.

However, Michael Jordon, who retired from the professional basketball scene more than 10 years ago, beats James by over $41 million in endorsement deals per year.

According to experts, James will never be a “Michael Jordon” and many NBA fans simply don’t like him. According to various surveys, when he moved to the Miami Heat in 2010, his popularity rapidly decreased.

Henry Shafer, executive vice president of one of the survey companies, Q Scores, said that James drop in popularity was the biggest they had seen without some criminal offense being committed.

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