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Mississippi Woman Facing ‘Depraved Heart’ Murder Charges Over Buttock Injections

A Mississippi woman is facing  depraved heart murder charges in connection with the death of Marilyn Hale. According to the indictment, Tracey Lynn Garner “did k!ll Marilyn Hale…by means injecting a silicone substance into the body of Marilyn Hale, therebyGarner buttock injection committing an act eminently dangerous to others and evincing a depraved heart.”

Garner is currently under house arrest and facing another depraved murder charge for injections given to Karima Gordon  of Atlanta woman.

Tracey Lynn Garner was once known as Morris Garner, before undergoing a s*x change.

Attorney General Jim Hood says the Atlanta victim was a military veteran who wanted to become a model. She traveled to Jackson, MS to get the illegal injections from Garner.

“She and one of her friends traveled here, paid Mr. Garner $1,500 at his address 1020 Peyton Avenue in Jackson to have silicone implants in her buttocks,” said Hood. “Thirty minutes after leaving she became violently ill.”

The Atlanta woman died just three days later. Hood said Gordon had found Garner online.

“This started in a chat room,” added Hood. “Some woman named Pebbles in New York City, an African American female, she paid $200 to make the connection with Garner here in Jackson.”

Garner’s arrest is the result of an investigation involving both the FDA and the Mississippi Board of Medical of Licensur.

Garner is scheduled to go to trial in August.





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