Over 24 Men Released from Prison due to DNA Testing

ewopewopewopsdOver 24 men have been exonerated after bite evidence was re-examined with DNA testing.   The men were either proven not guilty or had the charges dropped.  Either way, they were able to leave prison.

Many of the men had been in prison for more than 10 years, with one of them being incarcerated for 23 years total.   The Innocence Project released a list of all the cases that are affected by the evidence.

Two of the men were convicted of the r@pe and murder of two different 3-year old girls and given life in prison based on bite mark evidence.   Levon Brooks was convicted in 1992 and Kennedy Brewer was convicted in 1995.

DNA evidence showed that in both cases, the same man was guilty of this horrible crime.  Justin Albert Johnson confessed after being an initial suspect.   It turns out that the bite marks that “experts” claimed belonged to the defendants actually came from crawfish and insects where the bodies were taken after the homicides.

Amazingly, even though Brewer’s conviction was vacated, he was held in prison until 2008 as the prosecutor planned to retry him.   Brooks was also kept in prison until 2008.

You can read more about other cases here. 

The question to ask is this:  If there are so many cases that are overturned due to DNA evidence, why not make it available to everyone?


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  2. It’s not just the blackman;It’s the poor man or woman,that gets railroaded!!!i know from experience!!!!

  3. So what is the govt. doing to attempt to compensate for their wrongful imprisonment? Are the ones who convicted him going to get in trouble for taking away years he can’t get back? Is the judge going to get some kind of reprimand for allowing someone to go to jail without sufficient concrete evidence? Or event the prosecutor. I guess not because they were just doing their JOB. It’s crazy how little effort is taking to make SURE that ppl who are put in prison are ACTUALLY SUPPOSED TO BE THERE. I am so happy for these families but the sad part is in no way does the govt get penalized for stuff like this. We’re just supposed to suck it up and keep going. Jump right back out there in the work force and try to make a life when you’ve been away for so long. I PRAY FOR ALL OF THE FAMILIES ESPECIALLY THE MEN WHO SUFFERED FROM THE NEGLIGENCE OF THIS VERY GOVT.

  4. I’m glad that those who were wrongfully accused are finally free, It’s a sad fact that innocent people are in prison for crimes they didn’t commit. The Justice system needs to be completely overhauled, Because as it stands it’s not working. But how can it when it’s founded on RACISM. Something has to change and it’s up to us as citizens to voice our opinions and concerns loudly to the GOVERNMENT that we will not sit by and let you continue to treat us this way.

  5. I’m so glad that you’re out of prison Derrick, I hope for the release of every wrongfully convicted prisoner. The system is an absolute joke. They bend law to suit their will, as long as they convict someone – guilty or not. I don’t understand what’s wrong with these people.

    I started gaining an interest in these kind of cases after coming across the skeptical juror: http://www.skepticaljuror.com/

    More awareness and support needs to be raised for these cases in order for justice to happen. I live in the UK and only came across tsj by chance since then I’ve been trying to follow up on similar cases, unfortunately…there are so many.

    • Thank you from the UK… With case like mine…People rely on the police and district attorny, to find the people who commit the crime…However due to trickery and misleading tatics. People or wrongfully convicted..Then to further cover up a wrongful conviction, the court system is enbedding with; writings of law, designed to not permit one to proceed further. which would help clear his name.. Every one does have cases involving DNA..Its sad the 13 1/2 years I spent in prison, all those law libraries, and thousand of innocent people trying to fight their cases on their own.. Cause we dont have major thousands to hire a attorney…I pray that one day as a Nation, someting can and will be done about this epidemic…Texas has over 114 prison units….

  6. Wow People..Its sad… I served 13 1/2 years in prison for Agg Robbery.. A crime I Did not do… Went to jury trial amd wali… …Was released on parole in march.. Thats 20 years flat… I fought my case pro se Wrote a thousand letters.. And all stated need DNA… So many people incarcerated for nothing….Wow is all I can say…



    Reggie Clemons was 19, in 1991 and now he is 42 years old still sitting on death row wrongfully convicted waiting for the Special Master Judge to recommend his decision to State Supreme Court, which should have been on June 1, 2013….didn’t happen!


    With Regards,
    Spiritual Advisor
    Death Row Inmate Reggie Clemons #990102
    Potosi Corrections Center
    11593 State Highway O
    Mineral Point, MO 63660

  8. What I find appalling is the number of States & jurisdictions that are reluctant, out right refuse or try to put Statuette of Limitations on DNA testing, why the reluctance afraid of the truth

  9. Here is another unjust case 19 year old wrongfully convicted in Missouri and sentenced to death in 1991 who is now 42 years old.

    22 years later new evidence surface like a hidden rape kit, testimony of police brutality, a forced confession, a retired State Bond Investigator as a witness NOW come forth including other witnesses and DNA prove his innocence, but he is still on DEATH ROW waiting for Special Master Judge to render his recommendation to State Supreme Court on behalf of a decision to be made about Reggie Clemons death sentence.


  10. Very happy these men are free, but also sad how long it took and low down prosecutors wanted to try again. They are crooked and want as many prosecutions so they can be placed back in that position. I know the game, my cousin is an attorney.

  11. I get Madder then an EnSlaved African when I see stories like this! I met the Hurrican Ruben Carter here in AU & He is a cool Brother & his friend who know it was a set-up Never Snitched on the Hurricane to walk away free Now this Brother is a Man! Because most Negroes would have sung on the Hurricane like the Temptations to get out of jail! This is some BS why does Justice move so Slow for the Blackman! These cases are no Accident because these crackers make money off of all us being Locked-Down & trying to make calls Home etc Food,Travel to these Facilities,Hygene Products it’s all a Set-up when the System is Built on Black Back’s Or Slavery on Another Level The Old Peonage & Sharecropping System’s crackers had in the South It was like We were never freed! The Pen is the New Plantation to you Criminal types & like my Uncle used to Say “Some Negroes don’t know how to do wrong right”! It’s unorganized crime so the System will get the Weakest People that they can get their Hands on Ignorant & uninformed Black’s! They need to get moving with this DNA business so we can get the wheels of Justice going so we can either free or convict the real criminals the US Government! Dirty MF’s

  12. Certainly an Atrocity and Mockery of Justice. But God…but God…..these men would still be sitting in jail if not for the development and advancement of DNA testing.

  13. My son is in prison for murder and they have no case again him i did not have the money for a paid lawyer. His name is Jorgio Payne Columbus Ohio ,abd they this took place on June 19,2007. I am now taking care of is daughter. Please some body help me and son , they railrolled him in court…….

    • Lisa,you seem to be an intelligent and responsible lady, so just simple research contact information about the Innocence Project and contact them they will provide you with needed assistance

    • Hello Lisa I fill your pain my son is in jail and has been for over 2 years they say he had something to do with a murder in 2003 they waited 10 years to come pick him up for this and it’s because they don’t have anything on him just an ex girl friend lying to get the reward money as long as they put someone in jail their happy no matter if their guilty or not so when you find help please help me he’s in California the girl admitted she lied and they still have my son there saying he’s guilty

  14. ALL those wasted years sitting in a godda.mn prison!!! Where was this fvckin’ god?

    By the way, a Black man introduced DNA to the world. His name was Ernest E. Just, an amerikkkan Afrikan biologist, who worked at Howard University in the early 1900s, who through his fertilization and cell separation research brought us DNA.

    A stankin’ cracker tried to claim he introduced DNA, but he’s a godda.mn LIE!!!

    Without Mr. Just’s efforts of introducing DNA, these Black brothers would still be behind bars!!!


  15. This is why you have to be ever so careful how to Apply The law,you get these gun hoe prosecuters thats not looking For The truth,also dont care as long as they get a conviction,they feel good That someone is going down,now they should be held responible For f$$king up these ppl lives,When this happen they will do their jobs better,And get down to The truth.