Bill Maher Defends Paula Deen and Says She’s No Worse than a Rapper

popoepoeewpoby Dr. Boyce Watkins

Comedian Bill Maher is the liberal that people love and hate at the same time.  He has an opinion on nearly everything and has enough money that he doesn’t have to care what you think.

Recently, Maher spoke about the racial controversy involving cooking queen Paula Deen.  Unless you’ve been on vacation to Mars, you probably heard that Deen lost her show on the Food Network after admitting to the use of racial slurs in the past.  Deen is a white woman born in Georgia in the 1940s, so we have to admit that her admitting that she’s used the n-word falls under the “no duh” category.  Nearly everyone in Georgia, at that time, referred to black people as n*ggers, we just have to accept that.

But Maher went a step further, not only stating that Deen should possibly be given a pass for being a woman from the south born before the civil rights movement, but even asked if rap records should be banned because hip-hop artists also use the n-word.

I’m never really sure what to think about Bill Maher.  He comes off as the white guy with a very narrow definition of blackness that tends to include a whole lot of thuggin, smoking, drinking, shooting, and other ignorant, stereotypical stuff.  I’ll never forget when Maher asked Dr. Cornel West if he was getting b*ooty calls on Saturday nights, and said that the first black president is someone he expected to shoot a BP executive for spilling oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

As to his point about Paula Deen, I tried to hear where Maher was coming from.  My friend Roland Martin made a similar argument, stating that we can’t get angry at Deen for using the n-word, given that so many rappers use it without consequence.  I would also be included, by some, to be part of the “Paula Deen forgiveness” camp after my recent comments about Paula to Anderson Cooper earlier this week.

To be honest, I don’t consider Paula Deen to be the poster child of American racism.  The most devastating racism in America is structural, and has little to do with white people who call me a n*gger.  The root of black oppression doesn’t lie with people calling us dirty names, but instead lies with universities that won’t admit black students unless they can throw a football, corporations that don’t hire black managers, or prisons that have become blacker than most HBCUs.  Paula Deen is the least of our concerns.

But while Paula Deen shouldn’t be crucified entirely, the truth is that she represents a part of American history that cannot be tolerated.  My perception of Deen is  that she could actually be a decent human being, but the idea that she hasn’t yet been challenged to improve her racial sensitivities and cultural competence over time is entirely unacceptable.  In some ways, she reminds me of the college students here at Syracuse University (where I am on the faculty) who did a racist newscast a few years ago.  Their racial ignorance was allowed to fester because our country puts little effort into teaching people about the value of racial respect and equality.

Now, back to Maher.  Because Bill is such a “cool white guy,” I suspect that some negro has given him an honorary black card at some point that he loves to pull out of his behind whenever he needs it.  You know, this is the kind of license that allows him to speak on issues in the black community as if he’s “one of the brothas” (Bill Clinton has one too).  In fact, I dare say that Maher probably thinks he’s blacker than me because I am a nerdy college professor and he dated video vixen Karrine Steffans (who also dated Lil Wayne and pretty much everyone else in the hip-hop music industry).

Bill makes a good point that black people regularly overlook the disrespect shown to them by toxic and negative hip-hop music.  It’s very similar to the way we overlook violence against black men if it comes at the hands of another black male.  Had Trayvon Martin been shot by a black man, no one would be talking about his case right now.   Hip-hop has to be confronted, which is part of the reason I helped to push Mountain Dew to end its relationship with Lil Wayne a month ago.  We can never accept the glorification of genocide, addiction and incarceration.

But one thing that must be admitted is that there is a very big difference between a rapper using the n-word and an old white woman from the south saying the same thing.  The meaning of words often change due to the context and character of the commentator.  That’s why the Chinese word “ma” has a whole host of meanings, depending on who says it, when they say it, what part of the country they are from and the inflexion in their voice.   In this regard, there is merit to those who argue that the word “n*gga” has a different meaning from the word “n*gger,” or that the phrase “wussup my n*gga?” used by a black man in New York can have a different meaning from the very same phrase being stated between a Crip and a Blood in South Central Los Angeles.

But these nuances are also stated with the understanding that we’re better off not using the phrase or any variant of it in the first place.  However, we can also say that Paula Deen’s use of the word DOES INDEED have a very different meaning from the rapper Young Jeezy.  You might hate having to admit this, but  you can’t argue that Paula and Jeezy’s use of the n-word means the same when they say it.  At the same time, this subtle variation is too difficult to explain to white people, which is why we probably need to stop using any form of the word in any context.

Another point about Paula Deen that we have to understand is that Paula was not taken off the air by black people.  It wasn’t the outrage in the black community that led to the loss of her show.   Actually, it was the discomfort of (mostly white) executives at the Food Network, who didn’t want their brand to be associated with a person with such a “complex” and tarnished public image.  So, Maher can’t blame black people for Deen’s removal or somehow make the argument that getting rid of Paula Deen should mean that all rappers should be censored. The censorship of an artist is very different from telling a cook to get a show on another network.  We’re comparing apples and oranges.

In fact, I dare say that black people have almost no say in any of this.  The Food Network didn’t remove Deen because we were offended.  They removed Deen because some white people got offended.   We also have no say on what happens at Universal Records or any other hip-hop music label when it comes to the artists whose music floods the brains of our children.  In fact, nearly all of the programming decisions at Radio One, BET, Clear Channel, etc are being made by white people.  This, my friends, is the root of American racism.  It is the creation of a world where black people have no say in the shape of the environment around them because, for 400 years, white people have hoarded all of the wealth, power and influence.  That’s why Bill Maher has a show on HBO, and I probably never will (unless I morph myself into Kevin Hart or something).

The bottom line is that this incident can be used as a teaching and learning opportunity for everyone involved.  Paula doesn’t have to be crucified, but she can’t be let off the hook.  The Food Network should be challenged to consider adding a more diverse set of decision-makers to their staff to produce shows that are more reflective of the American melting pot.  Paula’s fans should be given the opportunity to love their favorite cook, but to also be encouraged to grow in their racial understanding.  But as far as considering the Paula Deen controversy to be a meaningful forum on race in America, we haven’t even scratched the surface.

Dr. Boyce Watkins is the author of the lecture series called Commercialized Hip-Hop, the Gospel of Self-Destruction. To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here.



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  5. You know jimmy, I agree with you 100% , people are people, don’t say things like yeah man , I got some black friends, I got some white bread friends, etc. We are all one race of people. As for PD raised up in 1940. Don’t cast stones for what was done in the past, move forward to the future and let us walk and grown together as neighbors and friends.

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  8. Bill Maher is such an ignorant *******. What Paula Deen did was reprehensible – it wasn’t just the N word, it was how and why she used it. It’s different for a rapper, because when a rapper or black person uses the word, it is not meant to malign a people as THIRD CLASS CITIZENS!! That heifer (Deen) used it as an insult. She used it because she deems us as inferior, sub human and third class – period. Damn! Why do intelligent people have to keep explaining this??!!

  9. “” …. Your White World, Your White News, Your White Life, Your White World …. Join the Your White World Coalition! My question to you is, other than your skin color what makes you different? Equally, you make the same claim about me. My point is your article is certainly of a good debate. One day, I hope someone sits down with me and explains to me why black folks can get away with using the N word and whites cannot; I like to think of myself as a pretty smart guy but I don’t get why black are down with gay folks. It seems to me we are the same…we’re different and I understand and accept by asking these very questions I could be made to appear no different. It’s like walking up to someone who is gay and saying to them; it’s okay…I’m cool with it. I’m white, how do I approach any of you and say; it’s okay, I’m not racists? How do we get past our own prejudices without even knowing we’re doing it?

  10. Bill Maher and white ppl like him constantly him lie in wait for the opportunity to make comments like these..

  11. If he thinks that he is clearly misread and uneducated…Nigas, also a word in our history that has nothing to do with the United States.

    And what rappers say and what racists say are two completely different thing…Nigga and Nigger are NOT NOR WILL THEY EVER BE THE SAME THING.

    He is obviously a closet racist…The smile in your face stab you in the back variety.

  12. I have not seen this particular show, but there a few key points here. 1.Bill is a comedian and so we have to take some of what he says with a grain of salt. 2. Why do black people expect others to do for us what we will not do for our selves? i.e. respect our selves! No matter if its Paula or some rapper we should not tolerate the word at all. Why do we cosign rappers saying it instead of holding them accountable to some sense of integrity? It does not matter that we don’t own the record label, one always has a choice to walk away, problem is the all mighty dollar is more important than acting with integrity and respect. Finally I do agree that this is one faction of racism, but certainly not the most important. Lets discuss the Voting Rights act and the fact that title 4 was struck down and the impact of that.

  13. I don’t get why this is such a big deal African Americans say it non stop to each other and being such a hurtful word created by whites in the first place it seem the whole black race has no problem with putting each other down but when a different race says anything remotely similar or the same then it’s racist what about all the black rappers out there sayin racial slurs against whites if whites can’t say a certain phrase then why can blacks and why can they make racial slurs towards other races without any one even blinking an eye tell me that wether its black or whites if its a problem for one it should be a problem for all this countries becoming completely one sided

  14. you jokers need to read to court way she could survive this mess


  16. When are you people going to wake up. White people invented the word so why are you so surprised when they use it? Nothing has chsnged. Their hearts are just the same, sure black men like a little white t— and white men always did like a piece of black t—. They did when the n word was the accepted moniker even by negroes. All they have done is gone underground and sneek behind your bcks. GET REAL. SOME BLACK PEOPLE THINKS YOU ARE N–G–S TOO.

  17. what is a moose: “Apparently the context was it happened 30 years ago in a conversation with her husband after a black man held a gun to her head during a banker robbery, so you can kind of understand why she said something offensive.”

    You are one dumb azz, lying piece of shyt! That crazy cracker said, LAST YEAR, that one of her workers was blacker than a blackboard!!!

    This was said on Aunt Sambo Oprah’s show!!!

    You honkeys lie to much to defend this racist, and what makes it so bad these dumb azz negroids ‘follow’ you cave dwellers!!!


  18. What is 'anon-e-moose'?

    She was asked under oath whether she had ever said the n-word. Apparently the context was it happened 30 years ago in a conversation with her husband after a black man held a gun to her head during a banker robbery, so you can kind of understand why she said something offensive.

    I don’t get what she was supposed to do, lie under oath?

  19. For all the tongue wagging, nothing is said that reaches the crux of the issue with Paula Deen. She is a victim of her upbringing and she needs help to move to a better place with her fellow homo-sapiens. Everyone is focused on the symptoms instead of the cause. There is a cure. Treat the symptoms and the illness remains. Floyd and Jackie Dickens have cured many whites in the past of the racist attitudes that many whites were not even aware that they had. I wish she could meet them and learn that she is not at complete fault. She needs to learn about herself and her relationship to people who are different from herself. It is about learning respect. There is a way. If anyone knows how to reach her, tell her to contact the authors of THE BLACK MANAGER;MAKING IT IN THE CORPORATE WORLD. The couple lives in Atlanta, Georgia, Lilburn area.

    • “At the same time, this subtle variation is too difficult to explain to white people, … ”

      Awesome! White people are too dumb to understand a subtle concept. Sounds familiar.

  20. Marjorie Moseley

    I angry about her treatment of her staff and using color as a means to promote, and staff her business. Then she wanted to have a plantation wedding with black folks dressed in the en-slavement clothes. She does have a problem and she needs to address her bigotry. I don’t think she would have lose her show. I would require her to hire more Blacks to work on her film crew and other operations. She will continue making money and we will continue buying her products.

  21. Rev. George Brooks

    Isn’t there more black subject matter to be dealth with than talking about these two white things of whom black folks should not even be concerned about. They are not causing us any serious problems, like, for instance, the Jews who are in control of our black media, and seriously misleading us with violence and gutter programming. And you can start with BET, which is owned mainly by Sumner Redstone, a JEW, who allows Debra Lee to stand out front. And what about black men deserting our beautiful black women for all of these White money-hustling w-word. But let’s talk more about the drugs and violence in our neighborhoods, which is certainly an extremely serious matter. Forget these two white jerks. — Rev. George Brooks

    • Yes, there most certainly is more important things to be dealt with. We should be concerned about her encouraging people to use her recipes of high cholesterol and sugar loaded ingredients. She has been suffering with diabetes for two years but makes her money pushing her High blood pressure and diabetes poison. Count your friends and loved ones who suffer with those same diseases that Miss Paula pushes.

  22. Thr paula deen thing is overblown.its been reported many times in the past that she used racial insensitive words.she,s said nigger on many occasions.
    This was well know yet she appeared on opera every tv station in the us.
    Yet with all this black people ate at her resturant,bought her cook books.
    As far as rappers saying nigger in their songs,we buy this stuff all the time thier are a lot of rich rappers and we help make the rich just as we help make paula deen rich.
    I don’nt agree with bill maher but we shouldn’t attack him.we should look at our selves.when you hear your son listening to a rapper rapping about nigger this nigger that what you going to say to him i suspect nothing

  23. In my opinion, the “N” word should never be used by anyone and all the other degradable words coined by the white race of other cultures/races. As far as it’s okay to use because Black people/rappers, etc., do, IS NOT acceptable. The word has been around longer than rappers have. It’s used by whites to hurt feelings and give the person using it some sort of power or feeling of superiority. Although it’s an ugly word, in my opinion, it can be used to describe anyone and not just a Black person.

  24. Paula dismissal wasn’t based on the n word. Her brother wanted staff to dress up like slaves for his wedding. Now add the n word. It takes on a different meaning.There’s nothing endearing about the n word. All rappers don’t use the n words. The ones who does doesn’t hate their peers. It’s not ok for ANYBODY TO SAY IT.

  25. WHAT A BUNCH OF BULLSHAT – 1. Gather up every media personally born pre-civil rights era, They’re not making derogatory racial comments on every network… 2. Since the early “rap era” the music industry was put on the alert for the rappers uses of the (F-the police & the B-word) lyrics .. 3. Where are all the FOOD CHANNEL N-word references before this incident …. 4. Rappers are paid to make self destructive black cultural lyrics and ignore social & political issues … 5. Bill Marhr’ s 1940’s defense. should cover every southern TV & radio commentary in the nation… 6. HENCE THE REASON WHY BLK RAPPERS SELF-DESTRUCTIVE CULTURAL CONTENT DOESN’T OFFEND ANY OTHER RACE… But put ignorant anti-unity lyrics to ” a toe tapping, twerking ” beat ., the N-word fools won’t know the difference …
    ***Besides we all know who did the cooking for southern folks of wealth. & social status***

  26. Maher has a point. That doesn’t make Deen’s words any less acceptable. It is also arguable that the context of the word ‘nigga’ is different to having slave fantasies. However, I have never understood why some blacks would want to take ownership of a word that has always been deeply racist. I personally, never use the word. It’s disgusting, and offensive. So, from that angle, Paula is no worse than rappers who are regularly in the habit of perpetuating racist stereotypes against black people, and especially degrading black women. She is not innocent, but she deserves as much criticism as rappers.

  27. I LIKE PAULA DEEN, she is a excellent southern cook and a very good show host, but she is a AAA class hypocrite. The Food Network would have failed to renew her contract, if there had been this kind of uproar when she announced that she suffered from high blood pressure and diabetes. In stead of calling her on that, she got only condolences and best wishes. Forget the years she encouraged her fans use her recipes, using high cholesterol foods, decadent sugary deserts with plenty butter and Deep Frying. About 3.4 million people die from consequences of high blood pressure and diabetes yearly.

  28. No, No and Hell No! First: the argument used by undercover racist and their bootlicking apologist of ‘well WE or THEY (meaning Blacks) let rappers do it too, so we should be able to’ is one of the most patronizing de-humanizing things that you could say to a group of people. Black people don’t own or control any of the major corporations that decide who gets a record contract, which songs are put on cd’s, which records get major distribution at stores and who gets adverstising. Only a small group of old so-called Jewish white men make those decisions. For anyone especially a Black person to blame the state of Hip-Hop or Rap as you want to call it on Black People or specifically Black Men is like blaming the slaves at the auction for not being in the best of health or pre-raped before you got the chance to break them in. Meanwhile Mr. Charley who you never even look cross eyed at, the person who is the one responsible. Gets to sit there and laugh as you berate the slaves for being messed up.

    The second theory these people like Mahr come up with is basically they; who have no idea of what it is to be a Black Man other than defined by the very pop culture corporations we don’t control get to dictate to real Black Men what they should or shouldn’t be like. I own you Ni gger and I get to tell you who you are and you are not supposed to challenge me because I’m the all-knowing, all-powerful, always right, White Man. This argument boils down to that if you do something wrong like beat your wife or call each or ni gger/ni gga. I should be able to give her a few hits upside the head to and call you nigger as well, even though it’s wrong. How dare you be able to do something wrong and tell me I can’t do it to you because I’m White after all.

    With the amazing amount of Rappers who make cd and record after record disrepecting women, talking about killing entire neighborhoods of other Black Men. These same White folks like Bill Mahr have no problem with it and never complain or say a word about emulating us then. No where do you hear some cavebeast ever telling some white artist to emulate Blacks when it comes to negative stuff like killing our own people. Treating white women like trash or calling them B-words and giving white women a manual in song form on how to perform fellatio. Surprisingly they don’t want to immitate any of that negative behaviour but when it comes to saying n*^%ger. They turn into F. Lee Baily and want to argue in front of the Supreme Court about how it is their manifest destiny to say the word just like Blacks.

    Since we know that the typical Jew would rather give a multi-million dollar contrat to a sub-literate buffoon who will make record after record until he ends up in prison or dead thanks to the system that allows Keith Richards to be a heroin addict for 60 years but arrest Chief Keef every other day. Intentionally putting this young man into a position knowing he will never want to make record about the prison industrial complex he is headed for at the speed of light. If he did make a record like Kanye the same people will marginalize him and take away his star status because they also invest in the same system which owns the prisons.

    Heres’ a challenge to all would be rappers and so-called entertainers or even regular people who want to make excuses for Paula Deen or anyone else who loves saying n&^%ger. Substitute that word for cavebeast, cop, cracker, gook, beaner, chink, hymie, spicks, Federal Reserve, Klan, Stormfront, IMF, World Bank in any of your songs. You can talk as much about date rape, killing whole entire cities full of people, and any of the other garbage you love normally saying using the word nigger, refering to my Black People and see if you still get radio airplay? See if people like all these undercover racist still want to pop bottles at the club when you are talking about killing them instead of Blacks. See if Bill Mahr and others of his type are defending it when Gucci Mane talks about blowing up the G7 full of Jewes instead killing all the brothers on da block? See if a bunch of stupid a ss Black people and undercover racist white people start coming up with the classic well anybody can use the word cavebeast, gook, hymie or beaner argument about any race because it means stupid person and not only those races can use it argument apologetics.

    Once you see that’s not going to happen. You see where these racist really stand. To put it simply they want you to keep making Klan soundtracks for them. But don’t you dare say anything about any other race of people like they can about you.

    • Your analysis is spot on!! I couldn’t have said it any better. If anyone does not get the in depth realization of the subject matter from your conclusion, then they are truly lost(Esp Negroids, the ones who think its the same when we say it, and white folks who want to call you a niqqa cause black folks say it)!!! Great logic and reason and I hope the folks reading your conclusion get it!!! Subeck Hotep…

      • I didn’t get his point at all. It was all over the place and too wordy. And before anyone state that black people do not like to read, that is not the case with me. I am an editor, reading is what I do all day. But my small point in tis matter, is simple. If Paula felt the way she felt back in the civil rights era, she probably feels the same way now. Just like the older Republicans are not seemingly able to change, neither is she probably. After all, I dare say that not ALL WHITE PEOPLE, used the “N” word back in the day, why did she. If you were a good person, who did not have racist views, then you probably did not use that dreadful word. If you did, then you were more than likely racist back then and probably still have most of those views. SO-YOU’RE FIRED.

  29. I have worked side by side with black people, mostly men in construction and they refer to a certain type of black as a nigger in the same way as I would refer to white trash as a person who sits around with his food stamp card while he brewing meth and bitching that the government has not provided him with a work free job, of course he is bitching on his Obama FREE phone that I am paying for. There are white people, black people,
    niggers and worse of all white trash and I said worse because they have no excuse for their situation, just plain lazy and take no responsibility for themselves. Amen.

  30. Paula Deen is just an American who lives in America. She has followed the American recipe for success and is the contemporary exhibit. The George Corley Wallace act was getting old and America needed a new act. Enter Paula Deen to serve up her slop.

  31. Dog the bounty hunter show is still on the air the Doctor have a point

    • Bounty Hunter is still on the air, you’re right. It’s on the CMT channel. That channel hosts a very racist audience. So they of course, welcomed him with congratulatory open arms.

  32. I agree with Bill Maher to a certain extent. The music industry is making big bucks off of blacks who repeatedly uses the N’ word in their lyrics. It is in their songs and we never know who these songs offend in the process. Young kids and our teens are buying and listening to it everyday including whites. So why should this white lady who admitted to using this word years ago along with billion other people who still uses it in their daily life get fired and be misquoted for what she said. I think it’s very hypocrit to persecute this lady wheneveryone sometime in life has actually used the N word.

    • Miseagle,

      Are you actually that dense. You mean to tell me that you don’t know that the FOOD NETWORK, doesn’t care about Black people being offended??? They only care about Black People being offended and not viewing their Network, thus making sponsors not want to buy slots on their network. When Rappers make these songs using the “N” word, no one complains, in fact people do not seem to have a problem with it. Probably because it is not seen as racist when a black person uses it, since White people are the ones who made it a racist term. When white people start being offended by hearing the N word being used by rappers, then Record Labels, will outlaw it. Black people “””for the most part””” are not going to be offended when another black person uses it, because they don’t see black people being racist to other black people.

  33. Dr. Watkins, again you have been called out for your seeming hypocrisy. The Maher position expressed on the show, such that it was, was not greatly different than what you expressed on CNN. If Black people are to castigate Maher, what should we do with you? In your effort to be intellectually provocative, you again sat at your laptop long enough to be caught essentially arguing with yourself. While Maher may be a “brotha wannabee,” it is quite clear that you too wannabee something other than what you are.

  34. Let’s stay together as one. We shouldn’t repeat the actions of the american slaves that were so called set free; and ran in different direction.
    Now is our time to learn from one a other, and respect each other for what we’re worth. Good, bad or indifferent- we got to stay strong.
    Third world public education– tapped off with immigration labor; which equates to a pipeline for our youth directly to the penal industrial complex.
    O.K— we can play the dozens very well.
    Now is the time to embrace and protect one and other.
    We losing– on all fronts- we’re losing our children, and they are the future.


  35. STFU about Paula Deen!!! How much longer is this topic going to be discussed??? Bill Maher is right. We are never going to stop calling ourselves n!ggers and neither are white people (or should I say crackers) She will find a way to continue making money. Just like”Kramer” Geeeesh, get over it and move on.

    • Corbin,

      We are talking about this, just like you are talking about it. No one had anything to do with Paula KKK Dean being fired, except the Network, so calm your pie hole down blow fish. If you are tired of reading blogs of stories put out by the media, then simply STOP LOGGING ON. Until then “”””YOU””” Shut The Fvck Up. And if you don’t like my comment Get TRhe Fvck Out of the Blog game, because that is what blogs are for, commenting and debating. And I Thank You!

  36. I wish we could find a different way of responding to so-called racist words —–giving the power to those who use them—waiting for our reactions—–who’s definition of the word are we concerned with? Why are we so sensitive to a word who’s definition is just as suspect as the person who definded it—–

    • Instead of hooping and hollowing, snorting and jaw boneing
      cussing and cosigning on the last and loudest boast.
      We could just say to ourselves ‘I ain’t got time for that” and proceed to place a silent boycott on what ever product is connected to that person who is disrespecting.

  37. Dr. Watkins, you’re on the case. Your comments were beautiful and on the money.

    Racism will never, ever be a thing of the past in this country.

    Right on with your remark that “white people have hoarded all the wealth, power and influence” in this country for 400 years”. They (“white people”) had free labor and now they have cheap labor. It’s time we need to reap the benefits of what we’ve given to this country…blood, sweat and tears.

  38. If Paula Deen said she uses racial slurs it has nothing to do nothing with Blacks using the n-word. White people use the word Redneck (Jeff Foxworthy), but no one says anything.No matter how much they use, Blacks still are not T or anywhere else yelling Redneck. I’m tired of people defending other races for calling Black Americans names. And Bill Maher dates Black and he still condones it.

  39. I’m watching the Bill Maher show as I type this comment. At no time did Bill Maher say that Paula Deen was “No Worse than a Rapper”. He simply QUESTIONED the panel on this issue. He questioned if ppl who used this word should be censored, and if so, should that censorship include rappers. These articles I read on this site are sometimes too biased for me, and lack objectivity in regards to race. And in my opinion, the use of the word is negative even if a black man says it.

    • I read this site with a grain of salt. I appreciate the perspective, but this article itself it dishonest if @lisafordblog is correct.

      I watch Bill Maher a lot and I don’t think he would equivocate those two things. I haven’t seen the last 3 episodes of his show.

      What I will say is that I imagine @lisafordblog’s statement is correct. In that case, misquoting Bill Maher represents a staggering amount of intellectual dishonesty in making your point. It is inexcusable if the goal is to raise the consciousness and carry on an informed debate. Lying and misquoting is a tactic used in propaganda. It is not a tactic for sincere people.

  40. If Paula Deen had used the Jewish slur k*ke I guarantee Jewish Bill Maher wouldn’t be defending her. Unfortunately long before Paula Deen buffoon black entertainers realized they could open doors of opportunity and get paid in the white racist entertainment industry by using the word n_gg_r. We as a race should have spoke up just as loudly..

    • Bill Maher is not Jewish. He is an atheist and he was raised Catholic.

      • @ David M. . .Thanks for the heads up. Most of the responses here are based on opinions, and not facts.

        • @David M and Tella. I guess your responses is based on stupidity. Pull your head out of Bill Maher’s azz and do a Google search and look it up. He’s half Jewish! He claims he didn’t know his mother was Jewish. He may be a practicing Atheist now but he’s just another hypocritical racist Jew in the media.

  41. What I find interesting in all of this is people are basing.their comments on sensationalized sound bites provided by the media. Has any one commenting here including the author read the complaint against Paula Deen and her enterprise? I find the conditions she subjected Her
    African American employees to far more offensive and damaging than using the word nigger. Yet, no one is talking about that

  42. Why don’t nobody do a good ol’ fsshioned beat down?!?! Wait for them white witches and punks at the studios, hiding in the dark, following them home and don’t ever get caught! Yes, I am advocating violence and terrorism over all the white race and all the other races? As much we fight each other in the family, in the street, over nothing- where’s all the roughnecks and bullies in our race who can’t wait to get an excuse for you to make their day when there is all this mouth out there against us? What about all the brothers in jail for hurtin’ up each other and their black sisters? Why can’t they ever find enough reason to target and go after whites and other racists and get our stuff back? At least make it worth your while to serve time! Do some justice, do some righteousness for once in your life and we will all have a lot less troubles. But let no black person ever serve time for anything done to another race as they are illegitimate, illegal and leeches off of us anyway. To the warriors: stop letting the “the others” channel your spirit of warfare against us and use it the way you are supposed to!!!

  43. I always thought the word was used to describe behavior I was confused to hear that it seem that only a black person is called one ,the way I see it , if we know the word and realize that it is not about skin color, rather its about the lack of respect, unruliness and all unsavory practices that some people display, weather white ,black, red or whatever…… there is a need to teach everyone the true meaning of the word so if they are among us we recognize them not by skin color but by the way they behave where ever they are when you consider the make up of our society we will realize that the majority of them will most definitely be WHITE.

  44. Paula Deen was wrong but then so are Black Rappers who spew this word around. It is hypocritical and meaningless to throw up dust over Ms.Deen’s situation while giving a pass to our own front yard(BLACKS)making money off of this Nword poison!!!

  45. Every time a white person is caught saying the N-Word, somebody always bring up rappers or the fact that Black people use the word. Anybody that have done any type of research on this word knows the word means someone that is ignorant. Also that when whites her age use this word it’s meant in an derogatory way. Her age has nothing to do with it, my Mom is older than this women and come from Tennessee when as a grown person business owners would take a white person over a Black person. She always taught her kids not judge everyone by the actions of some. Your mentality and understanding is suppose to grow with age, if she is still stuck in her time warp, she is proving that she is the ignorant one, AKA “A Ni**er”.

  46. Just like a bad archer Billy Maher and his cohorts both “honorary” black and those Negroes who tend to be continuously misled. Have missed the mark again. Ms. Dean was under oath when she admitted to using racist language. This information was gleaned from a deposition from a lawsuit against Ms. Dean that accuses her of tolerating racist and sexual harassment in the workplace, specifically in her restaurant. The Black woman who has filed this lawsuit claims that she had to work every day in an environment that tolerated racist remarks and so-called racist and sexist jokes on a daily basis. So let’s not get this twisted! This is about an employer who fostered a racist work environment, to the detriment and humiliation of her Black employees! I wonder if Bill Maher and his Negro apologists want to defend that! It’s time for these silly “African Americans” to wake up and “Get back to Black!”

  47. Correction:

    If black people spent MORE time THINKING for ourselves instead of allowing the white media propaganda machine to THINK FOR US, we might make some progress in eliminating our confusion and eliminating the system of white supremacy.

  48. Yet another reason that black people must stop allowing white people to define racism.

    As victims, we have the right to decide what is harmful to us and what is not.

    Just like Jews maintain the right to decide what is “anti-Jewish” and what is not and no one, including Maher (who I believe might be a Jew) would allow a black person to determine what is offensive to Jews.

    Racism is NOT a black person steeped in self-hatred created by the white supremacy system who simply REPEATS what white people have been saying about him or her for CENTURIES.

    Racism is the PRACTICE of harming non-white people for NOT BEING WHITE, in all areas of human activity.


    there is NOTHING that a “black rapper” can do that negatively impacts the life of anyone white in any of the above areas

    All he is PAID to do (by white people) is to REINFORCE the black inferiority complex that was forced upon black people for the last 500 years.

    Paula Deen is in a position to hire and fire people and for her to practice RACISM while doing so is PRACTICING RACISM.

    If black people spent less time THINKING for ourselves instead of allowing the white media propaganda machine to THINK FOR US, we might make some progress in eliminating our confusion

    NEVER, ever let a white person tell you when a black person is being mistreated. Judge for yourself what you see and hear with your own eyes and ears.

  49. Opinions are boundless and I respect you all.
    My two cents:Unfortunately, Paula will get another show and the empire she built will not suffer. I agree with Food Network’s decision to let her go. At 66, in America, from the south-you have to know better. Dr. Watkins is a product of all this nonsense also. I am thankful his thoughts on this site are just one man’s opinion! Lastly, rapper’s often offend me in their use of the word, their views on women and the way violence and drugs are glorified.

  50. Martin R. Delany

    Honestly, if you are surprised that Paula Deen is a racist and Bill Mahr, Dr. Watkins, Al Sharpton or any so-called leader defends her, then you are living in a fictional world that white supremacy has constructed.

    A lawyer asked Deen, “Have you ever used the N-word yourself?”

    Deen responded, [silly rabbit] “Yes, of course.”


    Deen is that she could actually be a decent human being..quote by boyce watkins
    . really boyce, a boyce i thought you were a legit leader. but i was wrong.
    . i thought your attacks against the president was on political grounds, but now i see it was personal.
    .i will not continue to support this site because your attacks were personal and you do not give a d**n about the community.WHEN YOU SUPPORT AND DEFEND A MUTT TRICK LIKE PAULA DEEN AND LET THE DISTRACTION OF RAPPERS BLIND YOU TO THESE WHITE RACIST TURDS.
    i want to take this time to APOLOGIZE to anyone that i insulted due to defending this mutt boyce watkins.

  52. This is a perfect example of Birds Of A Feather. The chickens are coming home to roust though.This is Paula’s fried chickens coming home to roust and she and her ilk do not like those apples.She may so called apologize but the dye has been cast.

  53. White people have always protected their people especially when they have done wrong. If you see an African person coming to the defense of their brother or sister when they are clearly wrong please video tape it. Mrs. Deen is clearly out of order and her white fans are outraged that the Food Network fired her. They have to protect their brand.

    • Let’s be serious for a moment- if the N_Word is so repulsive then, why do black ppl continue to use such an offensive word towards each other, do we hate each other and ourselves that much? Considering how much pain and suffering this foul word has caused black ppl over the years, undoubtedly there exist a calculable degree of mental deficit that compels us to continue this nonsense.

    • The fight to raise the morals, ethics and philosophy of the Whites would include them refraining from the use of the “N” word on a general basis towards African Americans. As much of them have over the years, that progress should not be confused with the ignorance of the Rappers that are in a category of mental retardation and some type of bliss with their use of the word. Their use is evidence of how the conditioning takes place in the mind, and just like a cig. smoker they’re helpless as they continue their self relegation. But that does not, give the ok for Whites in general to start up the everyday use of the “N” word. Where would we be if we began calling Whites Honky everyday?

    • In fairness, Bill Maher does not defend all white people who say dumb, racists crap.

      The point he misses here, I think, is that whether or not rappers should stop using the word has no bearing on whether or not Paula Deen should be off the hook saying it & for planning a slavery themed wedding in 2004(!).

      Paula Deen is not responsible for what rappers do and say. Paula Deen is responsible for Paula Deen does and says, and she should have known by 2004 that the n-word and slavery themed weddings are profoundly offensive to many, many people, not all of them black. I like my Iron Chef, but I would have flipped the channel if the Food Network didn’t distance itself from her (because the Food Network is responsible for who it chooses to have on payroll).

      By all means, lets have a debate on the language and attitudes of rap music, but that debate has jack-all to do with this. (Cavat – it does, however, have to do with the problem of young white people thinking its ok to use the word – that said, I don’t see Paula rapping along with Lil Wayne and getting confused).

    • Well said and full of truth. It feels good to know its people out here that knows what the real deal is…Peace..

  54. Black people check out the date because you are late and long before Paula Deen said she wanted blacks to dress like slaves blacks did it with a smile on our faces and a song in our hearts……


    Added by Enoch Mubarak on November 12, 2010 at 11:38am

    After black people paid Tarantino $13.00 or more to be called the “N” word over 100 times, said it was the best movie ever and fought each other being portrayed as ignorant “N’s” because it makes the movie seem more “realer” the world just don’t give a damn anymore and so from here to eternity being called a” slave nigger” by any and everyone is what we paid for and now we are fornicated for life and for generations to come.

    To add insult to injury even the Chinese had sense enough to protest and banned the movie.

  56. These Europeans are not going to change.If a tree has grown crooked you have to cut it down. I donot say N word because Eorapeans donot say N word. They say exactly what they mean. People donot understand how vicious this European Racism is and how it is destroying the world.New York is named after The Duke of York. Now here is a man all the way in England and he used to brand his slaves with a hot iron on their breast” DY”.One should not even treat an animal like that and they want us to forget, because they say it was a long time ago.Now you think about sombody holding you down and branding you with a red hot iron.I am going to move on but I will never ever ever forget.I am African and I will always walk tall and cast a long shaddow.

  57. I wonder how Oprah feels about this news. She and Gail were invited to Paula’s mansion some time ago and had to sleep in the “Guest/slave/servant quarters” -away from the big house for their entire visit. I guess Paula had never had any “N word” to ever spend the night in her big white house before and never will.

    • @Paula Cole- I would also like to hear Oprah express her thoughts on this timely news story, quite sure it would be interesting.

  58. Use of the N-word aside, in 2004 she wanted to have a slavery (excuse me – “Plantation”) themed wedding because she liked the aesthetic of black men in crisp uniforms waiting on rich white people. In her mind, at her wedding, “they [would be] slaves” but, you know, not in a “derogatory” way.

    In the 21st century, that level of soft racism and obliviousness is inexcusable.

    Had she been fired simply for using the N-word in the 1960s (heck, even in the 80s), I would accept that she was a product of her time and place and ought to be given the benefit of the doubt, provided her current conduct was different. If she was a 90 year old woman who had grown to maturity prior to the Civil Rights movement, I might cut her some slack. There is no excuse, however for Paula Deen, born in 1947, not knowing better at this point.

    I’m white. When non-whites joined our family, the older, “product of their time” racists (the ones who, unlike Paula, used the words “nigger” “chink” “spick” “gook” and “kike” in a VERY derogatory way) had a choice. Get a clue and act right or be excluded.

    There would be no more awkward dinners or futile arguments with Archie Bunker. Either they acted right or they were out. Most of them did, and if they did not become perfect in thought, they acted right and shed their worst beliefs after their world did not implode and the “others” turned out to be decent people and not stereotypes.

    They, like Paula were and are not evil people. But they were very, very wrong and a substantial reevaluation of their belief system, along with rectifying action was required on THEIR part, as it is on Paulas. Whether or not rappers should also change is beside the point. Paula is not responsible for them – she is responsible for Paula.

    Paula Deen will be fine. Look at all the “heritage-not-hate” morons defending her across the internet. They will continue to snap up her cookbooks and flock to her restaurants. I just hope she still has sufficient incentive to consider why slavery themed weddings and weepy-eyed Dixie nostalgia are unacceptable, historically inaccurate garbage.

  59. Peter D. Slaughter

    Guess what ? Don’t get mad,but he has a serious point.
    It’s real ironic when rap/Hip Hop first got started.
    A % of black people fell in line with phony white people and denounced it.
    As things went along certain Pro-Black rappers tried to set the record straight and bridge the generation gap between the old heads and the younger black kids who were all into real Hip Hop.
    As usual a % of these old heads thought they new anything and nobody young and black could tell them anything.
    Back then when these old heads tried to denounce and censor these rappers.
    It just made them come up with more non-sense to say on a mic.
    The record companies were observing and took full advantage.
    Instead of these old heads realizing the trick of divide and conquer was the master plan and working with these black youth back then.
    They fell right along slave master in being against black youth.
    Old heads of today might wonder why so many younger black youth don’t listen to you.
    Guest why ” Can’t trust you ”
    We can also add too since tyler perry has been pimping coonery,buffonery while dressed in drag.
    Black’s again have been trick again to endorse some twisted non-sense that has been used against the masses.
    So don’t get mad at this lady,she is just repeating what she has seen in the community blaring from the ghetto blasters in the hood.
    If not that listening to black men and women and call each other names on a daily.

  60. True. Black people already think they’re niggas so whats the problem?

  61. In the English language we have homonyms. It is not that Paula Deen used the n-word, but the meaning behind it. When rappers use it, it is meant not as derogatory but as referring to another black man. She enforced her intentions by clarifying that she would like to have a party with blacks dressed up just for the sole purpose of serving her.

  62. Wow I didn’t know rappers are the spokesmen for the ENTIRE black community!

  63. Boyce, when you open your mouth, the flies on the other side of the world notice.

    How do you blatantly lie to black people that you claim to love? You wrote Maher stated, “Deen should possibly be given a pass for being a woman from the south born before the civil rights movement.” (STOP LYING BOYCE) I watched the Maher Show and he never said the lie you wrote.

    The truth, Maher asked his panel if they thought Deen should be given a pass and the panel said no, and he followed up by saying he agreed with the panel.

    In fact, you Boyce gave Deen a pass in your interview with Anderson Cooper by saying she is a southern women, born in the 40’s around people who used the N word. (But you create a lie to criticize Maher for the very words you spoke). You’re a sick man Boyce! SMH

    This blatant lie to generate bloggers for profit is similar to the lie you told last week about Howard U and their medical school having no black males in the program.

    It’s sad that black people on this site have to fact check everything that comes out of your lying mouth.

    In addition, you have a lot of nerve to attack anyone on this subject after acting like a Sambo ass Negro in defense of Deen on the Anderson Cooper Show.

    Thank God Michaela Angela Davis exposed your ass on the show. (I encourage everyone to check it out to see the real Boyce Watkins).

    For those who want to know what Maher really said, you can hear it for yourself in the below link.

    • Shar'ron Johnson-Wilkins

      Thank You, for telling the truth because I saw the show, also. I couldn’t believe this man just straight out lied on Bill! The saddest thing about it all is that people will read and believe…The fact about the matter is that he has personal issues with Bill!

      Thanks Again!


  65. Boyce, this must be your comeback and save face attempt after that debacle of an interview on the cartoon network for numbskulls (CNN).

    You have some nerve calling bill maher out for defending paula deen for her practice of racism, when you did the same thing on CNN.

    Cultural context my a$s.

  66. If you argue context, then how rappers use n*gga, and how a white person from the south born in the 40’s from uses the word n*gger, are two different contexts and should be treated as such. Secondly, rappers aren’t producing news documentaries, they’re in entertainment, they are dealing in a fantasy world. How many people actually treat other people like a rapper SAYS he treats people in a song? If rap wasn’t around would there be less crime? No. Paula Deen uses the word n*gger to distinguish between people of different colors, and she uses the word as a term of affection when she’s pleased, and as a term of distain when she’s mad. She’s a racist! Is it Bill Maher’s claim that “Lil Wayne is also a racist because he uses the word? Instead of focusing on Deen and other white people who use the word n*gger like they use a first name, people like Maher want to lament what they see as a double-standard. Black people get to use the word, and white don’t. Why is that so disappointing to him?


    Deen is that she could actually be a decent human being..quote by boyce watkins
    . really boyce, a boyce i thought you were a legit leader. but i was wrong.
    . i thought your attacks against the president was on political grounds, but now i see it was personal.
    .i will not continue to support this site because your attacks were personal and you do not give a damn about the community.WHEN YOU SUPPORT AND DEFEND A MUTT TRICK LIKE PAULA DEEN AND LET THE DISTRACTION OF RAPPERS BLIND YOU TO THESE WHITE RACIST TURDS.
    i want to take this time to APOLOGIST to anyone that i insulted due to defending this mutt boyce watkins.

    • Sean, please don’t leave the site and no need to apologize to anyone. You bring value to the site and I for one appreciate your blogs. You have to understand Syracuse U hurt Boyce mentally when they didn’t give him tenure and now he is full of hate and suffering from self hatred, low self esteem, pettiness, jealousy and envy. Hopefully someday he will find love in his heart and use his gift to uplift our people out of love instead of hate for profit.



  68. Dr. Boyce: You’re an idiot. Deen wasn’t fired for using the so-called “n-word.” Deen was sued by an African American woman for being called a “nigger” right to her face. More significantly, the lawsuit points to systemic discrimination against Blacks employed by her company. The lawsuit in question cites African Americans being passed over or simply denied promotion and equal wages — all the while being verbal assaulted to their faces with the word “nigger.” To equate this with rappers using a derivation of the word (and yes, the word is pronounced differently, spelled differently, and has a mean different than Deen’s racist usage of the word), is just plain stupid. Remove that stupid honorific you use before last name. And read before opening your mouth (are you tenured at SU? Did you receive tenure?)

    • The woman suing Paula Deen is not African-American. Lisa Jackson is white. She is also suing for sexual harassment.

  69. I totally agree with this scenario. I don’t think there’s enough input as it relates to the racist lyrics in rap music. I also believe that respect isn’t an entitlement; it is earned my self representation. We have to carry ourselves in a respectful manner and teach this habit to our children. When we stop supporting disrespectful music, they will stop recording it. The ladies need to present themselves in a respectful manner in the videos as well. Most of them degrade themselves and give us a bad name. I’ve seen them dance to songs calling them the “B” word as well as the “W” word. It has to stop somewhere.

  70. I agree with Bill Maher and so many others. Also I think we as black people have/are doing more damage to our race. Instead of trying to move forward we are taking several steps back with the behaviors of our people (rappers, black reality shows etc…). Come on people all you have to do is turn on our tv’s and sit back and watch. What’s gonna happen when we start getting sued for calling white people “crackers”? Trust me…..that time is coming!!!

  71. I agree with this article 100%!!!!!

  72. Bill Maher is a clown and feels he is an authority on Black issues because he has openly dated a few black women. Paula Deen is not different than Mark Fuhrman and will come up smelling like a rose in a few years just like he did.

    Just remember when people say stuff about the LBGT or being Jewish….you normally don’t hear about them again.

  73. I disagree that black people had no role in Paula Deen’s fall from the airwaves at Food Network. It was the flood of calls and emails from offended Black women and men about her alleged plan to have a dinner party that would include black servants dressed like plantation slaves that sparked a deeper look at her and it was in this context that her past use of the past use of the so-called “N” word emerged. Furthermore, your wildly mistaken contention that black people have no power to decide what happens at BET, or Universal, or any of the blackface-fronted hip-hop recording companies is equally wrong. We DO have the power to force, drive, or promote not only change, but transformation. It’s called dollar boycott. Will we USE that power!? I don’t know? Seems to me that people in positions to influence that kind of consciousness (as I credit you for with the Mountain Dew campaign; thank you!), should be encouraging us to withhold financial support of these artists, their concerts and releases. Tony Regusters, Creator of BET’s “Teen Summit” program.

  74. Don’t think her show needs to be taken off the air for that . As a people we need to respect ourselves first & maybe we will see some respect

  75. Excellent commentary, Dr Boyce. I think that Bill Mayer is a little too pleased with himself and when it comes to black issues, he actually believes he knows all the answers. It’s a form of arrogance that often infects people with too much money and power. He certainly has a lot to learn when it comes to black people and black issues.

    I totally agree with you when you say that the issue of the n word is too difficult for white people to understand. Most of us really don’t get it because most of us see everything is a 2 dimensional light and lack the ability to empathize. I just hope I live long enough to see a day when black people make more of the decisions in this world.

  76. I didn’t know Paula Deen was a rapper.

    Now, truth told, I suppose then, that it would be okay for her to say she wishes she had some “s p i c s” or “w e t b a c k s” to pick peas in her garden so she can feel superior to Mexicans, too; or perhaps, ask herself why she was “reminiscing” about a time she never lived in. I think she must be way too young to have had slaves … but then again …

    There’s also the fact that she could have said something about needing “f a g g o t s” to help her spread some glitter around the set of her cooking show … or maybe some “g o o k s” to help her cook rice, or some Jewish “s h y s t e r s” to help her learn to save money and get so tight they can squeeze a dollar in their b-cheeks and make change.

    You get the point. Now, if she had said any of THAT isht, would anyone have had a problem with it and said “Oh, she’s just LIKE … what?”


    See, what people don’t get is that Paula Deen is being sued for racial discrimination by some people who said she ROUTINELY allowed her own employees to be called racial slurs AT WORK.

    There is no “she is ~like~ a rapper,” that can explain that away. Rappers who use the n-word are just as self-hating and self-degrading, and just as much womanizers as the white folks who teach and train them to be WHITE LIKE THAT.

    She is “like a rapper” (one of the bad ones, that is – and all are not bad ones), and she should be put in the same category with them: A recording studio where she can spew filth all day long and get congratulated for it.

    Talking about “acting white,” those black-degrader-black-women-demeaning rappers, drug addicts, drunks, “ballers,” and ALL those kinds of people are acting just as white as they can be. They also hate black folks just as much as the white people who PAY them to tell the rest of the world how much THEY hate us, too.

    The E m e f f i n g End.

    Paula Deen got what she deserves. Kicked off The Food Network, of which we BLACK FOLKS are also watchers and consumers of their various television shows and products. Good riddance to that Georgia Butterball Turkey.

  77. These caucasoids stick together no matter what the circumstances when it involves Black people!

    paula is a devout racist…plain & simple just like the rest of these southern, northern, eastern and western yankees…THEY ARE ALL THE SAME!!!

    The bottom line is this…when are we gonna stick together like these crackers?

    These demonic devils ALWAYS use these dumb azz, senseless, slave azz sc(rappers), as an excuse for them to use the word niq.qer! I gave y’all the True meaning of this word on bushboy’s article!

    These crackers are the ORIGINAL niq.qers!!!


    • correction: Cooking Queen Paula Deen Accused of Being Racist in Lawsuit

      This is the site to show y’all, who the ORIGINAL niq.qers are/were!!!


  78. All I know is that Paula Deen should’ve known that the past ALWAYS comes back to bite you in the behind. She thought that no one would take offense to her usage of the N word, when some of these high-powered white executives know that Black people watch Food Network (I know I do). Further, she made it sound like it was all right for her to do so because of the racial climate she was born into. Does CHARACTER count for anything? Having been born into a racist climate doesn’t make you assimilate into racism, it’s a conscious decision. She continued with her pattern of behavior because that’s what she IS. I don’t believe for a minute that she regrets-being caught, that is. But now she will have to work on herself and her attitude. And her sons have shows on Food Network and Cooking Channel…wonder how they will deal with the fallout…

  79. As far as Bill Maher is concerned, he has put his money where his mouth is. In my opinion, a million dollars to President Obama’s re-election campaign gives him a right to express his opinion.

    • And Barack Obama has what to do with the Food Network and Paula Deen?

      Have you seen Obama on a Food Network cooking show with a “Chef Rastus” hat on his head or something?

      Dreaming of Cream of Wheat or some Aunt Jemima grits? Because Obama is the President of the United States and has nothing to do with Paula Deen, so how the hayell did you get those wires crossed?

      Stuck. on. Stupid.

  80. Ok Dr. Boyce, you of all people should know its deeper than the N word. Her deposition states that she ” thought it would be a good idea of black men dressed in white with bow ties serving us like the times before, during and after the civil war. Its like they are slaves!” ” It would be nice to have some little ni..grs running around serving us!” This speaks to the DE-humanization of black people in the eyes of most white( didn’t Chief Justice John Roberts in the present Voting Rights case ask the attorneys for the Justice dept that argue for pre-certification that” isn’t there racism in the North?” And since you are a scholar sir, I’m sure you know the history of all the riots and beatings of our people in places like Philly, Cincinnati, New York, Boston, and Baltimore right? Fugitive slave act? Indiana wouldn’t let us in at all!! And these are northern and eastern places!! So miss me with that ” she is from the South shyt!” This superiority complex is infectious in the minds of white America, from Maine to California. White supremacy is at the root of whenever a white person uses the N word and you sir as a scholar should know this. With our using, its pure self hate and ignorance. The two are totally, I mean totally different. What did Don king say years ago? Ok then… Hotep

  81. Fact is she could have lied and not admitted in court to what she said but she didn’t. If I had someone stick a gun in my face I would have called him the same thing and so would most folks Black or White because that’s what he was acting like. I don’t watch Ms. Deen and know very little about her. She may in fact be a racist but I don’t think she was treated fairly in this instance.

  82. I am notdefending Paula one way or the other but Bill Maher? please he is so two-face and just because you date a few black women you are a expert on the Black experience he will call someone a name in a min or less….. give me a break…, .

  83. This is where Bill Maher has been shut out of Black Culture when it comes to the words Nigga and Nigger. Tupac explained the difference very eloquently, making the comparison between the two words. One is a word of endearment (Nigga) and the other is historically and overtly racist. When I saw two young Asians referring to one another as “Nigga” at the mall, it really dawned on me this word is part of not only Black Culture, but also Pop Culture among our youth. On the other hand, I saw a little white girl at the Dallas airport ask her mother “is that a Nigger” referring to a Black man standing in line. The man, obviously offended, responded by saying,”No dear. But your Mommie is one!

  84. Well the problem that Deen has is the image she projected of herself to millions of people on Foodnetwork, as a loveable, heartwarming, love to cook grandma. Then she has a side of herself that is contradictory to the image she has projected. Being scrutinized is part of the business. So Deen will have to deal with the backlash and in time people will get passed it.

    • People will get past it. So will Paula.

      Tell her to go to FOX Network and do a cooking show on there. Not on a family-oriented show that has all kinds of people for clients, customers and consumers.

      They are looking for more of her kind and she can hold hands with Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, Ted Nugent, and the rest of her kind so they can see if they can think of a way to either put black people back in slave chains, or ship us all back to Africa (a place where none of us have been). Maybe they’ll even think of a way to dip us in chocolate and have double fudge Sundae delights with some pickaninnies hold umbrellas over their little delicate white heads while they slice into the little chocolate fudge Nigras. Kinda salty twist to the skin pieces and parts, huh?

      And while they’re at it, they can continue plotting to win the Civil War. It’s not over until it’s over.

      • What is 'anon-e-moose'?

        That’s kind of extreme. Do you really think saying the n-word at some point in your life makes you the equivalent of a neo-confederate? She’s actually an Obama supporter, for christ’s sake.

  85. Correction. Not but by by the weakness of those offended.

  86. I’m at a loss for words. This is another assault on free speech. The problem is not what people say but the weakness of those offended but what is communicated. If I am correct education is the treatment for ignorance. Not punishment. Tell me how to punish ignorance without creating resistance to being educated. White racists will rebel and become more violent. Leaders should be more thoughtful. Gay manipulation of the n word will therefore ultimately lead to more hate and violence against blacks. Boyce if you continue to be a gay spokesperson for money you will harm us all in the long run.

    • Well maybe she should have a show with some “f a g s” on it and tell us how she would love to see them dance all over the stage in ballerina tights and tap shoes while sprinkling glitters and rainbows up and down the aisles?

      Would that be better than what she did? Make you feel good?

      Maybe she should do a garden scene with some “w e t b a c k s” picking peas for her and her white friends. It would be a little more MODERN and up to date than SLAVES, that much is certain.

      • Dignity makes people not become upset by other undignified behavior. Actions speak louder than words. It is more prudent to not let words control or manipulate you so easily. If you laugh at or show sympathy for for someone’s immaturity, see how long they continue. If they can’t rattle you, you are the winner not them. If someone knows you will cry at words they will continue. You reward them with your tears. Be a man or woman who is strong and not so weak that mere words can be used to harm you. Weak and sad. Getting angry and violent is not strength. If you cannot comprehend this you are seriously weak, violent and immature. Please refrain from spreading your ineptitude at being a peace loving adult.